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BuddyBoss Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

BuddyBoss is a customizable platform that enables entrepreneurs, creators, and organizations to create and manage their own online communities, membership sites, and eLearning platforms on WordPress.

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What is BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss is a comprehensive software solution for building social community websites using the WordPress platform. Established in 2010 and co-founded by Michael Eisenwasser and Tom Cheddadi, it provides users with a suite of tools and features for developing robust and interactive online communities. Leveraging the power of WordPress, BuddyBoss makes it easy to create engaging social networking sites for a variety of use cases and industries.

What is BuddyBoss good for?

BuddyBoss excels at creating personalized, engaging, and scalable social community websites. It is particularly effective for educational platforms, membership sites, and niche social networks that require a high degree of customization and user interaction. The platform offers seamless integration with WordPress for easy content management and site administration. In addition, BuddyBoss provides features for user profiles, social groups, forums, and private messaging, making it ideal for building connected online communities.

Who should use BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss is aimed at educators, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and businesses looking to build their online community platforms. It is also suitable for web developers and designers who need a reliable, customizable solution for their clients’ community-driven websites. With its affordable pricing model and versatile features, BuddyBoss serves both individuals looking to launch a single community site and agencies managing multiple projects. The platform’s ease of use and comprehensive support system also make it an attractive option for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

BuddyBoss Company Details

BuddyBoss, founded in 2010 by co-founders Michael Eisenwasser and Tom Cheddadi, is a pioneering force in the development of social community websites on WordPress. With over a decade of experience, BuddyBoss has rapidly expanded its operations and now boasts a dedicated team of over 150 professionals. Known for its innovative approach to online community building, the company offers a suite of products that make it easy to create and manage vibrant, interactive social networks. By providing robust features and seamless integration with WordPress, BuddyBoss has earned the trust of a wide range of customers around the world. It offers cost-effective solutions starting at just $171 per year for creating personalized online platforms, ensuring accessibility and affordability. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence, BuddyBoss is at the forefront of improving the social networking experience in the digital landscape.


CEO Name: Tom O. Cheddadi

Est Year: 2010

Employees: 100-200

HQ Location: Illinois, US

Tom O. Cheddadi BuddyBoss CEO
Tom O. Cheddadi
Co-founder, CEO

BuddyBoss Demo & Media

BuddyBoss Top Features

Advanced Community Features

Create a complete community site with all modern & advanced features

Create eLearning Site

Create an eLearning site with BuddyBoss & LMS plugin

Course Builder

Complete course building solution and third-party integration.

Modern Design

Comes with a beautiful modern design that you can enhance as per need.

User Profile

Option to create custom user profile pages with authority social sites.

Gamification Option

Gamify your social community site with amazing gamification features.


Comes with the option of live notifications like a quality social site.

Direct Messages

Option to send direct messages to other community members on the site.

Groups & Events

Option to create unlimited groups and events.

Friends & Followers

Friends & followers option like top authority social sites.

Pros of BuddyBoss

  • A complete social community website solution
  • Create an online learning community site
  • Powerful, modern design options
  • Built-in community features
  • Membership features integrated
  • Create groups & events
  • Community Gamification option
  • Live notifications
  • Complete design control

Cons of BuddyBoss

  • Learning curve for newbies
  • Missing dynamic content option

BuddyBoss Pricing

While it might cost thousands of dollars to create a comprehensive social networking site from scratch, the BuddBoss platform gives you a cost-effective solution to create your own social site.

You can start your own networking site just for $171 per year. Also, don’t forget to get an exclusive 10% discount using our coupon mentioned above in the article.

If you wish to use the product on more than one site, you can go for 5 sites license for $219 per year.

You will get a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee for 21 days.

Here are the pricing details.

Plan1 Site5 Sites
1 Year Plan$171$219
3 Years Plan$499$599

BuddyBoss Price Comparison

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BuddyBoss Alternatives

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User Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Top Customer Support

March 17, 2023

I have been using BuddyBoss for over one year now. One thing they don’t fail at is CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They are always available to provide technical support for any misunderstanding. I am a client from Africa, and have enjoyed their services and continuous improvement

Avatar for Godwin Eagles
Godwin Eagles

One of The Top Social Site Platforms

March 17, 2023

Features like gamification, live notifications, groups, and events bring a premium feel to a site created with BuddyBoss. It is a comprehensive solution when it comes to any kind of social site. Another use case for BuddyBoss is the private networks, if you are looking to create a membership-based private social site, BuddyBoss fits your need perfectly.

