60 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to a Blog

Best Ways to Drive Traffic to a Blog

Driving traffic to a blog is the most important aspect that can make or break your business. in simple words, more traffic means more revenue.

But the question is, how to drive quality traffic to a blog?

Well, there are multiple ways to drive traffic to a site.

While you can not or you should not expect to drive millions of traffic to a new website (unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on the advertisement), there are ways to get traffic even to a completely new website.

In this article, we will look at all the possible ways to drive traffic to a new blog or an established blog for that matter.

Create a Blog

If you are completely new to blogging, read our step by step how to create a blog article to know more about it.

Quick Update:

There are certain things you must consider before you create your blog so that it becomes easier for you to grow your blog and make money.

Here are a few things you need to consider without going deep into the mystery of a successful blog.

  • Create your blog on the WordPress platform
  • Use a brandable, easy-to-remember, short domain name
  • Select a domain around your niche
  • Use a quality hosting provider (Here is a list)
  • Use a quality WordPress theme

Here are a few helpful articles that you can read

Now, if you have created a new blog, I’m sure you are looking for ways to get more traffic.

Quite often it so happens that we write a blog where we put in a lot of time and effort regarding research and our expertise and publish it for the world to see.

We have high hopes – we dream that it would be read by everybody in our social circles and beyond and that it would then be appreciated.

However, it is at such junctures that reality strikes, and we see that all our efforts have gone down the drain.

No one has read the blog.

Now, the question is where did we go wrong? Maybe, it was the promotion that was not done properly.

After all, in this day and age of packaging, it is critical to promote your work so that it reaches the maximum amount of people and makes the sort of impact that you wish it can make.

Well, the question is how do you ensure such exposure and attention to your work? Here is a giant list of ways to get traffic to your blog or specific blog posts.

Table of Content

Traffic From Search Engines

Traffic from search engines is considered as highly targeted and most effective traffic. So, don’t ignore search engines, you must optimize your blog posts to make the most of search engines.

01. Hijack Your Competitors’ Traffic

No matter what your niche is, you will find blogs that are already creating content around that niche. It is not a problem but an opportunity to plan your content.

You can do a detailed analysis of your competitor’s blog and find what is working for them so that you can create content around similar topics.

Now, the question is how to do a detailed analysis of your competitor? You can use SEMrush, undoubtedly the best tool to do an in-depth analysis of any website.

You can find almost everything about any website using SEMrush.

  • Find your organic competitors
  • Find the top traffic-driving pages
  • Find the backlinks to any page along with the anchor and other details
  • Find every keyword they are ranking for

Once you have the data around the top keywords your competitor is ranking for, you have to make sure that your content is a lot more comprehensive and valuable than those pages to outrank them on search results.

Read our detailed review of SEMrush to understand how it can help you.

02. Do Keyword Detailed Research

If you want to get good amount of traffic from search engines, you have to do detailed keyword research before you plan your content.

The idea is to target the high traffic keywords with lower competition.

It is easier said than done.

However, with proper tools, you can come as close as you be in terms of selecting the right keywords for your content.

Again, you can use SEMrush to find the potential keywords.

In fact, SEMrush offers a custom tool for keyword research that is called the “Keyword Magic Tool”. You can use this tool to find profitable keywords with high search volume.

You can start by searching for the broad keyword around your niche and the system will offer hundreds of keywords around the search keywords with all the details like search volume, difficulty level to rank for those keywords etc.

For example, if your blog is about digital Marketing, you can make a search with the keyword digital marketing and find the related keywords.

Use Keyword Magic Tool

03. Using Related Keyphrases

Once you have done your keyword research and got all the possible Keyphrases that you can target, you need to start creating your content.

Now, here is the trick. A single piece of content can rank for hundreds of different keyword combination and bring regular traffic.

So, while creating your content, you will have to make sure that you are using all the possible related keywords naturally on your content to increase the possibility of ranking for those keywords as well.

You can find the related keywords or any of your chosen keywords by using SEMrush as mentioned above, you can find some of the related keywords just by doing a search on Google.

Let’s take an example of the Keyphrase “best digital marketing tools”. Once you make the search on Google, you will find some related keywords that users are trying to find on Google at the bottom of the page.

Related keywords

You can also use tools like Google Trends, KWfinder.com, and LongTailPro for ideas.

04. Creating Links Between Your Posts

Google discover content through links, so make sure to maximize the visibility of your content using proper linking.

If you have a decent number of articles on your blog around your niche, you can start linking each other to help the search engines as well as the users to find more content on your site.

You can always internally link your new article to ones that had been successful in the past and are relevant to the newest one (this point is perhaps more important than the previous one).

