Have you ever tried using Pinterest for your business? If you have not yet tried this amazing platform, it’s high time you start using it.

There are so many examples of people making thousands of dollars using Pinterest as their main traffic source.

Pinterest is one of the most amazing and effective tools where you can find tons of new clients who are genuinely interested in your business.

It is also proven that Pinterest works as a much better promotional platform for products than most of the other prominent social media sites.

In fact, a product with a price tag or discount tag works perfectly and can increase your sales to a huge extent.

But wait a second. In order to make Pinterest show its magic, you need to be pinning several times within a day. Now that sounds like a tedious and time-consuming task, doesn’t it?

In order to help you save your time, we have brought to you a list of tools that will let you schedule your Pinterest Pins to be automatically posted at the exact time that you want it to be up.

So let’s check out these tools without any further delay.

Tools That Let You Schedule Your Pinterest Pins

Pinterest App

This app that can be used both by iOS and Android users is the perfect tool that will let you add images to your board at any time and from anywhere in the world.

With this fantastic tool, you will never have to wait to get back to your computer to pin something for your visitors. It allows you to do it directly from your mobile device making pinning a much easier job for you.

So if you want your business to get results from Pinterest, start using this tool now. Wait for a week or so to start seeing the results.

Pinterest App

iOS App   Android App



You may want to use this another popular tool called Sendible. This is a great tool that will allow you to connect your site RSS feed to your account and then auto publish them in various platforms across the web.

This ranges from social networking sites, bloggers platforms, bookmarking sites, etc.

There is no additional step to create images and designs for your pins. The images will be automatically selected from the URL that you will be choosing to use.

Sendible Pinterest post scheduling tool

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This is another brilliant tool that allows you to schedule your pins for your followers. The best thing about this tool is that it is designed specifically for Pinterest, which is an added advantage for all those who are willing to focus solely on Pinterest for their business.

You can also add the browser extension of this tool for your easy access. Tailwind comes with an extensive list of features that you might find useful while scheduling your pins.

You will love the feature in which the tool analyzes your pins and tells you the number of followers, engagements, repins etc.

tailwind for Pinterest

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This is a beautiful tool that is an Amazing creation for all Pinterest users. Viraltag comes connected with various other social media sites too. You can connect it to all or some of your accounts as you may feel like.

Once you connect your accounts, you can schedule your pins for all of them together or only for Pinterest. This does not require you to schedule separately for your social accounts.

You can also import your feeds and check other image sources to be inspired by more creative results. You can even use various images from your feed sources and schedule them in bulk. This can be done for other social media accounts as well.

Viraltag Pinterest Scheduler

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Board Booster

BoardBooster is the next tool that you might really love to use. This fantastic tool has satisfied many users with its amazing performance. This tool comes with a lot of functionalities and has a very easy user base.

It allows you to schedule others pins into your secret boards that are pinned in an ideal time during the day.  It can also save you time by re-pinning new blog posts to collaborative boards, and help you discover many viral pins from bloggers around the world.

If you want to use Pinterest yet do not want to waste too much time working on it, then this tool is a must for you. Trust me, it will save all your time while giving you the best results.

Board Booster

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IFTTT may sound like a weird name. But it will not sound that weird anymore once you learn its acronym. IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. IFTTT can be used with all kinds of websites which also includes social networking sites.

This free tool will help you auto pin your images by creating different recepies. This tool helps you to trigger tasks based on the pins you like on Pinterest from your profile or you pin something to your profile.

You can also set up triggers from different channels that will help you pin an image to a specified board on Pinterest.


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When Buffer was initially launched, it did not support Pinterest. But now it has become an amazing tool to help you pin your ideas. You can connect this tool to your social media accounts.

You can start scheduling your pins immediately once you authenticate your tool. This tool comes with a lot of functionalities so you are sure to love it.

Buffer for Pinterest

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Social Marketers have loved Hoosuite ever since its creation. This tool comes with many features and has all the core features that you might need.

The best thing about this tool is that it can be integrated with various other tools too. Like if you want to integrate Tailwind with Hootsuite, you are all free to do it. And then you can start using features from both these tools to come up with a great dashboard.


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From scheduling your pins to analyzing and marketing them, Viralwoot comes with some of the best features that you can use for your business.

This tool comes with a browser extension that can help you pin directly from your browser. You can also use this tool to autopilot all your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.


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Another option that you might want to check out is the Pinvolve. This tool helps you save all the time that you spend on social media, by allowing you to schedule your pins to be posted at an ideal time during the day.

Pinvolve is one tools that will help you bridge your Facebook and Pinterest accounts by turning your FB posts to Pinterest pins. So go try it now.


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Pinterest Browser Buttons

You can also add browser buttons for Pinterest which is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

These buttons will help you pin anything from anywhere with just a single click. You can pick them up from Pinterest boards, blogs or websites. You might want to try this tool as it makes pinning a lot easier than otherwise.


Now that you know so many tools that you can be using to schedule your pins, I think it does not make sense if you waste hours sitting in front of your computer creating boards and pinning them manually from time to time.

When you have so many tool by your side to assist you, why bother about pins when you have so many other things to take care of.

10 Best Tools To Schedule Your Pinterest Pins
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