Avatar for Eliza M
Eliza M

BuddyBoss Detail

Get a 10% exclusive discount on any BuddyBoss product using our coupon code “begindot10”

BuddyBoss is the most popular name when it comes to creating an online community using WordPress is concerned.

So, if you ever wanted to create your own Facebook or Twitter, here is your chance to get your hands around quickly.

We have been writing and BuddyPress and BuddyPress theme on BeginDot in the past.

BuddyBoss is one of the most experienced WordPress development teams when it comes to the BuddyPress themes. They have been creating WordPress themes that are specific to BuddyPress-based community sites.

BuddyPress is an open-source WordPress plugin (the most popular) to create a social community website. You can download the plugin for free and start your social networking site. All you need is a BuddyPress-compatible WordPress theme.

Now, they have their custom solution (BuddyBoss Platform) to create an online community site that will offer you everything that is required to create a high-quality social community site.

BuddyBoss social community platform is based on WordPress, the most reliable CMS. So, you will have the power of WordPress to boost your community site and BuddyBoss to bring social features.

If you want to know more about the BuddyPress themes offered by BuddyBoss, you can read the BuddyPress themes article that I have linked above.

This review will be mainly around the BuddyBoss platform to create a social community site which is a custom solution to create any kind of social community site on WordPress.

Over 50,000 users are already using BuddyBoss products to create their social community websites. So, you can certainly trust the quality offered by the BuddyBoss team.

BuddyBoss Themes Vs BuddyBoss Platform

The BuddyBoss themes are created to work with the BuddyPress plugin. The themes are limited as far as the featured and options are concerned while the BuddyPress platform is way more comprehensive and modern.

So, what can you create with the BuddyBoss Platform?

Almost any kind of social community site. No matter what your requirement is, the super flexible BuddyBoss platform will not disappoint you.

  • Create an open social community site
  • Online course-selling website
  • Online membership community site
  • A corporate community site
  • And more

A quick overview of the top features offered by the BuddyBoss Platform

  • Customizable member’s profile page
  • Discussion forums
  • Activity feed
  • Private community
  • Private Messaging
  • Notifications
  • Event sections
  • Job portal
  • Comprehensive online course features
  • Points and reward system
  • Comprehensive design customization
  • Demo data available for testing
  • Multi-lingual & RTL Support

Customize It completely

You will never have any restrictions with the BuddyBoss Platform. You will be able to create your own brand image with your own custom design.

BuddyBoss Platform is an open-source platform that is fully customizable. You can have your own color scheme and other design options to make your site unique.

BuddyBoss Customization

Member Profiles

Member Profiles

Every online community is unique and it is important to be unique because if you create just another social community site, why would the users use your platform while there is Facebook available already?

So, is it important to be unique and custom as far as the branding of your community is concerned to attract users?

BuddyBoss understands this well and hence offered the option to create a completely unique profile option as per your requirement.

You can quickly customize the design as well as the fields in the user profile section to make it different.

Custom Profile Fields

As already mentioned, you have the option to create custom profile fields as per the user so that they can express themselves accordingly.

Profile Permissions & Roles

This is another very important point when it comes to a social community site. The permission or access level to the users.

BuddyBoss gives you the option to create different access levels depending on the member type.

If a user is a paid member, you can allow different access levels, permission than a free member.

This will enable you to monetize your community well.

Every user can quickly customize how their profile page looks like. They will have the option to change the details, the profile picture, the cover image. They can also decide which field to be public and which one to be private.

Edit Profile

Create Social Groups

Like Facebook, BuddyBoss offers you the option to allow your users to create groups.

The users will have the option to create public or private groups to discuss different topics with other group members.

Create Social Groups

Modern Forum Section

When we talk about a social community site, a forum section is an integral part of it. With the BuddyBoss Platform, you will have a perfectly optimized bulletin-board-style discussion forum so that your community members can exchange thoughts and resolve issues.

BuddyBoss gives you the option to create a forum with a group or without a group.

If you are planning an outing for a specific group, you can create a section for the group to discuss the details. Similarly, you can create groups for almost any kind of event, and groups of any size.