You can place this link right at the end of your new article or even within the body text if it has to be done that way.

In case, you are in the business of content marketing for a significant period you might have seen that some of your posts have drawn more traffic than others.

These are what experts call “traffic magnets.” If you can somehow get your new post to be linked to any such post, you would be able to promote your article in the shortest time-span possible.

It is easier for a new blog to quickly find related posts and link to it. But what about a blog with hundreds of articles? The process might become time-consuming, isn’t it?

Well, you can use Link Whisper, a WordPress plugin that will make the process of finding related posts on your site and linking to them super simple and easier.

We have already published a detailed review of the Link Whisper plugin to help you understand how this plugin can be helpful for your blog.

LInk Details

05. Place It on Your Homepage

Can your latest article automatically find its way to your homepage? If not, you might consider putting it over there manually. There is every chance that your homepage could be the most favorite page of your entire website.

Experts say that in case you know the top path to your website you will be getting a greater number of ideas regarding how your content can be promoted. You will also know where you can place that gorgeous video or that fantastic testimonial.

06. Using Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging is a great way to bring more visibility to your blog as well as create some quality links for your site.

Backlinks are very important for search ranking. It is one of the most important components of the search algorithm, and guest blogging will help you to create some quality links for your blog.

While you approach any blog for guest posting you can suggest the topics related to your blog posts so that you can insert link to your posts naturally into the article.

07. Giving Out Some Link Love

When you are blogging, be sure to send out some link love as well; as much as you can without damaging your article or making it look like a promotional billboard dedicated to other bloggers.

The majority of the people who blog – and that too on a regular basis – are like hawks, forever scouting other blogs to see if they have been mentioned or not.

You can be sure that they will notice if you have referred to them and they surely appreciate the gesture. This can soon be developed into a long-lasting and fruitful association (who knows you may become best buds too!) that will benefit you all. Ed Fry at Moz.com has an in-depth article on using links to build blog relationships.

In fact, you can take things further and now and then come up with posts where you specifically review, criticize, discuss, and argue with other bloggers regarding what they have written.

However, you need to make sure that it never becomes personal – respect needs to be there. You need to do the whole thing gracefully.

You also need to be aware of the opportunities that may arise for you to link every post that you have written on some blog or the other. You should never get too possessive about your readers.

You should have confidence in your abilities and know that promoting or even referring to others on your blog does not mean that your readers will forget you once they read the one/s that you have mentioned in your blog. There is a good reason why people read your work.

08. Using Rich Snippets

This is also another trick, related to search engine optimization, and can easily give your blog a major edge. Some bloggers have used rich snippets and seen an increase of around 30 percent on the inbound traffic to their blogs.

So, now you may be wondering what rich snippets are.

By using rich snippets, you can markup meta-data on the blog pages that you have written. This will make sure that search engine listings look a lot more interesting.

There are multiple types of rich snippet markup for different types of content. For example, events, food recipe. These days FAQ markup is popular.

The rich snippets will help you to make your blog post stand out in the search and increase the click-through rate.

Rich Snippet Results

If you already have some idea on how to do it, you can visit the resource area of Google – the part that you need to visit is known as Structured Data Markup – and get an advanced course on the issue.

Incidentally, the word Structured Data Markup is the technical jargon that you use for rich snippets. You can use the Structured Data Testing Tool over here and get an idea as to how your listings may look.

Social Media Traffic

You can’t ignore social media these days. In fact, there are business that makes money only depending on social media traffic. So, make sure to use the social media platforms to best of your capability.

09. Use Pinterest

When it comes to social media traffic for blogs, my first bet will be Pinterest. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest works like a search engine and it can send your traffic for months once a pin becomes popular.

There are blogging who are managing six figure blogging business only depending on Pinterest traffic. If you look around in the platform, you will find many such bloggers who are driving thousands of traffic every single day only form Pinterest.

Even if you have some good pictures on your blog, you can give it a thought. You can also try running ads on Pinterest to get more people to read your blog.

Here is a detailed guide about how to optimize your post for Pinterest SEO, this article will help you to make the best use of the Pinterest platform.

Also, check out this article about the best Pinterest Pin scheduling tools that you can use to automate your pins.

Now, just to prove that Pinterest really works, here is a screenshot of Google Analytics for one of our new blogs. We have started using Pinterest regularly for around 10 days, here is the traffic bump you see.

The growth of traffic you see is mostly because of the traffic the site receives from Pinterest.

Pinterest Traffic

How to make Pinterest really work for you?

As we understand that Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic, the question is how to use Pinterest the right way to get regular traffic.

