12 Best Viral Quiz WordPress Plugins for 2021

Create highly engaging quiz on your site and drive regular traffic

Best Viral Quiz Plugins


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Viral quiz WordPress plugins can be used to drive tons of traffic these days. We have seen sites like PlayBuzz, BuzzFeed driving millions of traffic every month with quiz-related content, I’m sure you can try that as well.

But in this post, we are not talking about the general quiz type content that used to see years ago but the viral quiz content that is extremely engaging and effective in driving traffic.

This kind of quizzes are playful and offers a great opportunity to increase the number of social shares as well.

The best part of the quiz-related content is that it can reduce the bounce rate of your site dramatically because quizzes are generally very engaging. So, with the quiz content, you will have some SEO benefits as well.

Viral content and traffic arbitrage has been one of the top money making business model in the recent past and there are many examples of online millionaires using this business model, I’m sure you can get success as well if you do it the right way.

Before we proceed, don’t forget to look at some of the old related content such as this post about the best survey WordPress plugins and this post about the best viral WordPress themes.

WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro is a viral quiz plugin created by the MyThemeShop team and it comes with all the quiz parameters that are required for a viral content site.

This plugin is created with the high traffic sites in mind or we can say it is created to drive a lot of traffic to your site.

This plugin offers you a number of different quiz type that you can choose from depending on your niche or you can use all the different quiz types to offer something fresh to your users everytime.

Some of the different quiz types offered by this plugin are, the personality quiz, Facebook quiz, trivia quiz, swiper quiz, flip card quiz, etc. It is a fully responsive plugin, so your users will be able to enjoy your content on all devices.

With this plugin, you can create an unlimited number of quizzes. It gives you the option to randomize the questions and answers, option to restart quiz, you can add the quiz in any post using the shortcode provided.

WP Quiz Pro plugin works with any WordPress theme, so you don’t have to change your theme in order to use this plugin. So, if you are managing a viral content site already, you can start using this plugin.

As it comes with the option to show ads on the quiz, you will be able to increase the revenue of your site dramatically. Undoubtedly one of the best options to increase engagement on your site, increase traffic as well as revenue.

You can create BuzzFeed style quizzes on your site using this plugin. It is simple and easy to use. You can select the kind of quiz that you wish to publish, select the option, put down your questions, and publish it.

A quality quiz site can drive millions of traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. And this plugin has all the potential to create a very high-quality quiz site.

WP Quiz Pro

WordPress Viral Quiz

The name of the plugin says it all, this plugin is created for viral content sites. This is one of the top-selling quiz plugins with over 500o sales already and it continues to be popular among viral site owners.

This plugin helps you to create BuzzFeed-style quizzes on your WordPress site. Even if you are able to drive some percentage of traffic that goes towards sites like Buzzfeed, your site will be hugely popular and profitable.

This plugin offers you personality quiz and trivia quiz type and the design of the plugin is good enough to keep your users engaged with your quiz content. This is a fully responsive plugin that works with any WordPress theme.

You can create an unlimited number of quizzes with this plugin, you can integrate your quiz anywhere with iFrame even on your website. The plugin offers you the option to customize the design as per your requirement with custom CSS styling.

Wordpress Viral Quiz

WordPress BuzzFeed Style Knowledge Test Plugin

The name of the plugin suggests it clearly, this plugin is a BuzzFeed style quiz test option for your WordPress site. This is a simple yet useful plugin if you are looking for a BuzzFeed clone quiz plugin option.

This is a quick and easy plugin to get started with and comes with a very simple interface. It offers you the option to create an unlimited number of questions and answers and keep your users engaged with your content.

BuzzFeed Style Quiz Plugin

Viral Quiz Maker

This is another very good option to have viral quiz content for your site. This plugin offers you all the options to make your site extremely engaging. It comes with a trivia quiz, personality quiz, list, and rank list quiz etc.

