16 Best Content Sharing WordPress Themes

Content Sharing WordPress Themes

If you are looking for a content-sharing WordPress theme, we have listed the top option for you in this article.

Now, let’s first understand what is content sharing?

In simple words, content-sharing sites are those where community users can submit their own content. Social media sites, the social bookmarking sites are the best example of content-sharing sites.

Reddit is a top example of the most popular content-sharing site. It is a platform for users to submit content from all possible niches.

Quora is another example of a content-sharing site in a different way. It is a question-and-answer site where the community contributes.

The Business Model

When we talk about the business opportunities of a content-sharing site, the big names we mentioned about explain it all.

You can create a million-dollar business with user-generated content if you are able to do it in the right way. It is very simple to get started, but making it popular may not be as easy as you think.

It needs some effort at the beginning and you have to keep control of the spammers because content-sharing sites are the favorite playground for spammers.

So, you have to keep it tight and have a clear strategy of how you are going to moderate the content that is shared on your site.

The WordPress themes listed in this article are created with the best SEO practices and created for user-generated content types.

Let’s have a look at the themes

Top Content Sharing WordPress Themes

BuddyBoss Social Communities

If you wish to create a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is the top solution for you, BuddyBoos Social Communities offers you all the features and options that you will need to create a complete community site.

You will have a completely modern and optimized design for your social site that you can take further ahead with your own customizations.

You will have complete control over the design of your site as well as the features offered by BuddyBoss.

This Social Communities solution is created to offer the best user experience and make sure that you have an engaging community where your users can create content as they do on Facebook or Twitter.

All the users will have their own profile page with all their settings that can be managed as required by the user.

You will have complete control over how you want your social community to look. You can change the color combination of your site as well as typography.


You can increase your revenue by setting up the membership system on your site and charge your users a regular monthly payment or a one-time fee to access the community. You have all the membership model requirements ready to go into the theme.

To make your social community fun and engaging, you will have the badges, rewards, ranks, certificates system on your site.


We all know that it is not possible to run a successful social networking site without mobile apps. The good news is that you will get your own iOS and Android app created by the developer and submit it to the app store so that your users can use your site through their mobile devices.

Community App

Other social community features like activity stream, online forum, social groups, and online store options are perfectly integrated into the system.

Online Communities


Bimber is one of the most popular viral content WordPress themes in the market. And it is among the top magazine-style themes as well.

The theme is loaded with amazing features to help you create the perfect content-sharing website.

Bimber comes with a number of ready-to-use demo design templates to choose from, and the best part is that the demos are created with the top viral content sites in mind.

For example, if you have a demo design that looks like Buzzfeed, here it is.

Bimber Buzzfeed Demo

Here is another good news, If you ever wanted to create a site like Reddit, Bimber offers you a demo design template that is created to make and work like Reddit.

Reddit Clone Theme

There are a number of other demo design options that are created with the latest design trend in mind.

However, you don’t have to stick to these demo templates because you have the freedom to create a completely custom design for your site by using the WPBakery website builder that you get free with the theme.

You get a number of ready design options for the single blog pages, the theme made it sure that the designs are extremely engaging.

Another advantage of the theme is that it is very quick, so you are sure to get the SEO advantage and make your visitors happy.

Bimber works perfectly with popular community plugins like BuddyPress, bbPress, etc to help you incorporate the community features on your site.

If you wanted to create a site like YouTube, Bimber offers you a template for that, you also have the option to create a great-looking dark site.

As we are talking about the content-sharing themes that give the user an option to create content, the Bimber theme comes with a comprehensive option for that.

Not just a link or a simple text article, with Bimber the users of your site will be able to create a range of different post types such as open list, viral quiz and more.

Overall, Bimber is one of the top options when it comes to content-sharing themes.

Bimber Theme


BoomBox is one of the top-selling viral content WordPress themes that you can use to create your own user content community site.

The theme is already being used by a number of popular viral content sites and it comes with all the features and options that you will need to create high-quality, great-looking websites.

BoomBox is a completely customizable magazine-style WordPress theme with a modern design and SEO-friendly layout.

The theme offers you a number of ready-to-use demo design templates that are created with different colors and styles. You have flashy colorful design to a minimal clean design option, you can choose the design according to your requirement.

You also have demo designs that look like Buzzfeed, 9gag, etc.