You have to follow two important points.

  • Be regular, Pin every single day
  • Create high-quality pin designs
  • Test multiple pins for every blog post
  • Use proper keywords on your pin description, profile, and boards
  • Use a scheduler to be active around the clock
  • Pin manually as well

You can use tools like Canva to create high-quality pin designs even if you are a newbie and have no clue about creating graphics or images.

Designs Pinterest Pin

10. Using Twitter

If you are looking to promote your content, then you should devote at least 33 percent of your tweets to promoting your blog.

These tweets should all have links to your blog post along with the best lines that can be regarded as the highlight of your work.

In the remainder of your tweets, you could be talking about topics related to your blog as well as promoting blogs by others on the same issues.

This way, you can expect to generate some interest regarding your blog and also get those beneficiaries to promote your blog as well.

When you are tweeting, you can add a number related to your blog or even a benefit of reading the same. That will guarantee more eyeballs for sure.

In the same vein, you can also add a question, hashtags, and special characters to your tweets to generate more interest for your blog.

11. Follow Other People on Twitter

Once you have tweeted about your blog, you should also follow some people who are regarded as subject matter experts on the particular domain.

In Twitter lingo, these individuals are also referred to as influencers. For this, you can look up the website and find people whose bios have words that are relevant to the field that you are dealing with.

We have a detailed article about the best Twitter influencer marketing tools that you can read for more information.

When you follow them, they will see a relevant post right at the head of your stream. They will appreciate that and follow you back, because of the relevance factor, as well.

This will increase your network and stand you in good stead as far as promoting your blog and driving more inbound traffic is concerned.

12. Tweeting Quotes From The Content

You can always highlight special sentences from your blogs, especially one where you are making a statement or providing a relatively new piece of information. This can be posted on Facebook as well.

This strategy will come in handy when your blog is rich in stats and data. You can be damn sure that this will increase the click-through rate of your blog to a significant extent.

13. Using Click To Tweet Buttons

You must have seen those ready to tweet content on blog posts on authority blog. It is a widely used practice where you add Click to Tweet content with a perfectly optimized copy of the tweet, the users will just have to click and tweet it.

WordPress makes it super simple for bloggers by offering a number of Click to Tweet plugins that you can use to create those optimized tweet content.

You can use a top-quality social plugin like Social Snap to add a Click to Tweet option quickly on your blog posts.

Click to Tweet Option

14. Mystery Tweets

A mystery tweet is a lot like a good trailer for a thriller. It reveals something, but it hides a lot. Imagine what would happen if one fine morning you suddenly read a tweet that talks about a method that worked wonders for reducing body fat.

If you happen to have the same problem and are desperate to get rid of it, you would naturally be eager to read the blog.

Similarly, your blog too could be promoted with the help of a mystery tweet, especially if it is one where you are talking about methods to deal with things. However, one word of caution – never uses this too much. In fact, use it sparingly.

15. Schedule Tweets for Best Timing

You can always schedule tweets for a future occasion. You should time them for periods when Twitter sees the maximum number of people. Normally, these time slots are available mostly on the weekdays, and this is a pattern that you can follow:

  • Mornings – at around 9 am
  • Late afternoons – at around 5:30 pm
  • Nights – at around 10 pm

You can also follow a counter-competitive timing pattern and do the opposite of what has been said. This will make sure that your blog stands out at a time when there is not much else by way of competition.

16. Pin Your Best Tweet

You can do this – placing the best tweets or ones that are likely to be appreciated the most by people right on the top of your Twitter feed – only when you have a proper idea of things.

You can use this to drive regular traffic from Twitter to your best blog post. For example, if your blog is around how to create a blog, you can Pin the tweet that is linked to how to create a blog article.

17. Asking Your Friends to RT Your Tweets or Tweet About Your Blog

You can always ask friends who are close to you to share your blog in their tweets, especially so if they found it to be a good one.

It is not that everyone would – some may even be put off by your request – but at the very least you should give it a try.

You can also ask them to re-tweet your tweets regarding your latest blog. If they do, your blog could gain some added eyeballs.

18. Including the Twitter Handle While Retweeting

If you as a blogger are not using your Twitter username when you are tweeting, you might as well not be there on the social media site.

In fact, worryingly enough, the number of bloggers using their usernames in tweets is far less than the ones who do so.

When you are doing this – that is including your username in the tweets, you are effectively increasing the chances of your blog’s homepage receiving some traffic.

Now, you could be forgiven for asking why such a statement is being made over here. The logic is quite simple.

Let us assume that one of your tweets has been retweeted by someone – when your username is there, people will follow you.

