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A B2B Product Review Platform​

BeginDot is a B2B product and service review platform. It is all about the products and agencies that can help you grow your business. We publish detailed review of products from multiple different categories. We list the agencies and companies who can help you start your online business, offer you digital marketing services, SEO services, content and so on. We also list the top digital marketing events happening across the world.

What Kind of Content We Publish?

We cover a number of different areas related to online business. We create content around small business, digital marketing, WordPress, blogging, SEO, social media and almost all topics that are related to online business.

Product Reviews

We publish reviews related to WordPress, CRM, Digital Marketing, Blogging Tools or anything that help the online entrepreneurs to grow the business.

Do We Use Affiliate Link?

Yes, At BeginDot blog we publish a lot of content that contains affiliate link and we get paid a percentage as commission if you choose to buy through our link. However, We never accept any money for positive reviews. The commissions help us to keep producing more content and bring you great products on a regular basis.

Credit & Disclaimer

We use free stock images from sources like Freepik that are the property of respective owners. We curate a lot of resources that are helpful for our users, these resources belong to their respective owners.

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