8 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Blog Content


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The key to successful internet marketing starts with high-quality content. High-quality content acts as a fulcrum for all the internet marketing techniques. It requires intensive research to create informative and lucrative content. However, due to workloads, writers tend to make mistakes unintentionally. This may severely affect writer’s work profile.

Here are some mistakes that content writers should avoid at any cost.

How to Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes

01. Underestimating Social Media

Social Media or Digital Media is an utmost important aspect in content marketing. You cannot find a better way to reach your target audience. When you create high-quality content, it needs promotion.

Social media is a great platform for promotions because there are different types of persons on it with varied interests. You cannot rely on mailing lists as this will limit your market reach.

Moreover, social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest can be used for image-based content while Facebook and Twitter are preferred for written content. You can gain a lot of useful information from the web with some research.

02. Understanding your Audience

The sole motive of creating content is to deliver it to the target audience. The audience comprises of potential customers and avid readers. You should develop the ability to understand your audience needs.

This way, you can curate content that will attract readers. For example, if you decide to write on Fitness, you should consider two aspects. First, are there any readers for specified niche? Secondly, how can you satisfy their queries? When you can do this, you will be successful in delivering required content.

You should aim to connect with the audience. This will be evident from your writing style. For example, if a reader wants to gather information about a smartphone, you can either write it in a formal style or an interactive style with a first-person approach. The latter approach will create interest, and it is possible that the reader gets converted into a customer.

03. Missing about us page

It is necessary to have a description about your venture. If you are an individual or an organization, an “About Us” page will provide an insight into your vision and objectives. This is an integral part of your blog because this showcases your determination and zeal for the cause.

Moreover, it helps in developing trust and connection. However, it is not just about you and your accomplishments. You have to write a short description about your life, your hobbies, current situation, and your vision.

In addition to this, write about your blog. Discuss the content that you wish to deliver and how it can be beneficial for the readers. The readers expect to get an answer to their query. Therefore, it depends upon your ability to deliver the desired information.

04. No personal touch

When we talk about a blog, we expect an interesting platform with interactive information. You can use a third-person approach, but it would sound too formal. It is possible that the readers feel bored.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop an interactive piece of content that binds the reader till the end. When writing content, write it in a conversational tone. Use a first-person or second-person approach that will instantly create a connection with the reader.

This is essential because readers want to know your personal experience. You can share examples from your personal life. Eventually, you will develop a writing style that is interactive, interesting, and informational.

05. Avoid typing mistakes

To err is human. As content writers, we tend to make mistakes. Therefore, you have to be cautious when you are publishing your content. After you complete your article, make sure you proofread it. You can even hire a proofreader for the work. Moreover, there are a variety of tools available for simplifying your work. For example, Grammarly proofreads your content for grammatical mistakes.

Grammatically incorrect content creates a bad impression on the readers. You will be judged on your presentation of your content. Therefore, you should proofread content before publishing it. This way, you will gain respect and trust of the readers.

06. Lacking your own style

To be a successful content writer, you have to develop the habit of reading. When we read a lot, we develop a writing style that is similar to the author’s style of other blogs. In the process, we forget our style and identity. We tend to copy others style. Eventually, we will get lost in the crowd. You will lose the trust of the readers, and after some time, it will result in your downfall.

You should focus on developing your style and identity. Create content with your intellect. Define the situation as you have experienced them. This will increase your reader base, and you will create your identity in the crowd.

07. Lacking Visuals

It is a proven fact that visuals have a better impact than words. Visuals encompass images and videos. Your content should be rich in images. It is better if you can embed videos as well. There are two considerations when including images in your articles. First, the images should be relevant to your content. The images should define your content. Secondly, use high-quality images in your content.

08. Not analyzing blog data

Most bloggers just concentrate on creating content and promoting it. However, they fail to keep a check on the performance of the blog. There are various parameters that define the success of your blog. These are:

  • Number of visitors/traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic source
  • Keywords

This is just an overview of the parameters. You can significantly improve your blog statistics when you keep a periodic check on the numbers. There are tools like Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, and so on. With these tools, you can grow your traffic and convert visitors into subscribers.

These are some mistakes that a content writer should avoid while developing content. You can improvise if you pay attention to these mistakes. This will help you in creating better content that will eventually increase visitors and your ROI.


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