They will come to your twitter page, see your blog’s link, and then follow you from there. Consequently, they will read your posts. This, in the end, will increase your mobile traffic as well.

19. Posting on Facebook

Facebook is also one major source that can drive plenty of traffic to your blog. It is as – if not more – effective than Twitter as far as these areas are concerned.

However, when you promote your blog on Facebook, you should have an attractive heading as well as a good picture to draw some attention on an interface that has an abundance of such features in the first place.

If you have mentioned anyone on your friend list on your blog, you should mention that person as well. You can also ask people on your FB network to come in and like the said post and, if time and everything else permits, post a few comments as well.

The greater amount of interaction that you can generate on your FB post would ensure that more people come to know of it. Maybe then some of them will read it as well.

20. Paid Facebook Promotion

Facebook is not as good as it used to be when it comes to organic traffic. There was a time when viral sites used to get millions of traffic every month just from Facebook.

But those days are over now.

You will hardly get such traffic even if you have a large following on your Facebook page. However, you can always go for paid Facebook promotion.

If you have the budget, you can start promoting your important blog posts through Facebook ads.

You can learn more about how to maximize your Facebook ad ROI by learning more about it. You can also use the Facebook ad spy tools to go in-depth on how other brands are using Facebook ads.

21. Using Personal Contacts on Facebook

Maybe, in your Facebook profile, there are people who are genuinely interested in the domain that you are working on, or, better still, work in that particular domain.

In that case, you can always ask these people to share your blogs on their respective Facebook pages. You can also create an informal group of bloggers via Messenger and establish a blog post-sharing network in each others’ News Feed.

22. Joining Facebook Groups to Share Blog Content

You can always join a Facebook group where people blog (no, I am not talking of micro-blogging over here or those encyclopedic posts that you get to see so often that it becomes a source of an unavoidable headache) about issues that interest you, and where you would want to work as well.

You can always contribute your work over here and if the other members like what they see, they can promote it on their pages as well. Be sure to read the group rules first. Often, moderators ban the sharing of blog post URLs.

23. Starting a Niche Facebook Group

You can always start a niche FB group where you can share your blog post and ask for opinions from the other members of the said group.

Based on the feedback received from that particular group, you can directly post the article on your other social media channels such as your FB page as well as Twitter.

If the feedback says so, you can make some corrections and then post the corrected work on Facebook and other social media platforms.

24. Sharing Your New Blog Posts as Status Updates on LinkedIn

You can always share your new blog posts as status updates on LinkedIn. This will be a new way of doing things on this professional social networking site and who knows people might appreciate this approach and decide to read more of your work.

25. Sharing it on Instagram

You can also share your blog post on Instagram as well. Over here, you can use hashtags and find the audience that can be expected to read your blog post.

You can also run ads over here to garner some interest for your latest article. Instagram is an influencer network, and a lot of brands use them to promote products. Learn how to drive massive Instagram traffic with this guide.

26. Posting on LinkedIn

Like Facebook, you can share your blog posts on LinkedIn. You need to put up an image on the blog and also mention ones who could be relevant to the subject matter of your post. As a blogger, it is also your responsibility to make sure that there is some initial engagement.

In case, you have a business as well as a personal page you can post it first on the business page. Then you can try the same thing on your page.

27. Crossing the Streams

You can always check out websites such as BuzzSumo and find out who all have shared your blog on Twitter. You should also check it out and find who all are commenting on the same.

From this list, you can pick out faces that you are familiar with on other platforms as well and share the post again on those platforms.

An example of such a network would be LinkedIn. When you are doing all this, keep in mind that you need to thank those people for how they have helped you with their comments and shares.

The logic of doing such a thing is that since they have once liked the article and shared it, they are likely to do so again.

28. Sharing it in Various Groups On Social Networking Sites

If your blog post is a relevant one you can do worse than share it in a social networking group where you are a member.

However, it would be better if you are engaging on a regular basis with the said group. In case, your group has some individuals who are highly influential you can do some planning beforehand and start to talk about the issue that has been covered in your blog with these people.

This will make sure that you can prepare a ground before you promote your content on that particular platform. In fact, you can ask questions to start a discussion.

In the case of a professional network like LinkedIn, do remember that you should do it when the time is right. In fact, this applies to the other social media sites as well, but the thing is you have a bigger margin of error on Twitter and Facebook as opposed to LinkedIn.

29. Posting it on Reddit

Before you post your article on Reddit, you need to spend some time to find out what is the correct subreddit for your post. You also need to be acquainted with the Redditors.

You can always start a conversation after having shared your post. This can generate a fair bit of interest for your post.

