12 Best Domain Name Generators

Find a quality, brandable domain name for your website using these domain name generators

Domain Name Generators

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The best domain name generators that will help you to find a brandable and unique name for your website.

What’s the formula for the selection of the perfect domain name

Catchy? Check!

Unique? Check!

Short and easy to spell? Check and check!

Ticking all the boxes, however, can be a difficult task. Many of the greatest, most memorable domain names out there are already taken and you’ll have to look for an alternative.

Coming up with an original domain name isn’t an easy task with such a volume already taken.

A bit of inspiration can go a long way if you don’t know how to approach the task.

Domain name generators are powerful tools that give you options on the basis of preferred keywords or phrases.

Here are some of the best to test out today.

Domain Availability Checker by Begindot

Before you move ahead with the list of domain name generators, don’t forget to check our Domain Availability Checker tool.

You can use this tool for free to check if your favorite domain name is available or not. You can quickly check a domain just by adding it with the extension you wish to register.

For example, begindot.com is registered; so if you check this domain it will show that it is not available to register. Next, you can try by changing the extension such as begindot.org or .net and so on.

If you need a .com domain then you can slightly change the domain name and try it with .com extension.

Domain Availability Checker

01. InstantDomains

Several characteristics set InstantDomains apart from other market players, turning it into the number one choice for domain generation.

For a start, you can type a keyword or two and you’ll get information about the available domains that feature your search query. The available extension will also be provided and you can instantly buy the domain name that you like the most.

There are multiple filters you can activate to make the results even more relevant. Try out the industry filter, which is an exclusive InstantDomains functionality.

On top of that, InstantDomains features premium domains for sale, if you want to invest in that extra-special title.

02. LeanDomainSearch

LeanDomainSearch is another excellent choice.

While you don’t get industry filtering, you can sort out recommendations by popularity, length or alphabetical order.

Just like the first entry in the list, LeanDomainSearch gives you a chance to register an available domain immediately.

Keep in mind that LeanDomainSearch only provides .com domain name availability.


03. Domain Wheel

Supposedly, Domain Wheel uses artificial intelligence to give you relevant suggestions. You once again have to enter your keywords or a phrase and you’ll get available domain suggestions on the basis of that information.

Various extensions are examined and if you don’t like any of the suggestions, you’ll also get a random domain name selection that may come close to what you’re looking for.

What Domain Wheel is missing is an option to filter the results or organize them in any way.

Domain Wheel

04. IsItWP

Naming a business without brainstorming is always a hassle. Free business name generator by IsItWP let’s you choose from dozens of names suitable for your business with one click.

You just need to enter an idea for your blog name and the tool will generate dozens of names for you to choose from.

On top of it, you can also register that name right away using their partnership with Bluehost.

Domain name generator

05. Impossibility!

With a fun name like this one, Impossibility! Is also worth a try.

The tool’s design seems a bit outdated and it doesn’t really impress. Impossibility!

However, gives you a chance to choose adjectives, verbs, nouns or letter counts for the beginning of the end of your available domain name suggestion.

Is this filtering option very effective? Probably not but Impossibility! comes with a completely different approach that may get the creative juices flowing.


06. Bust a Name

Bust a Name’s domain maker has some similar features to Impossibility!. You can choose words for the start or the end of your domain name, you can limit the character count and the extensions.

There’s also a “make a random domain” option if you don’t have specific keywords in mind. While chances are very slim you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for, the tool is fun and you may eventually discover a hidden gem.

Bust a Name

07. Nameboy

The official Nameboy presentation claims it’s the best domain name generator. Compared to other tools out there, however, it misses the mark in a few ways.

Yes, Nameboy is functional and user-friendly. The design of the website is clean but it misses filtering options. Nameboy will appeal to those interested in minimalism.


08. NameStall

The NameStall domain name generator has some filtering capabilities and personalization options.

Just input your keywords and decide if you’d like them to appear at the beginning of the end of the domain name suggestions. You can also select a word group that’s to be used for domain name completion.

Keep in mind this tool allows only five free searches, after which you’ll have to opt for a paid subscription.


09. Panabee

At first glance, Panabee appears pretty simple. All you do is enter your keywords. When you go to the results page, you will get a couple of cool features.

For a start, you can filter the available domain names by extension.

In addition, Panabee gives you a list of related words or phrases that allow you to expand on your original brainstorming. You’ll also get social media profile name suggestions – a cool little perk.

The biggest downside is that you can enter only two keywords for domain name generation.

Panabee blog name generator

10. Name Mesh

Use this tool to check domain name availability, get permutations and domain name suggestions based on your original input.

The Name Mesh interface looks different from the other tools featured in the list. You will see the available domains organized in several categories – common choices, available domain names that are similar to your input, short, fun, SEO and premium suggestions.

There have been a few reports about getting false positives. Keep this info in mind when checking for availability.


11. The Shopify Domain Name Generator

One of the biggest eCommerce platforms out there has its own domain name generator.

Business Name Generator by Shopify checks for .com domains and allows you to immediately register those and start a Shopify eCommerce website.

Obviously, this modus operandi is restrictive. Thus, you should only use the tool if you want to start an online business and you want Shopify to be your platform.

Shopify Business Name Generator

12. Name Ideas Generator

NameIdeasGenerator is a very handy tool to find attractive brand name or domain options. The tool is very simple to use, all you have to do is to enter some keywords related to your business, and we’ll generate tons of creative and unique name ideas for you to choose from.

Once you shortlist a few name ideas, you can check the availability of domains.

Name Idea Generators

FAQs About Domain Generators

01. What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the URL address of your website. A domain name consists of the name part and the extension like .com. .net .org etc.

02. What is a Good Domain Name?

A good domain name should be easy to remember, not very long and it should be brandable. Also, not an exact match but it should convey some ideas about your niche.

03. What If I Don’t Find The .Com Version?

The .com domain is the most preferred domain extension. If a user tries to find any website, they will first start the search with the .com extension. So, as far as possible you must stick to the .com version of the domain. However, depending on your geological target and the niche you are in, you can use extensions like .net. .org .io and location-based extensions like .us .co.uk etc.

04. How a Domain Name Generator Can Help?

As you start looking for a domain name for your business, there could be instances when the domain of your choice is already taken or the preferred .com extension is not available. There could be instances when you are confused. This is when the domain name generators can help you. A quality domain name generator can offer you hundreds of domain ideas.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, these tools will inspire you and give you the information needed to register the best domain name.

Take some time and don’t rush through the process. A domain name is representative of your business and your brand.

If you are planning to start a new blog and confused about the domain for your blog, you can use these tools or you can have a look at our comprehensive list of best blog name generators here.

Think about it, do your research, refine your original concept and register the title when you’re 100 percent confident in its quality.

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