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100 High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites (Only Quality Sites)

Check the top 100 High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites in 2024. Boost your website's rank with these quality free social bookmarking submission sites.

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are online services that allow users to save, organize, and manage links to various websites and resources.

They facilitate content discovery, knowledge sharing, and social networking by enabling users to publicly or privately share bookmarks, often categorized with tags for easy retrieval.

These platforms benefit researchers, marketers, and general internet users by providing a collaborative and efficient way to manage web resources. 

What is a Social Bookmarking Site?

A social bookmarking site is an online platform that allows users to save, organize, share, and manage links to various web resources.

Unlike traditional bookmarks saved in a web browser, social bookmarking sites store bookmarks online, making them accessible from any device with internet access. 

These sites often include features such as tagging, which helps categorize and find bookmarks easily, and sharing options, which allow users to share their bookmarked links with others. 

Who Can Use a Social Bookmarking Site?

Anyone with internet access, including students, professionals, researchers, and content creators, can use a social bookmarking site. This includes:

  1. Individuals: People who want to save, organize, and access their favorite links from any device.
  2. Students: Those who must manage and share research, projects, and study resources.
  3. Professionals: Employees who wish to organize and share industry-related articles, tools, and resources.
  4. Researchers: Individuals who need to compile and access numerous references and sources.
  5. Content Creators: Bloggers, writers, and marketers who curate and share content with their audience.
  6. Educators: Teachers and instructors who want to provide students with resources and reading materials.
  7. Collaborative Teams: Groups working on projects who need to share and organize information collectively.

What are the Key Features of a Social Bookmarking Site?

Social Bookmarking Sites have several key features, including free server space, rating system, and web address that make them unique and valuable for users and marketers alike:

  • Free Server Space: They provide free server space to store your bookmarks. This space is virtually unlimited.
  • Web Address: Each bookmark you save is given a unique web address you can access from any device.
  • Rating System: They allow bookmarks to be rated. This helps identify the most valuable and popular content.
  • Sharing of Bookmarks: They allow sharing of bookmarks. You can keep your bookmarks private and share them with the public or specific groups.
  • Display Popular Pages: They display the most popular bookmarked pages. This helps users discover trending content.
  • Tagging: They allow web page tagging. Tags help in organizing and searching bookmarks.
  • Discovery and Discussion: Social bookmarking sites make it easy to discover new content, follow other users’ bookmarks, join topical groups, and vote on or discuss links.
  • Algorithms: Social bookmarking works through algorithms that identify patterns and trends with bookmarking to form categories for related content.
  • Social Interaction: The social aspect of social bookmarking includes sharing sources, re-posting others’ bookmarks, commenting and responding to others’ posts, and following users or bookmarking tags.

Why Should We Use Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites offer several advantages, including accessibility, organization, and sharing. Here are some of the reasons we should use social bookmarking sites:

  1. Accessibility: Bookmarks are stored online, so you can access them from any device with internet access, not just the one where you saved them.
  2. Organization: Social bookmarking sites often provide tools like tags and categories, which make it easier to organize and find saved links.
  3. Sharing: You can easily share your bookmarks with others, whether they are friends, colleagues, or a broader audience. This is useful for collaborative projects and knowledge sharing.
  4. Discovery: Social bookmarking sites allow you to explore bookmarks saved by others, helping you discover new and valuable resources you might not have found on your own.
  5. Networking: By following other users and seeing what they bookmark, you can connect with people with similar interests and expand your professional or personal network.
  6. Backup: Storing bookmarks online provides a backup, so you won’t lose your saved links if something happens to your device.
  7. SEO Benefits: For content creators, sharing links on social bookmarking sites can help increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Overall, social bookmarking sites enhance how we save, organize, share, and discover web resources, making them valuable tools for personal and professional use.