Reddit bans your account if any of its rules are violated. Read this guide on Reddit marketing to sail you through.

Here is a list of similar sites like Reddit to get some extra traffic by posting on these platforms as well.

30. Giving the Older Networks A Try

You may have forgotten the old warhorses of social networking like digg.com, alltop.com, Mix.com while trying to promote your blog but they are still there. Did you ever have an account at any one of these? It could be still active.

So, why do not you log in and share your blog over there? After all, it would take up only a minute of your life to connect and share it, and the results could be far better than what you may have thought.

You can create a nice introductory video on your blog, upload it to YouTube and then provide a link to the blog in the description part.

You can also use Viral Content Buzz to make other people share your posts. Fiverr is one avenue where you can buy a gig and get more people to come to your blog. Your blog posts can also be shared on triberr.com

We have created a detailed list of best social bookmarking sites where you can share your content, we also have a list of top web 2.0 sites to get some extra traffic.

31. Using Quora

In case you did not know, Quora is one platform that concerns itself primarily with sharing of knowledge and this is what makes it so different from other social networking sites.

It can be called social media at its very best. This means that there is every chance that somewhere in that world people are talking about the topic that you have covered in your blog.

So, just find a question related to your blog and chime in with an answer that is detailed and shows how much thought has gone into it.

Try and be original as well as sincere. Also, as a small matter, do not forget to post the link to your blog post in that particular answer.

We have a detailed article on how to drive traffic from Quora, this article will help you to understand how Quora works and how you can maximize the traffic you receive from the platform.

Drive traffic from Quora

32. Use Niche Social Sites

It may be that you are connected to a social membership site, association site, forum, or networking group. So, why not use such connections to bolster the inbound traffic to your article?

Just give a short gist of your post, or an excerpt worth the name from your blog, along with the link, and post it on that particular platform. You can also use an image to make things more visible.

In case, your article is related to marketing you can try sites such as Inbound, GrowthHackers, and Product Hunt.

These are all niche communities related to marketing, and here you can promote and share your blog as well as engage with ones of your ilk and enrich yourself in the process.

33. Social Media Automation

You can always manually create a tweet to promote your post or even do the same on LinkedIn. However, why walk when you can run?

Visit Edgar, which is an automated tool that you can use to promote your post on various social media platforms. By using Edgar, you can keep pushing your content on social media time and again in a continuous manner.


34. Using Buffer

You can use Buffer to find out what e-mail lines can be used to promote your article. However, there is a caveat over here.

You would need a commendable size of followers to attempt this stunt. With Buffer, you can quickly schedule some tweets. This means that timing is removed as a variable.

By using this tool, you can also check out what did not work and what did. You can always use the most successful tip to form your immediately-upcoming e-mail subject line.

Experts would, however, tell you that you should promote the blog for a few days before you start sending it out an email.

The logic behind this is that when you do this, your social visitors (visitors from social media sites) might leave some comments and this would enhance the appeal of your blog.

So, when the email visitors (now you do not need me to explain that, do you?) come calling they see something that is good and worth the effort they just made in visiting your blog.

Email Marketing to Get Traffic

Email marketing helps you to receive highly targeted traffic to your website, as only those who willingly subscribed to your email list will be receiving your newsletters. Creating an email list if the best way to get traffic and increase revenue.

35. Email Newsletter

You can send your article in the form of a newsletter to people who are on your email contact list. Certain things need to be kept in mind in this regard:

  • You should send it personally, not from your organizational mail.
  • Your subject line should be a compelling one and have a psychological hook. It could be a number or statistic that evokes interest.
  • There could be a teaser text that describes what the readers will be deriving from reading the content.
  • The call to action should be compelling as well.
  • You can also add a tracking code to the link to your article.
  • Your email should be sent at a time that is consistent and good enough for the people who are receiving the same. Normally, as per research, you should be doing it on weekends and early mornings, but you are always the best judge.

If you are starting out, use MailChimp as the newsletter partner. You can send emails for free to 2000 subscribers, and after that, it’s a paid plan.

You can use this list of free MailChimp email templates that will help you design very professional-looking email newsletters.

36. Sending a Followup Email

At a definite interval – preferably three days – of having sent the first e-mail you should run a check and see who all have not opened the first e-mail. Send the same email to them again but with a different subject line this time around.

37. Direct Email

You can always do this with people who can become associates shortly as well as people who have some level of influence in the industry where you are active now.

The list should include editors and journalists as well. It is always better to divert your attention to these people rather than waste your time with strangers who in any case are not just interested in what you have to offer through your blog.