The theme offers an easy front-end posting option so that your users are able to create their own content on your site. It comes with different types of viral quizzes, open lists, polls, and other content types.

You have the drag-and-drop website builder in case you wish to create a custom design for your site. The theme also offers you a number of beautiful single-page design options.

Top Features

  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Ready to use demo templates
  • Front-end user content submission types
  • Mobile friendly design
BoomBox Theme


The Uploader is a modern content-sharing WordPress theme that you can use to create your own user-generated content site.

The thing comes with a Pinterest-style design that makes it easier for the users to enjoy your content.

This advanced media-sharing theme is created only for user-driven content. As videos are one of the top content types that thing comes with an automatic playlist creator option to make the process easier for you.

The theme is for a comprehensive user time so that the user can manage their own content without any hassle.

The fully responsive  WordPress design makes your website look better and the small screen devices.

The theme comes with drag and drop website builder so that you are able to create your own custom page without any coding.

Top Features

  • Advanced user management option
  • Fully responsive design
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Automated playlist creation
Uploader Theme


If you are planning to create a content-sharing website with audio and video content this is probably the best theme for you.

this is a rich media-sharing website theme that you can use to create a gaming community site as well. The heme comes with a modern design to highlight your videos and the most elegant way.

The theme comes with a fully responsive design to make your website look great on mobile devices.

The registered users on your site can sync accountants from that channel and popular rich media sites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.

Top Features

  • Fully responsive design
  • Lightweight and SEO friendly
  • Easy user management option
SocialPlay WordPress Theme


Evently is a modern event and conference WordPress theme that you can use to create your event business site. It offers you multiple homepage design options to choose from.

You can quickly select any of the demo design options and make your site ready almost instantly. You also get ready to design for all the important inner pages for your site.

The theme works with the WPBakery website builder and it comes along with the theme so that you can create your own unique custom design for your site with ease.

It is a fully responsive and retina-ready theme that will adapt to any screen size seamlessly. You get stunning portfolio page design options, and a speaker section so that you can showcase the speakers of your event.

Also, another advantage is that you can allow your users to submit events to your site from the front-end of your site.

Top Features

  • Modern and attractive design
  • Get WPBakery website builder
  • Multiple ready demo designs
  • Ready demo pages for all important pages
  • Beautiful portfolio designs
  • Layout variations


Cube is a simple minimal front-end content publishing WordPress theme. you can use this thing to create your own Community-driven content site.

The theme comes with a beautiful looking minimal design that will of a refreshing feel to your website visitors

The theme gives you the option to create a beautiful multimedia content post which is an integral part of any popular website these days.

The theme with a design with a fully responsive retina-ready layout so that your website looks great on or more devices including mobile phones.

It is a lightweight and SEO-friendly design to make sure that your content gets a much better ranking in the search engine results.

Top Features

  • Lightweight and clean design
  • Created with best SEO practices
  • Fully responsive and retina ready
Cube Font-end posting WordPress theme


FacePress is a simple community content WordPress theme. You can set up different types of styles to showcase your content, it offers you a Facebook timeline style, grid as well as list post style.

The users can easily create their own profile, and create new fresh content on the site using the front-end content-sharing option.



Foot is a modern grid-based front-end content-sharing WordPress theme that you can use to create a user-generated content site.

The theme comes with a flexible design that you can customize according to your needs. It readily offers you a number of different demo design templates to help you get started quickly.

If you want to create a product review community or a general content community with a design that is customizable and ready with all the latest requirements like GDPR compliance, Gutenberg editor, this is the theme you need.

The theme comes with a fully responsive design to make your site look great on all modern devices. You have unlimited color options to style your site as per your need.

You have multiple pagination styles, font icons, and unlimited sidebar options to have a flexible design for your site.

Top Features

  • Unique custom design for your site
  • Ready demo templates
  • Easy to use front-end posting option
  • Gutenberg ready
Foot WordPress Theme


Are you a food blogger? Or wish to create a food blog with the community around it? If yes, here is the theme you need.

The SocialChef is one of the top food blogging WordPress themes available in the market that comes with the front-end content submission option.

This theme is fully compatible with the bbPress and BuddyPress plugins. You can easily create a community around your food blog which is one of the most engaging niches on the internet.

The comprehensive recipe submission option makes it super simple for the community users to submit their own custom recipes so that other users in the community can try that.