What are the Advantages of Using Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites have several advantages, including traffic, backlinks, indexing, and improved ranking. Here are some of the benefits of using them:

  • Get Traffic: Some bookmarking sites can send you more traffic than expected. If your blog posts go viral on sites like Reddit, your server’s traffic volume might crash. So, you should never ignore this traffic source.
  • Backlink: This is one apparent reason why you should bookmark. The backlinks from these quality sites will help you improve your blog posts’ ranking.
  • Domain Authority: The number of quality backlinks from high-DA sites will increase your site’s domain authority.
  • Improved Search Engine Ranking: Regularly bookmarking your content on high-quality social bookmarking sites can improve your ranking. Search engines consider these bookmarks as credible backlinks.
  • Faster Indexing: When you bookmark your content on popular sites, search engines index your pages faster, increasing the visibility of your content in search results.
  • Increased Engagement: Social bookmarking sites often have active communities. Engaging with these communities can lead to more comments, shares, and interactions with your content.
  • Brand Awareness: Regularly sharing content on social bookmarking sites can help build brand awareness. People who see your content and find it valuable are more likely to remember and recommend your brand.
  • Content Curation: These sites help you discover and curate content from various sources, keeping you updated with your field’s latest trends and information.
  • Driving Niche Traffic: By targeting specific groups and communities on social bookmarking sites, you can drive highly targeted traffic to your website, which is more likely to convert.
  • Collaborative Learning: Social bookmarking allows users to collaborate and share knowledge. This is particularly beneficial for educational purposes, group projects, and professional development.
  • Promoting New Content: When you publish new content, bookmarking it on these platforms can give it an initial boost of traffic and visibility, helping it gain traction more quickly.

What are the Differences in Free vs. Paid Social Bookmarking Sites?

The primary differences between free and paid social bookmarking sites revolve around the range of features, the level of customization, and the quality of user experience they offer.

Understanding these distinctions can help you choose the right platform based on your needs, whether you’re a casual user or a professional seeking advanced content curation and sharing tools.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites

Free social bookmarking sites provide a cost-effective way to save, organize, and share web content. These platforms typically offer basic features for personal use and casual content sharing.

  1. Accessibility: Free sites are available to everyone without any financial investment, making them accessible to users with limited budgets.
  2. Basic Features: They include essential bookmarking functions like saving links, tagging, and sharing content. Examples include Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter, which allow users to organize and share content widely.
  3. Community Engagement: These sites often have large user bases, fostering community interaction and content discovery. Users can benefit from wide-ranging interactions but might face competition and content saturation.
  4. SEO Benefits: Even free sites can contribute to SEO by providing backlinks to your website, although these may be less potent than paid services.
  5. Limitations: Free platforms might have limited storage, fewer organizational tools, and may show ads, which can detract from the user experience.

Paid Social Bookmarking Sites

Paid social bookmarking sites cater to users looking for advanced features, greater customization, and enhanced user experiences. These platforms are ideal for professionals, businesses, and serious content marketers.

  1. Advanced Features: Paid sites offer enhanced functionalities such as ad-free experiences, advanced search capabilities, detailed analytics, and extensive customization options. Examples include, Evernote, and Pocket Premium.
  2. Professional Use: They are designed for professional use, offering tools for collaboration, content curation, and in-depth research. This makes them suitable for businesses, educators, and researchers.
  3. Quality and Security: Paid platforms often have better quality control, reducing spam and ensuring a higher content standard. They may also offer improved security features.
  4. Customization: Users can enjoy greater control over their content organization and presentation with personalized dashboards and topic-specific organization features.
  5. Targeted Audience: Paid services often attract a more targeted and relevant audience, which can be beneficial for niche marketing and the dissemination of specialized content.
  6. Cost: The primary drawback is the cost involved. Subscriptions can vary widely, and while the investment can yield significant benefits, it may not be feasible for all users.

Choosing between free and paid social bookmarking sites depends on your needs and goals. Free sites are excellent for general use and broad content sharing, while paid sites offer specialized tools and advanced features that cater to professional and business-oriented tasks.

What are the Best Free Social Bookmarking Sites in 2024?