Discussion Forum

Activity Feeds

The activity feed is the lifeline of any social community site. This is the place where you will see the recent updates from other users who are in your community or your connections.

This works in a similar way to how Facebook is operated. You will have the option to update your activity feed, you can like or comment on the updates of other members.

Activity Feeds

Create a Private Community

Creating a private community that is only accessible to the logged-in user is simple and easy with the BuddyBoss platform.

This feature can be useful when you plan to create an intranet kind of system for a closed group, for your business users, a community of small group, a non-profit organization, churches, and other similar groups who needs a closed community system to discuss things and share ideas.

Create a Private Community

Create an Event Community

If you are an event organizer and wish to have a community around it, the BuddyBoss platform is for you.

On the other way, if you create a community site on any topic and wish to display the events related to that topic or niche community, the BuddyBoss platform integrates itself perfectly with the Events Calendar Pro and other extensions.

You can have site-wide or group-specific events as per your requirement.

The plugin makes it easier for you to update the details of your events in many different ways. You have a calendar view, list view or you can display the events on a Google map.

Create a Membership Site

With the BuddyBoss platform, you will be able to create a paid membership site. So, your users will have to pay a one-time or monthly subscription-based payment to access your community.

If you have created an eLearning community site, you can create a membership structure where only the paid members will be able to access your content.

This is a great business model. You will be able to make thousands of dollars with your community if you are able to create some value around your site.

For example, you create a membership community site around digital marketing courses and you teach people digital marketing who subscribe to your site.

So, if you are able to acquire even 1000 maid members who pay as low as $10 per month to access your courses, you make $10,000 every month.

All you need to do is offer value on a regular basis. You can keep on updating your courses with the changing trend. Also, you can keep adding new courses and give access to all paid members.

Create a Membership Site

Launch Your Online Courses With BuddyBoss & LearnDash

Create a completely modern and profitable online course community by integrating BuddyBoss with LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the most popular LMS (Learning Management System) WordPress plugins in the market. BuddyBoss integrates itself seamlessly with the plugin.

In fact, the BuddyBoss Platform comes with custom designs and solutions to work perfectly with the LearnDash plugin.

You can create a fully optimized learning portal where you can create your courses, take payment from your users to access your courses, create quizzes, and manage all other aspects related to online learning.

BuddyBoss Online Courses

Here are the highlights of the courses

  • Drag and drop Online Course Builder
  • Distraction-Free Learning
  • Advanced Quiz Builder
  • Drip Feed Content
  • Lesson Timers
  • Course Points
  • Assignment Management
  • Social Learning
  • Certificates

Here is how a course will be presented on your website. The summary of the course will offer a glimpse of what is included in the course.

Online Course

Drip Feed Content

This is an important feature for any online learning portal. While you can deliver the entire course at once. You have the option to drip your content, which means it will be scheduled over a period of time making it easier for the students to learn step-by-step.

Every student has a different capacity to learn. While some students may pick up things quickly, there will be students who will need time to get around things.

So, it is important to offer content at the convenience of the student so that they can go step by step.

The drip content method will make sure that the lessons are not bombarded to the students rather it is served in steps as per the flow and difficulty level.


Without the quizzes, the course will never be complete. You will have to understand if your students are learning what you intend to teach.

Also, it is important to mark a course as complete so that you can evaluate the students and offer them the certificate of completion.


Create an Online Learning Site With LifterLMS + BuddyBoss

LifterLMS is another very popular online learning management system with all the features and options that you need to create a successful educational portal.

BuddyBoss comes with deep integration with this LifterLMS plugin to help you create a comprehensive online learning community.

LifterLMS + BuddyBoss

LifterLMS Offers all the Important Features Such As

  • Easy course creating tools
  • Course with rich media for easy understanding
  • Comprehensive student dashboard
  • Assignment management
  • Lesson dashboard
  • Drip content option
  • Course reviews
  • Comprehensive quiz management
  • And more

BuddyBoss Review: Gamify Your Online Community

Points, badges, rewards, ranks are an important part of any online community. BuddyBoss gives you all the options to use it for your benefit.

The BuddyBoss platform comes with out-of-the-box styling integration for the popular gamification plugin GamiPress.

The ranks, points, and badges increase the trust factor in a community site. If a member is active and constantly contributing to the community the badges will signify the contribution.