Always focus on quality rather than quantity. Take some time and send a personal email where you ask these individuals to take a look at what you have written and then get back to you with their feedback if it is possible for them to do so.

The problem with this is that not many people do this when they should.

38. Listing Growth Through The Subscription Box

When you try to promote your blog and get more inbound traffic, you should ensure that your email signup box is properly optimized and includes some essential factors.

It should be visually distinct and placed in a prominent place on your site. There should also be some promise in the same in the sense that you should be telling your readers what they would get by reading your blog.

There should also be proof that your blog is getting some attention. You could do this by putting up a testimonial or showing how many people are subscribing to your blog.

You can use the best email optin WordPress plugins to increase the rate of email subscriptions on your site. Creating a highly engaging popup for email subscription is a great way to increase conversion.

SumoMe Email Opt-in

39. Listing Growth Through Personal Invitations

Quite often you might come across people who have an interest in the subject that you write on. You can inform them about your blog and talk about how you are dealing with the same issue in the same.

Now, without putting any pressure on the other person, you can float the idea of him subscribing to your blog. If it works you can be sure that you will get a subscriber and that too someone who happens to be quite an engaged one.

Promote in Business Meetings

Promote your new blog posts or your main blog URL during your business meetings

40. Mentioning it During Presentations, Podcasts, And Webinars

If you mention your article during a presentation it should not be seen as an unusual thing – it is quite a natural thing to do. You can easily say at a relevant occasion during any one of the above that you have written about the issue in your latest blog.

If you can, you should also suggest that the content is included in slides, follow-up e-mails, and show notes.

41. Mentioning Blog in Meetings And Sales

Even in case if you have never given presentations, you could mention your latest article in conversations. In these cases, such an action is always relevant.

You can mention it during sales meetings, client training sessions, and customer service calls. Even when you are sending the follow-up link to any one of these, make sure to include the link.

42. Inclusion and Encouragement

You can always include other people in your article and then encourage them to share the same. When you create content in association with others, it becomes so much easier to share.

This is one reason why quotes from contributors, interviews, and roundups are so popular these days.

So, you should go ahead and include others in your blog as well. Once your blog goes LIVE, you can notify them by way of an e-mail and encourage them to share the piece.

You can also give them tweets that you have written yourself so that they do not need to make any effort on that front.

43. Putting it in the Email Signature

You are like everyone else in the sense that you send a mail almost every day. However, do you realize that with every message you get a chance to share your new blog?

You can always update your email signature – it does not take more than a minute to do so.

By doing that, you can effectively bring your newest blog to the notice of plenty of people every week! The number can go up to hundreds of people. HubSpot has a detailed post on creating the perfect email signature.

Paid blog promotion gives you the option to drive highly targeted traffic to your blog posts.

44. AdWords

You would be delighted to know that it does not cost much to target niche phrases that happen to be super specific as well. You can create a few test versions of an ad copy and set apart a small amount of money for the same.

In case, your landing page is equipped with an e-mail signup form that has been optimized well; you will see that you have gained enough subscribers to justify the amount you have spent for the same.

45. Retargeting

These days, it has become quite easy to invite people back to your website. It is not that difficult to retarget people anymore, nor is it as expensive for that matter.

You can always promote your content through an ad that only those people, who have visited your website previously, can see. Hubspot has a fantastic guide on retargeting ads.

46. Use Native Advertising

Native advertisements have become quite popular these days and, dare it to be said, are a big part of Google’s semantic search as well.

One of the major reasons behind their immense popularity is the fact that they happen to serve their intended purpose as well. You can always use networks such as Taboola and Outbrain.

They will cost you some money for sure, but it will put your work out there for a huge number of people. Are you sure you can get such exposure for your blog by yourself?

If not, then you can try out Taboola, Outbrain, and the like. These sites display your selected blog posts on other websites, usually at the end of the content page, tagged with a heading like “Popular Posts”.

With the help of these networks, you can test your headlines and optimize it as well on social networks. The same goes for your images as well.

This can help you determine the budget that you would want to set apart for your native adverts.

Here is our list of top native advertising platforms that you can use.

Promoting Old Blog Posts

Drive fresh traffic to your old blog posts by reshowcasing theme or reworking on them with additional fresh content

47. Including Your Blog In Roundups of Your Latest Posts

This needs to be done when your initial efforts at promoting your blog have been over and done with. You can infuse the promotions with a bit of life by placing it right there atop your roundup posts.

To do this, you need to select three or four blogs that are similar, or at least relevant, and pack them together in a list post. In this post, you can sum up the main points of each article with links to all of them.

48. Reformatting and Republishing

You can always repackage your blog and bring it out in a new avatar. You need to understand that if it has worked as a blog, it can work in any other format as well.