This plugin offers you an option to place Adsense advertisements, custom code and other ads in the quizzes so that you can easily increase the revenue of your site. It also gives you social content lock option so that you can force your users to share it to see the results.

OnionBuzz Plugin

ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream Quiz plugin works on the similar line. It offers you BuzzFeed quiz theme as well as other general quiz theme options, also it comes with the quick option to share the results on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

ARI Stream Quiz


You can use this plugin to create engaging content on your WordPress site. This is a form builder plugin, and you can use this plugin to create an unlimited number of forms for your site.

Be it a quiz content form, survey form or any other kind of form; this plugin offers you all the important features to get your job done quickly.

It’s a comprehensive plugin that offers you the automated quiz scoring as well as the manual option. You have quiz timer and stopwatch option. So, overall you have all the feature that you will need for your quiz content.

eForm Quiz Plugin

Ultimate Quiz Plugin

Ultimate Quiz Plugin is a relatively new but comprehensive solution when it comes to creating quizzes on your WordPress site.

The plugin gives you the option to create unlimited quizzes with unlimited questions. It supports a number of different quizzes and answers types such as Fill in the Blanks, Short Answers, Long Answers, Upload Any Document, etc.

It comes with quiz timer and once the answering time is over, the quiz will be submitted automatically.

Overall, it is a good option when it comes to quiz plugins.

You can get the plugin for $29 in the CodeCanyon marketplace.

Ultimate Quiz Plugin

Best Free WordPress Quiz Plugins

Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow & Form Builder

As the name suggests, you can use this free plugin to create quizzes, surveys and to create forms. It helps you to integrate your quiz content with social media perfectly so that you can bring in traffic from the social sites easily.

You have the option to show ads like the Google AdSense ads on your quiz, poll or the slideshow content to increase the conversion and revenue.

Free Quiz Plugins

Unlimited Quiz Maker

This is another amazing free quiz plugin for WordPress. You can quickly create engaging quiz, surveys and embed them on your content.

With this free plugin, you will be able to create super engaging viral quizzes, surveys, and other list content in minutes.

This plugin can be a great option to use an email opt-in for your site. You can capture the emails and send to your MailChimp or AWeber account.

Beat Free WordPress Quiz Plugin

Watu Quiz

This is a simple free quiz plugin for the WordPress sites. Your visitors will be able to participate in the quiz and they will get the results instantly after they complete the session.

It also offers you a grading system, so you will be able to assign grades yo your users depending on their performance in the quiz.

The plugin gives you the option to assign grades and points to the answers. Depending on the answers of the user, the plugin will assign the grade.

Watu Quiz


The viral WordPress quiz plugin options mentioned above in the post are good enough to increase engagement on your site and increase the revenue of your site as well. All these plugins work perfectly on any device to make sure that you can engagement all the time.

We are still testing some of these plugins on our viral content site and hopefully, we will share the best ones with a detailed review soon. If you have already used any of these plugins, do share your experience using the comment form below.

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  1. Awesome List of Quiz plugins. Please write an article about customization of Wp Quiz plugin. Thanks.

  2. .Nice Article.My favourite plugin is Quiz and Survey master.It is easy to use plugin to create unlimited quizzes and each quiz has individual option. Users can see many results depending on their scores, and the results can run to any number of pages.

  3. Awesome article. Quiz and survey Master plugin is one of the best plugin for quizzes and surveys. it is an ultimate plugin for your wordpress websites. In addition, you can collect the contact details of users that help you to explore potential buyers. Overall, you can engage more users showing interest to your site.

  4. Useful Article. Want to activate quiz and survey section in your website add best plugin i.e Quiz and Survey Master. It is an ultimate plugin and helps a lot to gain the traffic on website.

  5. Awesome Article. The easiest and most flexible way to add multiple quizzes, tests, and surveys to your website. Quiz and survey Master plugin allows for unlimited quizzes each with an unlimited amount of questions.

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