BuddyBoss Gamification

The members will have the option to complete specific tasks and unlock different badges.

This feature will be very useful if you create a social learning portal with the BuddyBoss Platform.

The members can regularly contribute and make their profiles visible. It will help them to establish themselves as an authority or expert on that topic.

BuddyBoss Review: Create Your Mobile App

If you are creating a community at large scale, the mobile app is extremely important because most users access the internet through mobile devices these days.

You don’t have to be a technically sound person to understand the importance of creating a mobile-first website these days.

If your online business is not good enough for mobile devices, you are sure to lose a large section of potential users.

BuddyBoss Platform makes it super easy for you to have a mobile app for your online community site that will be hosted on Google Store as well as the iOS app platform.

The mobile app will not only help your online community but will increase the trust factor and make your business look a lot more serious and professional.

With AppBoss which is a BuddyBoss platform for mobile apps, you will be able to create a completely modern mobile app for your community.

Everything that is available on the web version of your community such as the activity feed, the profile pages, the forum, the courses will be available on the app so that the users can use your community on the go.

BuddyBoss Mobile App

Learning On the Go

If you have created an online learning community using BuddyBoss and LearnDash, your users will be able to access your courses through mobile devices at any time from any location.

This will built-in trust among your students and potential students to opt for your courses.


Monetize with in-App purchases

As already mentioned above, you can create different packages and charge your community app users to subscribe to your courses or to access your community.

Advanced Push Notifications

Push notifications are in trend these days and why not because they are very useful and quick.

BuddyBoss gives you the option to segment your community users and send the right notification to the right group in the community quickly.

If a user is active on your mobile app, the push notification will always keep them updated with all the happenings in the community.

Advanced Push Notifications

On-Screen Notifications

BuddyBoss recently released an update about the on-screen notifications. So, when any other users mention you in any comment or send an email, you will get a notification on your screen so that you can check the message quickly.

You will get the option in your BuddyBoss dashboard to setup the notifications. You can select when you should get a notification.

This feature will make sure that you never miss any important updates.

Private Messaging

Private Messaging is another important part of a community website. With the BuddyBoss Platform, you will have the option to allow your users to send Private Messages to another user or another group member.

Private Messaging

Zoom Integration

A video conferencing system is very important for every business these days, as most of the businesses are working from home.

As we all know that most businesses are forced to work from home due to the Covid-19 spread all across the world. So, the importance of video conferencing apps and tools has increased naturally.

As you probably know that Zoom is a popular video conferencing app that has come to immense popularity during these Covid-19 times. Many businesses, small or big created using the app.

Though there are a number of security-related concerns around Zoom, and businesses started looking for Zoom alternatives, the app is still going strong and is used by many businesses all over the world.

The BuddyBoss team came up with detailed integration with Zoom to make it easier for your community site using created with the BuddyBoss platform to conduct video conferences.

You will need to use the new BuddyBoss Pro plugin that is recently released to integrate the app. Don’t worry, you will not have to buy the plugin, you will come free to all the present and future BuddyBoss customers.

Integrate Zoom With BuddyBoss

You can enable us to have a Zoom conference on the site or you can even allow your team members to have a Zoom meetup within a group and no one else outside the group will be able to view your discussions.

You can save the recording and access the past discussion at any point in time.

BuddyBoss Zoom Meeting

The WordPress Advantage

BuddyBoss platform is based on Wordpress. So, you will have all the advantages that WordPress offers.

Like many other platforms including SaaS, you will never be locked in. You will always have the free don to change things around and grow with time.

As the BuddyBoss platform is based on WordPress, you have the freedom to use any free or premium WordPress plugin to bring in any kind of additional functionality into your community.

Another advantage is that you will not be locked in with the BuddyBoss platform.

You can break free at any time and move on with other solutions that you come across or you can go for custom design when your site grows very big (though BuddyBoss Platform can manage a site of any size)

Use Elementor Page Builder

BuddyBoss Platform is completely compatible with the most popular WordPress builder, Elementor.

You can use the website builder to create unique custom pages on your community site without writing a single line of code.

We have reviewed Elementor in this article.


Create a WooCommerce Store

BuddyBoss platform is perfectly compatible with the number one eCommerce plugin for the WordPress CMS WooCommerce.