The best free social bookmarking sites include Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and Here is a table showing a free social bookmarking site list:

Name Features Best For
Pinterest Visual bookmarking, boards for organization, discovery through pins and repins Visual content, DIY projects, recipes, fashion
Reddit Community-driven, subreddits for niche topics, upvoting and downvoting system Discussions, viral content, niche communities
Twitter Microblogging, hashtags for categorization, real-time updates News, real-time communication, brand promotion Content curation, topic pages, integration with social media Content marketing, knowledge sharing
Diigo Bookmarking, highlighting, annotation, collaborative research Research, academic purposes, team projects
Slashdot Technology-focused news, user submissions, comments and discussions Tech news, IT professionals, open-source enthusiasts
Digg Trending stories, news aggregation, user voting News, viral content, trending topics
Pocket Save articles and videos for later, offline access, tagging Reading list management, offline reading
Tumblr Microblogging, multimedia posts, customizable blogs Creative content, blogging, multimedia sharing

What are the Best Paid Social Bookmarking Sites in 2024?

The best paid social bookmarking sites include, Evernote, Diigo, and Pinboard. Here is a table showing the best social bookmarking sites:

Name Features Best For Content curation, professional and business use, topic-based organization Content marketing, professional use, business strategies
Evernote Note-taking, web clipping, organization tools, collaborative features Research, team projects, productivity
Diigo (Premium) Bookmarking, highlighting, annotation, ad-free experience, collaboration Academic research, team collaboration, in-depth reading
Pinboard Minimalist design, archiving bookmarks, full-text search, private bookmarking Personal use, extensive web archiving, simplicity Cross-platform syncing, collections and tags, collaboration, cloud backup Organizing and syncing across devices, collaborative projects, visual bookmarking
Feedly Pro Content aggregation, keyword alerts, integrations with other tools, ad-free Keeping up with industry trends, content curation, research
Pocket Premium Ad-free experience, full-text search, unlimited highlights, permanent library Reading list management, offline reading, content archiving
Flipboard (Paid Features) Personalized magazines, team collaboration, premium content access Content curation, team collaboration, personalized reading experience

How Do Pricing Models of Paid Social Bookmarking Sites Compare?

The pricing models of paid social bookmarking sites vary based on features, users, and server space. Here is a table showing the pricing models of paid social bookmarking sites:

Name Pricing Model Starting Price Subscription $14.99
Evernote Subscription $7.99
Diigo (Premium) Subscription $5.00
Pinboard One-time Fee $11.00 (one-time) Subscription $3.00
Feedly Pro Subscription $8.00
Pocket Premium Subscription $4.99
Flipboard (Paid Features) Subscription $4.99

What is the Difference between Do-Follow Vs. No-Follow Bookmarking Sites?

The primary difference between do-follow and no-follow bookmarking sites lies in how they handle the links you bookmark and how search engines treat those links. This distinction can significantly impact your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Do-Follow Bookmarking Sites

Do-follow bookmarking sites allow search engines to follow the links and pass on link equity, also known as “link juice,” from the bookmarking site to the linked website. This can improve the linked site’s search engine ranking because search engines consider these links as endorsements.

  • Impact on SEO: Links from do-follow sites contribute to your site’s SEO by improving its authority and ranking.
  • Example Sites: Sites like Reddit (in certain subreddits) and Diigo often allow do-follow links.
  • Usage: Best for building backlinks and improving SEO. Useful for content marketing strategies where link-building is a priority.

No-Follow Bookmarking Sites

No-follow bookmarking sites include a “no-follow” tag in their links, instructing search engines not to pass link equity to the linked website. While these links do not directly boost the linked site’s SEO, they can still drive traffic and provide visibility.

  • Impact on SEO: Links from no-follow sites do not directly impact your site’s search engine ranking.
  • Example Sites: Social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest typically use no-follow links.
  • Usage: Best for increasing traffic, gaining exposure, and engaging with audiences. Useful for content that focuses on brand awareness and social engagement.

While do-follow links are crucial for improving SEO and search engine rankings, no-follow links are valuable for driving traffic and enhancing online visibility. A balanced strategy that incorporates both types of links can help maximize your website’s reach and effectiveness.

The Most Recommended Social Bookmarking Sites in 2024

The most recommended social bookmarking sites include Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter. Here is a table showing the best social bookmarking websites:

Site Name DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority)
Pinterest 100 95
Reddit 100 87
Twitter 100 90 51 74
Diigo 39 73
Slashdot 52 72
Digg 48 79
Pocket 49 67
LinkedIn 100 97

Top Social Bookmarking Sites: Must Use

Using the right social bookmarking sites can significantly enhance your online presence, drive traffic, and improve your SEO. Here are ten must-use social bookmarking sites in 2024:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery and bookmarking platform where users can save and share images, videos, and infographics on customizable boards. It’s particularly popular for DIY projects, recipes, and fashion. With a high DA and PA, Pinterest can help increase your content’s visibility and attract a broader audience.

