21 Best Native Advertising Platforms

Best Native Advertising Networks That You Can Use to Monetize Your Site

Native Ad Platforms

What Are The Best Native Advertising Platforms?

There are a number of new and old native ad platforms, we have listed the top options from the available lot.

Native Advertising Platforms are an amazing source for entrepreneurs to drive great traffic to their websites. Today a lot of publishers and advertisers are using native ads on their sites to enhance their revenue.

The best thing about using these platforms is the way your posts and sites get highlighted. It is so beautifully done that it does not look like advertising at all.

The native advertising platforms work perfectly for lifestyle, viral content, fashion-related content, and anything else that can capture the visitor’s attention quickly.

There are websites that are driving millions of traffic every month through native ad networks. So, it is extremely important to understand how native ad networks work and how you can optimize them for maximum return.

The traffic arbitrage business uses native advertising networks to drive traffic and make a profit from that. Traffic arbitrage is a big topic in itself and you have to do a lot of study, and testing before you can actually make a good profit out of that.

In simple words, driving traffic for a cheaper rate and earning revenue with that traffic is the core of the arbitrage business.

However, not all traffic arbitrage businesses make money. So, you have to do a lot of testing with different native advertising networks before you break even or earn revenue.

If you have no clue about how it works, it will not take long for you to lose a lot of money for no profit. So, do study it thoroughly before you get into this business.

In today’s post, I will tell you about some of the most amazing platforms that can help you create a buzz amongst your followers.

01. Geozo

Geozo stands out as a rapidly expanding global native advertising platform known for its individual approach and impeccable reputation.

Geozo collaborates solely with reliable advertisers and publishers, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of all parties involved. Geozo is affiliated with European associations, such as IAB Hellas and IAB Europe, ensuring that every advertisement adheres to EU standards.

For publishers, Geozo offers individual conditions, making the partnership as profitable and convenient as possible. Dedicated native support managers are always available to assist publishers and maintain the technical routine for them.

For advertisers, Geozo offers fresh high-quality traffic at affordable prices. A range of targeting options, detailed statistics, and optimization tools empower advertisers to reach the most relevant audiences and achieve efficient performance results.

You don’t have to wait for hours to get your ads approved — the moderation team works 24/7, and the account manager is always there to assist with any changes.

Geozo willingly handles all the aspects that partners find challenging or too time-consuming. From technical routines to monitoring traffic quality and campaign optimization, you can rely on Geozo’s capable managers, allowing you to concentrate on your core business objectives without worry.


02. AdStyle

AdStyle is a popular and fast-growing native advertising platform that you can use to drive traffic to your website or you can use the platform to monetize your website as a publisher.

The AdStyle posts received more than 40 billion monthly impressions and it can send highly targeted traffic to your web property.

As an advertiser, you can completely customize the demographic for your native ads based on your objective so that you receive the best results for every penny you spend.

As a publisher, you can take advantage of the modern content recommendation ad by AdStyle and make a regular income. It can be your primary source of revenue as this type of native ad works much better than other forms of ads.

AdStyle Native Ads

03. ReklamStore

ReklamStore SSP is one of the best native advertising platforms for small and medium-sized publishers. ReklamStore’s native ads are fully responsive which means native ads act like the content of that medium and the format of this kind of ad fits into the design of the website. 

It’s extremely easy to start using ReklamStore SSP as they are only asking for you to signup, add your webpage to their platform, and place the advertising code on your website.

They are offering high eCPM rates and high fill rates all the time. No matter what your target audience is, they have unlimited advertising demand for all GEOs and verticals thanks to their header bidding technology.

ReklamStore SSP has a timely payments policy and makes publisher payments via PayPal and Wire transfer.


04. Taboola

Taboola is considered to be one of the biggest platforms for discovering content online through content recommendation, audience acquisition, and of course native advertising.

This platform can be used by publishers to encourage their users to read and view more content on a small platform.

It is also known to help its users gain revenues for referral traffic. You can definitely give this platform a try if you are looking for one that offers native advertising services.

Some of the biggest names in the content industry such as MSN, Mashable, NBC News use Taboola as their revenue channel.

Also, like advertisers, you get the option to showcase your content on the biggest content sites on the internet.

Native advertising, taboola

05. AdPushup

AdPushup is an ad network with advanced revenue optimization features such as ad layout optimization, header bidding, innovative ad formats (including native), ad mediation, adblock recovery, and AMP conversion.

AdPushup is a managed service, i.e., publishers don’t have to do the heavy lifting of managing their ad operations—the ad ops team at AdPushup will take care of that.

In addition, they have demanded partnerships with top-tier ad networks and exchanges such as Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo, among others.

Their ad optimization tools coupled with premium demand help publishers deliver a better user experience and achieve higher CTRs and CPMs, with an average revenue uplift of 33% for their publishing partners.


06. EvaDav

An experienced team in the advertising field that has been around for years offers you a different kind of revenue stream for your business.

If you are an online publisher and wish to monetize your traffic with EvaDav the process is simple and quick.

The advantage of this platform is that it has a higher click-through rate and covers all geo-locations.

It’s a new kind of product with push notifications. A small popup will appear on the users’ screen which generally has a higher rate of conversion.

The publishers get weekly payments through PayPal and other leading payment options.

You also have the option to make some extra money through the referral program that offers 5% of the revenue from the referred publishers.


07. SmartyAds

SmartyAds Supply Side Platform is a revenue optimization platform for media-sellers, positioned as a solution that utilizes cutting-edge programmatic technologies for successful mobile and desktop traffic monetization from native, video, rich media, and banner formats.