A community and shop are a great combination. Think of a situation where you have an amazing engaging community on your site created with BuddyBoss, be it an eLearning community or a general community.

Now bring in some great products on the site. You will not have to do anything extra to promote your product as you already have an engaging community. Your online store will start making revenue from the very first day.

BuddyBoss platform is perfectly compatible with the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress which is WooCommerce.

And the best part is that BuddyBoss comes with a custom design for an online store that is created with WooCommerce.

You just have to do the basic setup, upload your products, and make money. Please note, as the platform is compatible with the Elementor plugin, you can customize the design of your store completely.

WooCommerce Store

BuddyBoss Platform Review Conclusion

Without any second thought, you can be sure that the BuddyBoss Platform is the most comprehensive solution to create an online community using WordPress.

No matter what kind of community site you wish to create, the BuddyBoss theme will be a perfect fit for your needs.

It is a much better choice to create a custom and fully featured community site than going for custom development that will probably need thousands of dollars.

Who Can Benefit from BuddyBoss Platform & App?

BuddyBoss is basically a product that will make it simple to create an advanced-level community website or app even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

It used to be a big deal to create a community site that looks at per Twitter or Facebook, it still is. However, a product like BuddyBoss brings it closer.

Any business can benefit from a product such as BuddyBoss. You can create an independent community, grow your users and start making money, or you can have a community around your existing business with an existing user base.

No matter what kind of business you manage, the community around it will surely be helpful in engaging the users.

It can help to improve the customer support process by constantly engaging with them and answering their potential queries or engaging with them through virtual conferences.

The BuddyBoss system comes with all the tools and features you need.

BuddyBoss Platform User Engagement

BuddyBoss Pricing

While it might cost thousands of dollars to create a comprehensive social networking site from scratch, the BuddBoss platform gives you a cost-effective solution to create your own social site.

You can start your own networking site just for $228. Also, don’t forget to get an exclusive 10% discount using our coupon mentioned above in the article.

If you wish to use the product on more than one site, you can go for 5 sites license for $288 or 10 sites license for $388.

You will get a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee for 14 days.

BuddyBoss Pricing

Use our coupon code “begindot10” to get the exclusive 10% discount on any BuddyBoss product

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What Kind of Support BuddyBoss Offers?

BuddyBoss comes with comprehensive documentation of the products and tons of tutorials to help the users. They offer 24/7 support through email and chat.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

BuddyBoss FAQs

BuddyBoss is a legitimate software, established in 2010 and co-founded by Michael Eisenwasser and Tom Cheddadi. With a dedicated team of over 150 professionals, it provides a trusted platform for building social community websites on WordPress.
Yes, BuddyBoss is worth paying for, offering an affordable solution starting at just $171 per year for a single-site license. It comes with a 21-day money-back guarantee and a 10% discount with an exclusive coupon, ensuring value for your investment in building an online community.
BuddyBoss offers seamless integration with WordPress, allowing users to leverage the robust features of WordPress to enhance their community websites. Its compatibility with a wide range of plugins and themes further extends its functionality and adaptability to different user needs.
No, BuddyPress is not the same as BuddyBoss. While both platforms are designed for creating community sites on WordPress, BuddyBoss offers more advanced and customizable features that encourage the development of more vibrant and engaging online communities.
With BuddyBoss you can create a wide range of online communities, from educational platforms and interest-based groups to corporate networks and customer support forums. Its extensive features and integrations support a wide range of community types to suit different niches and purposes.
Yes, BuddyBoss can be used for e-learning platforms, offering features that facilitate the creation and management of educational content, student engagement and online courses. Its compatibility with Learning Management System (LMS) plugins enhances its usefulness in the e-learning domain.
BuddyBoss is committed to privacy and security, employing industry-standard practices to protect user data and ensure regulatory compliance. This commitment provides a safe environment for both community administrators and members.
Yes, you can monetize your BuddyBoss community site through various methods such as paid memberships, sponsorships, and advertising. The platform provides tools and integrations that support different monetization strategies tailored to the needs of your community. 

Platforms Supported

Review Method

At BeginDot, we go through each product in detail so that we can prove the most authentic information to our audience. We try the products, go through documentation, do research in user sentiments before adding our final recommendation. 

Affiliate Disclosure: BeginDot is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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