You can use it as a video. You can record yourself giving an explanation regarding the topic and that too in detail. You can post it back on your blog site as well as on YouTube.

You can create a slideshow of the blog by using PowerPoint. SlideShare is a great option where you can share the PPT of an existing blog post.

You may also make an e-book out of your blog. This can be done by adding to the existing content and adding some visuals for good effect. Apart from your site, it can be posted on amazon.com.

If you wish, you can also make a podcast based on your blog. In fact, if you have a podcast already, it can be the next topic that you deal with over there.

Here is a list of best podcast hosting sites that you can use to start your podcast.

49. Using the Blogs of Other People

You can always make the most of the blogs of other people to get some more viewership for your own. There are several ways in which this can be done. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • For starters, you can leave comments on these blogs and also provide links to your blog over there. However, while doing so, please remember that the blog in question should be similar to what you normally write on. Do not comment on irrelevant blogs.
  • You can always send e-mails to fellow bloggers who operate in the domain that is the same as yours and then ask them to refer your blog to their work.
  • You can take part in link parties as well as link carnivals.
  • If you are part of the blogging community – in the sense that you have friends over there – you can always trade links with them. This means that you promote them and they can be expected to return the favor.
  • You can always set up an account at Bloglovin to follow and discover new blogs.
  • You can also exchange banner ads with other bloggers.
  • You can always interview the influencers in your domain and share it on your blog to improve your overall credibility. If it is possible, do ask them to share the interview by themselves as well. It will do wonders for your blog as well.

50. Using Forums

You can always find forums that are relevant to the topic that you are dealing with and create a profile over there. Once you have done, you can leave a link to your blog over there.

You can take part in the questions and answers in that community and leave links that connect back to your blog post. However, you need to do this only when it is right to do so.

Otherwise, links dropping everywhere on the forums are often thought of as a violation of site usage policies, and you can get banned permanently. Share links to your blogs only when it is relevant.

Here is a detailed guide on how to drive traffic from forums.

Offline Promotion

You should not ignore the offline promotion of your blog to get some extra traffic

51. Promoting Your Blogs Offline

You can also promote your blogs offline. You can create business cards, and in those, you can easily put in your blog’s link for the cardholders’ perusal.

You can take part in important events such as blogger conferences and hand out your business card as and when the opportunities present themselves. You can also participate in business meet-ups as well as local tweet-ups.

52. Using the Press to Promote Your Blogs

Your blogs can also be promoted by using the press. For example, you can submit a press release on the latest blog that you have written and then distribute it to press release sites that will publish it for free.

In case you can spare some money, you can approach the bigger media houses as well. That will inevitably guarantee you a greater number of eyeballs.

You can also sign up for Help a Reporter and provide your blogs, along with your expertise, as and when may be relevant.

You can also get in touch with local TV news stations and offer to provide your blog as part of your expertise in a particular domain. You can do the same with local news reporters as well.

53. Using Your Social Circle

You may never know, but in your local neighborhood, there could be fellow bloggers as well as people who own websites and businesses.

These are small entities with the potential for great things ahead and want recognition for what they are attempting to offer to society. If you take some initiative and meet them, then there is always a chance you would have built up a sound network that can come in handy.

You can always inform them personally about your new blog and make sure that you promote them as and when is possible for you.

This would make sure that they do not feel you are milking them and you are contributing nothing to the relationship. Contribute your time and build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Blog Comment Traffic

This is an old method to receive some traffic by engaging on the comment section of other blogs. You need to add valuable comments on popular blogs to get regular traffic

54. Open the Comments Section

A lot of bloggers make the mistake of closing their comments section for some reason or the other. You can do that only when you have established yourself as a blogger or as a noted expert on the particular domain on which you have been blogging.

This would also mean that your blog is an established one. However, if your blog is not that popular the worst thing that you can do is close the comments section.

It is almost like committing suicide. When you leave your blog open for comments, you allow a significant amount of engagement on the same.

If readers can comment on your blog, they will be able to share their articles over there and also share it on their social networks if they consider it to be good enough, bring traffic to your blog.

When comments are made on your blog, they add content to the article. It also beefs up your blog and also makes sure that your posts appear higher in search engine results.

55. Commenting on Others’ Blogs

Commenting on the blogs of others can do wonders for your blog as others can come in and read what you are saying.

This includes both other bloggers and readers. In case you can make it to the top commentator’s list of a blog or two, you can expect good things to happen for your blog.

However, to make it to the said lists, you have to make sure that you are not commenting just for the heck of it. Your comments should be adding value to the whole discussion and make it a richer experience that way.