The proprietary platform enhances the capacity of native advertising with header bidding and mediation, direct deals, and innovative ad formats that boost yields, fill rates, and user engagement. 

Core functionality:

  • Native formats for all screens. Web-native formats, custom native ads, in-feed native units, recommendation widgets, and interactive in-app formats effectively maximize yield and user engagement.
  • Header-bidding and In-app header-bidding. Competition maximization enabled for web, mobile and in-app ecosystem that results in 50% revenue uplift.
  • Lightweight, GDPR-compliant IOS and Android SDKs. Apart from smooth creative rendering, they enable in-app header bidding and free developers from installing dozens of SDKs for correct mediation and partner integration and management.
  • Publisher-oriented programmatic deals. Provides RTB and open marketplaces to sell all inventory without remnants. Introduces private marketplaces and direct and preferred deals for premium, exclusive placements.

Requirements & Payment

  • CPM: USD 10 and above for Tier 1 traffic
  • Min. Traffic: ~300 000 monthly views
  • Payment: NET 60 basis.

08. Outbrain

Outbrain is a leading native advertising platform that specializes in presenting sponsored web links. This beautiful platform will help you to get discovered by visitors on the leading publishers’ websites.

To help your site grow and gain traffic Outbrain pays its publishers to put your links on their site.

By doing that ensures that anyone who visits the publisher’s site discovers your site too. You can see in the image below, sites like CNN is using Outbrain as their revenue model.

Native advertising, outbrain

09. Revcontent

Revcontent is another very popular native ads platform that is used by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Forbes.

For publishers, they have great payouts as high as $40 RPM. So if you have a quality site with huge traffic, you can make handsome revenue through Revcontent.

Revcontent Native Ads

10. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and oldest ad networks on the internet. It has a huge advertisers and publishers network, so it can easily beat any of the other ad networks.

AdSense has the biggest names in the business using its ad platform. They offer a variety of different ad types to choose from and native ads like other native networks are just one of them.

Google Adsense

11. Facebook Audience Network

If you have a good amount of mobile traffic, the Facebook Audience Network might be the perfect solution for you.

The Facebook Native Ads team has fully customized the design of the ad to make it perfectly fit with any design. It will blend with your site’s content and not annoy the visitors in any way.

As this network is managed by Facebook, you can expect top-quality ads and a great experience for the users as well.

Facebook Audience Network

12. Media.Net

Media.Net is a leading ad network that is widely used by online businesses to monetize content. This contextual ad platform will help you make money without deteriorating the user experience.

They will display relevant ads as per your content on the page. Media.net offers native ad options to monetize your site and if you get a good amount of traffic, you can make regular handsome revenue through your site.


13. NativeAds

Nativeads is another brilliant source where you can advertise your service or product to gain more visitors and traffic. This platform beautifully matches the form and function of the site where it will display your ad.

This can either be in the form of a video or an article that is created specifically to promote your service or product. The smart way in which it does it does not make it look like an advertisement at all.


14. Disqus

If you want to increase the engagement of visitors on your site or blog, then Disqus is the platform you should start using right away. Disqus helps publishers to earn revenue through native advertising.

It helps you get noticed by readers and visitors by initiating comments on blogs and websites. It offers several subscription plans to its users. You can select the one you think suits you the best.

Native advertising, disqus

15. TripleLift

TripleLift uses its advanced technology to enable and optimize programmatic native advertising capabilities. It studies your product or service and works in a way to make it look perfect on the publisher’s site.

TripleLift turns your content into beautiful in-feed native ads and makes them appear on the publisher’s site to help you attract more traffic and gain more income.

Native advertising, Triplelift

16. ShareThrough

Another brilliant option that you surely need to try is the platform called ShareThrough. Like all other native advertising platforms, this one too makes your product or service appear on various platforms so that it gets noticed by the visitors of the publishing platform.

This platform does its best to make your product or service fit on the site of the publisher.

Sharethrough, native advertising

17. Gemini by Yahoo

The success stories of Yahoo need no mention. As part of its bigger ventures, Yahoo initiated this advertising platform called Gemini to help advertisers and publishers alike reach out to more viewers.

It does great work to help people like you to gain more traffic and increase your sales.

native advertising, native advertising

18. Redirect.com

This one is another technologically advanced real-time traffic bidding platform that you will love using for advertising your business.

It offers you all the opportunities to target your traffic based on your requirements. this may either be a specific region, country, city, a particular day of the week, or anything similar.


19. Polymorph

Getpolymorph is another amazing platform that is known for creative ideas to generate advertisements for you.

It is a fantastic option if you want to increase your revenue, reduce cost and let people know about your product or services in a creative way.

It will help you present your product and service to millions of people in such a way that it won’t even look like an advertisement to them.


20. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a popular ad network for advertisers and publishers. There are many big publishers who use BuySellAds to monetize their sites and attract advertisers.

Along with native ads, the BuySellAds platform offers a number of adoptions. You can list your site with a fixed rate for banner ads and the advertisers will buy the ads on your site through the platform.

It is a great site to let all advertisers know that your site is available for advertising. Once your site is selected, you can choose from the kind of adoptions they offer.

Buy Sell Ads

21. Nativo

Nativo is another handy native ad network that serves a variety of different ad formats. It also offers an exclusive ad format as per your need.

The platform offers you a simple dashboard to manage your ads as well as track your revenue. The managed self-service solution is a very handy alternative to the native ad that you are probably using right now.

Nativo Ad Network


These were some of the platforms that you may like to approach to advertise your business. We will keep adding more numbers to this post.

You can let us know about any other platform that you have used and would like us to recommend to our readers. We would love to add them to our list.

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