Top Features

  • WooCommerce ready design
  • Front-end recipe posting option
  • Featured recipe and member showcase
  • BuddyPress, bbPress compatible
SocialChef WordPress Theme


KICKCUBE is a grid-style modern content-sharing WordPress theme that comes with a front-end content-sharing option.

The theme is created for the community-driven content site. You can easily create a membership site and allow your users to produce content for your site.

It offers you a beautiful clean design so that your visitors have a refreshing feel on your site. It comes with seven different demo design options to choose from.

You can import any of those demo templates and make your site ready within a couple of minutes.

Top Features

  • Easy front-end user content option
  • Copyscape integration to avoid duplicate content
  • Ready demo design templates
  • Mobile ready design

Omago News

A modern news magazine-style WordPress theme that comes with front-end login, registration, and user-generated content options.

The grid style of the theme makes it easy for the other users to enjoy the content that is produced by the members of the site.

Top Features

  • Top author custom widget
  • Comprehensive member management option
  • Modern mobile-friendly design
Omago News WordPress Theme


If you wish to create a viral content-sharing website, this is a nice theme option for you. The theme gives you an easy option to allow your users to share text content, videos, memes, etc.

The theme comes with a simple yet engaging design that will offer a nice experience to your visitors.

Gags come with a quick and SEO-friendly design. It is a minimal design and can be a great theme option for blogs as well.

Top Features

  • Front-end login and registration option
  • Front-end content-sharing option
  • Beautiful, clean and minimal design
  • Super quick and SEO-friendly
Gags Viral Content Sharing Theme

Viem – Video Sharing Theme

If you ever wanted to create a video-sharing website, here is the theme you need. It is a modern video sharing that you can use to create a video community.

This theme is comprehensive in terms of possibilities. You can share videos from popular video platforms like YouTube, and Vimeo and you can even host your own video.

We all know that videos are big these days and if you are able to create an engaging community and share quality videos regularly, it’s a highly profitable idea.

All you need is a great design that will enable users to share their videos with the community. And this is exactly what the Viem theme does.

The theme also supports YouTube live streaming. So, it is modern and comprehensive so that you are able to create a great site.

The theme comes with a number of demo designs and multiple header design options to help you attract more visitors to your important videos with the great-looking featured section.

Top Features

  • Ready demo designs
  • One-click demo import
  • Customization options
  • Drag and drop income
  • RTL support
  • Advanced header options
  • Advanced typography options

Some User Forum Content Sharing WordPress Themes


Discy is a top question and answers the WordPress theme. If you ever wanted to create a site like Quora, here is the theme you need.

The theme comes with a very professional-looking clean design that is created with a perfect color combination. It comes with a powerful theme options panel that will help you to set everything for your site easily.

It’s a community-driven content site. The site users can post their questions and other users can answer those questions.

Discy theme offers you all the features and options that you would need to create a perfect community site. The users can upvote the answers, there is a badge option, live notification, etc.

Top Features

  • User point and badge system
  • Beautiful professional design
  • Strong and deep community features
Discy Q & A Theme

Pricerr Theme

One of the best micro job marketplace WordPress themes, you can use this theme to create a user-driven gig listing site like Fiverr.

The theme offers you all the important features and options that will help you to make sure that you are able to create your own marketplace with very limited investment.

Pricerr theme offers you a comprehensive payment gateway option to make it easier for your users to buy gigs on your site.

Top Features

  • Beautiful modern design
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Payment gateways integrated
  • Private messaging option
Pricerr Theme

Final Word

These are some of the best content-sharing WordPress themes that you can use to create your website. We will be constantly adding more themes to this list. So, don’t forget to bookmark this post.

FAQs About Content Sharing Themes

01. What is a content-sharing theme?

In the context of this article, the content sharing theme is the one that has the option to allow community users to submit content. So, you can use content sharing theme to create a community blog.

02. Is creating a content-sharing site a good idea?

Well, it depends on a few factors. If you have a strong community of writers who can submit great quality content it’s a very good idea. However, if you open your site to everyone, you are sure to get a ton of junk content that will ruin your site if you don’t have a good approval process and spam protection system.

03. Which one is the best content sharing theme?

If you wish to create a community site and allow your users to submit content, the BuddyBoss platform is a great choice. If you just want to create a blog with user content submission option, themes like Bimber is a good option.

04. Can I use a content submission plugin instead of a theme?

Why not? There are a number of user-generated content plugins that you can use on your site to allow your users to submit content.

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