2. Reddit

Known as “the front page of the internet,” Reddit hosts a vast array of communities (subreddits) on almost every topic imaginable. Users can share links, engage in discussions, and upvote or downvote content. Reddit is excellent for driving traffic and gaining exposure for niche topics.

3. Twitter

Overview: Twitter is a microblogging and social networking platform where users share short posts (tweets), images, and links. It’s ideal for real-time updates, news, and engaging with a global audience. Twitter’s hashtags and retweet features make it a powerful tool for increasing reach and engagement.

4. is a content curation platform aimed at professionals and businesses. Users can create topic-based boards to collect and share relevant content. It’s particularly useful for content marketing, knowledge sharing, and building authority in specific fields.

5. Diigo

Diigo is a versatile tool for bookmarking, highlighting, and annotating web pages. It’s popular among researchers and educators for its collaborative features and organizational tools. Diigo’s ability to save and categorize resources makes it invaluable for academic and professional use.

6. Slashdot

Slashdot focuses on technology and science news, with user-submitted articles and discussions. It’s a great platform for IT professionals, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the latest tech trends. Slashdot’s community-driven content ensures high engagement and topical relevance.

7. Digg

Digg aggregates trending stories from around the web, allowing users to submit and vote on content. It’s known for its curated front page featuring viral news. Digg is ideal for staying updated on current events and discovering interesting content.

8. Pocket

Pocket allows users to save articles and videos for later viewing, even offline. It’s perfect for managing reading lists and ensuring you never lose track of valuable content. Pocket’s premium features include full-text search and unlimited highlights, enhancing its usability.

9. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that supports multimedia posts, including text, images, videos, and GIFs. It’s popular among creatives for its customizable blogs and vibrant community. Tumblr is excellent for sharing original content and building a dedicated following.

10. Evernote

Evernote is a comprehensive tool for note-taking, web clipping, and organization. It supports multimedia notes and integrates with various apps, making it suitable for personal productivity and team collaboration. Evernote is a go-to platform for detailed and organized content management.

These social bookmarking sites offer a range of features to help you save, organize, share, and discover content effectively. Using them strategically can boost your online presence, enhance your SEO efforts, and connect you with broader audiences.

100 High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is a powerful tool for improving your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and driving traffic.

High Domain Authority (DA) do-follow social bookmarking sites are particularly valuable because they allow search engines to follow the links and pass on link equity, boosting your site’s authority and ranking.

Utilizing these sites can help you gain more visibility, attract quality backlinks, and enhance your online presence. Here, we present a list of 100 high DA do-follow social bookmarking sites that you should consider integrating into your digital marketing strategy.

Please Note: All the sites in this list are not do-follow. Many sites become nofollow without any intimation. Whether the sites are dofollow or nofollow, they will benefit your site as we have listed only the top-quality sites.

Also, please note that DA changes frequently, so it may not be exactly as listed here. However, it will give you an approximate idea.

Site Name DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority) 100 95 100 87 100 90 51 74 39 73 52 72 48 79 49 67 31 100 100 97 47 65 38 55 41 54 28 53 43 76 63 91 80 92 43 78 47 78 40 69 37 70 33 59 34 61 6 75 46 67 48 69 30 80 41 64 21 58 4 72 32 66 18 62 45 60 38 54 24 45 31 53 50 70 43 69 23 55 72 92 15 44 7 67 25 65 6 75 37 61 30 73 35 74 52 55 32 54 31 64 26 58 39 74 20 55 4 66 16 50 5 46 2 39 28 84 4 45 32 49 21 52 27 82 2 40 22 58 28 53 19 52 6 59 22 55 4 52 29 64 56 55 11 50 22 45 5 58 35 45 62 52 28 52 15 57 23 45 23 70 6 49 26 47 21 46 21 52 26 44 5 49 26 50 4 44 5 72 2 59 6 46 2 45 2 62 22 51 30 89 39 55 5 60 50 80

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