You can be very sure that no one likes to read comments like “I agree” or “That is right” in the comments section.

Most people consider it to be spamming and if you try pulling this off to get more people to your blog, you can be sure that it will blow up in your face for sure.

While you are at it, you also need to put on the hat of a judge and see if a blog has the potential to be a good one in the days ahead. If you think that it can be then, you should be one of the first people to comment over there.

You can be sure that this will help you garner more click-through and visibility. This will also help you develop a greater idea regarding which blog can catch on and which cannot. Then, you can use that sense in your work as well.

Branding Your Blog

Branding your blog and making a name for itself is a great way to get direct traffic to your blog. If your blog is popular, users will come and visit your blog regularly.

56. Telling Stories = Brand Building

When you add a story to your blog post, you are clearing the way for it to be seen by a lot of people. This is because people always love a good story.

Most experts say that only around 5 percent of the blogs that they read have stories that can be termed entertaining and attractive enough to draw them in.

Most of the posts these days are rather simple accounts, mostly written in the third person (this is a stern put off if you ask me) where practical suggestions on strategies, technology, and techniques are shared. While people like them they are not going to come in and read them time and again.

Why do you binge-watch shows on Netflix or other such networks? It is because you get stories that entertain you, fascinate you, and hold your attention unlike anything else ever did.

They are not dry, dull, and boring stories that you have no interest in listening to. These stories are colorful and carry plenty of emotion as well.

It is important to tell stories, to offer your opinion and insight on things. Obviously, it is always better if the whole thing is done within the bounds of decency and offending the least possible number of people (the best option is to hurt none, but that rarely happens).

The idea here is to create a brand that is uniquely yours and one that no one else can lay claim to it. This will separate you from others and lead to success in the end.

Want some inspiration? Check out these ten amazing brand story examples.

57. Promoting Your Blog URL

You should always try and look for opportunities in which you can make people aware of your blog. The easiest way to do this is to be active in different forums and use the blog URL in your signature.

You can also include it on your letterhead, e-mail signature and a host of other places. All you need to do is be creative.

58. Interviewing Popular Bloggers

If you can get an interview or two from some of the top members of the blogging fraternity, you can be sure that you will get noticed by one and all (at least in the blogging fraternity).

You can also interview someone who is not that well-known but is on his way to getting there. This way, you can always claim that you are the one who gave that person his big break. R

59. Offer a Freebie (Probably a Theme)

Most of the bloggers that you see out there do not design a theme that is unique to their blogs. This is why there is always a high demand for themes.

CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal tops the preference list. If you can create a good theme that other bloggers like and use then you will also see that a lot of them are linking back to you as well.

With every theme installation, it will create a backlink to your blog. This trick is a two-edged sword.

On the one hand, you will create high-quality and long-term backlinks to push up SERP results; on the other hand, you will open a portal of long-term traffic. While this is not an easy thing to do it is quite effective nonetheless.

60. Joining a Blogger Network

A blogging network is one where you see some blogs listed, that play a major role in getting traffic to other members of the same fraternity.

It is true that you will not be allowed to enter major blogging networks that have established themselves over a period, just like that. But these networks have application periods that go on for a long period and are open to all.

Apart from this, you can approach networks that look as if they are good enough for you. You may even start a blog on your own. Here you can help others get visitors and let others do the same for you.

61. Be Active on YouTube

We have already mentioned updating your article to YouTube already above in the article. YouTube has become one of the top sources to discover new content in the recent few years.

Other than being the most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine. Most users go to find a video around anything they with to learn on YouTube these days.

Make sure to optimize your videos properly. You can check this list of the best YouTube SEO tools, these tools will be of great help when you publish your videos.

So, don’t ignore such a big platform that can help you drive thousands of traffic every month.

But, what is you are not good with videos?

This is a valid question. Many users are shy or don’t have the technical expertise to create a quality video that is engaging.

But the good news is that you don’t have to show your face on video if you are shy. You can create a video just by explaining the topic of your blog post.

Also, there are a number of platforms these days that make it simple for users to convert a blog post into a video in minutes. They offer you images, text designs, animations and all other elements that can make your videos more engaging.

Create a video from article


Despite the availability of these traffic generation methods, you need to remember the basic fact that if your content is not good enough, then all these tips would amount to nothing.

Your content needs to be worthy of being promoted. At the same time, if you write great content and do not promote it, then it is equally useless as well.

Most of the experts would tell you that 20 percent of your time should be spent on writing the content and the rest should be used to promote the same.

Good content, if promoted in an excellent manner, would always be better than exceptional content that is promoted in an average manner.

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