Social Traffic Vs. Search Traffic: A Detailed Guide

search traffic vs social traffic

Social traffic vs search traffic, where should you focus and invest your time as well as money? If you have this question, this article will help you to understand the difference.

Having a decent blog design and quality content can help you with your AdSense approval, but when the question of generating traffic comes, it can be a tough choice about where to invest.

Selecting the right advertising platform for your brand or content is important.

In this section, I have covered some ideas to get traffic which you must consider, but at the end, it all comes down to one single thing, and that is generating revenue by whichever means necessary.

So let’s jump right in.

Search Traffic or Social Traffic

No 1. Deciding what is meant for you.

Look, SEO and social traffic both go somewhat together.

Social Traffic

Let’s say you own an art or poetry blog, or you have a small business website. Now, you have incredibly awesome content, so the next thing you must find out is where your audience hangs out?  Is it Facebook or Twitter, or they use LinkedIn for business stuff?

The idea of being everywhere sure sounds cool and practical, but you must not implement it right away because by doing this, you will just waste your time and then you’ll end up being nowhere. So, figure out where they are, start small, and slowly progress.

Search Traffic

For a tech and educational related niche, SEO plays the game. People search for new tech,  product reviews, tutorials and another kind of similar things. This kind of visitors has a goal in their mind.

You might know about the things people search via some keyword tool, but when they land on your page, if they don’t see specifics, you lose them. This also implies to the things I talked about in social analysis.

No 2. The type of content can be a deciding factor.

A lot depends on the nature of content written and published on sites. Comparisons include some very famous websites and blogs which you can look out for.

About the content type, what does your blog exactly have must be taken into account? Trending topics makes its way on both sides. It gets shared on social media, and people come out looking for facts on search engines too.

Social Traffic

Here goes the type of content which has more artistic touch such as some blog which contains visual content like memes or wallpapers. This kind of stuff tends to go viral on social media, getting many shares or retweets.

Film reviews and other celeb topics do well on social media.

Let’s take the example of India-based social blogs like ScoopWhoop or 9GAG. The content they share has almost all of its audience coming from social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Search Traffic

Again, everything about search traffic is mostly based on how optimized your blog or website is. Coming to the type of content, it must be long. Like 1200+ words is considered a quite detailed article and Google sure is attracted to such stuff.

How to guides on different topics or tutorials on products are some evergreen content which cannot be shared on social media always, and thus they become search engine driven.

A good headline also gets you traffic. Including bullets and numbering is taken into account for a good optimized SEO-based article. See these are some little tricks for SEO based articles which must be considered for good traffic generation.

Let’s take the example of YouTuber GeekyRanjit or TechCrunch, they surely make some traffic out of social platforms but again when you want a product review or details on what new thing is coming out you simply Google it.

Methods for Generating Traffic

The ways discussed here are used widely and may contain some premium techniques, but again it’s all about earning money.

No 1. Let’s generate traffic socially

Talking about Twitter, you can generate insane traffic out of it. This concept is known as targeted traffic. What you need to do is look at what people are talking about, and make posts accordingly. Quality content is required but don’t go all Rambo on writing content.

There is a tool called Twitonomy which can be used to find the right audience. It is a kind of stalking tool which gives you insights into what your userbase is talking about.

Here is a short refresher. Go to and type in the content of your brand or any service you offer and see how much people are interested in.

Manage Filter is another great tool to filter out keywords and check who is looking for them. The trick is to follow them, so they follow you back, and then you provide them with some engaging content like maybe a video which surely works.

RivalIQ is also an excellent tool to get insights on your rivals’ content and about the platform which they are using so you can start making your way there.

Posting one-minute videos about your content and making people interested in it will ultimately drive them to your blog. You can also monetize videos and get revenue.

On Facebook, you can make use of their Ads platform, and one trick to gain Facebook ads on discount is to make your posts popular, and then it is evident that you don’t need any extra help, but when you apply for it, you get a discount.

Power Editor is also a decent tool, a replacement to Facebook Ad manager. It is all about boosting your content.

One tool you must try for Instagram is which helps you to schedule posts on Instagram, so you don’t have to worry about timely posts and stuff like that.

No 2. Optimizing stuff and attracting search engine traffic

It’s all down to search engine optimization. This thing is huge. Like no matter how much you do, you will always miss out on some techniques. Getting to optimization, there are many things out there, but I have covered some tools to get you running in no time.

Co-Schedule for WordPress is a handy tool. It helps you schedule posts, and it even shares them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter instantly. Do some guest posting and have backlinks from different blogs.

Make posts regarding some service like a detailed review and email them for a backlink at their website. You can even use Canva to make graphics for your site. It has some templates, and you can get them to look as you want.

You can even use ahrefs for getting keywords and look at what your rivals are using. Always go for targeted traffic and try to get their opinions and comments.

Write answers on Quora and promote your content. See what people are asking for and post about it. Meta tags are necessary to customize. Do it appropriately.

No 3. What is Best for you?

Now let’s move on to something which is least considered but plays an important role, that is, statistical analysis. AHref, as discussed earlier, is an excellent tool.

Adding tools to work for you is important. Another great tool is SEMrush. These things get you an idea of where exactly you need to target viewers.

Social Traffic Vs. Search Engine Traffic

Some points to consider

  • You need to invest in something productive. If you don’t have the budget for investment, then there are always alternatives out there. However, free doesn’t mean it would be best.
  • Start with something cheap. At least experiment with it. See if it works. If it’s not working for you, then you must change the platform. There is no point in staying where people don’t talk about what you advertise.
  • Search for Facebook groups and see what people want. And, if they are not getting what they want, just provide them with it.
  • After applying all these things, measuring them is important. How well is the trick working for you? Is it getting you anywhere above from where you started? Or, just ask if it is generating revenue? Buzzsumo is a great tool; it shares social media shares to check if you are getting enough of what you are using or not.
  • Google Analytics is also useful for checking your blog’s performance based on impressions, clicks, and rankings.
  • One of the more important things is to avoid clickbait headlines. It is annoying, it does look good at first, but when visitors land on your page and find not-so-good content, they won’t come another time. Try to stay out of it.
  • Check your old posts. See if they are evergreen or not. If you find one, share it again and repeat it after some time.
  • Always look out to your rivals. Try to find ways to outsmart them. If you don’t understand anything and need any help with SEO, then there are always people out there whom you can reach out to. For example, you can ask Brian Dean of SEO That Works. Subscribe to newsletters and reply to them with your query.


Search traffic and social traffic – both are essential for the growth of any blog or business. Experiment, analyze, and understand the right mixture of social and search efforts that work for your

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