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OysterHR Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

OysterHR is a global employment platform that simplifies the hiring, payroll, and human resource management for remote and distributed teams across different countries.

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What is OysterHR?

OysterHR is a global hiring platform designed to simplify the process of hiring and managing remote talent across international borders. The software focuses on enabling companies to effortlessly hire, pay, and manage employees and contractors in over 180 countries. With a focus on compliance, payroll, benefits, and taxes, OysterHR addresses the complexities associated with international employment, making it easier for companies to expand their workforce globally without the traditional legal and logistical hurdles.

What Is OysterHR Good For?

OysterHR excels at streamlining the global employment process, making it highly beneficial for companies looking to hire and manage remote workers across multiple jurisdictions. It provides solutions for payroll, benefits, and tax processing and ensures compliance with local employment laws, reducing the administrative burden on companies. OysterHR is particularly adept at facilitating the employment of contractors and full-time employees internationally, providing a robust platform for IP protection, compliance contracts, and hiring insights.

Who Should Use OysterHR?

OysterHR is ideal for start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises looking to hire and manage a global workforce. Its services are particularly beneficial for companies in the technology, finance, and e-commerce sectors that require a diverse talent pool from different parts of the world. The platform’s flexible pricing and comprehensive support for employment in over 130 countries make it suitable for companies at various stages of growth, especially those focused on expanding their operations internationally while maintaining compliance with local employment laws.

OysterHR Company Details

OysterHR was co-founded by Tony Jamous and Jack Mardack to solve the complexities associated with global recruitment while supporting local economies and minimizing environmental impact. Since its inception, OysterHR has grown to over 150 employees and has successfully raised $224.2 million in funding from notable investors including LinkedIn, PayPal Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. The company has partnered with companies such as Affinity Group, Brex and Clockwise, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and excellence in global HR solutions. OysterHR’s mission is to simplify the process of hiring and managing remote talent around the world, reflecting the founders’ vision of a more connected and economically inclusive global labor market.

Company Name: OysterHR Inc.

CEO Name: Tony Jamous

Est Year: 2020

Employees: 101-250

HQ Location: North Carolina, US

Tony Jamous CEO OysterHR
Tony Jamous
Co-founder & CEO

OysterHR Demo & Media

OysterHR Top Features

Global Employment Accessibility

OysterHR allows you to expand your corporate horizons and acquire talented recruits from overseas.

Regulates Employee Salaries

OysterHR makes the process of salary transactions easier and automates the currency exchange for international expenditures and payments.

Smooth Integration

It allows you to integrate your oyster workspace with applications such as Xero, Workday and Netsuite that make handling invoices easier and regulate data consistency.

Round the Clock Support

OysterHR is always on deck with their hiring experts and onboarding guides when it comes to meeting your requirements as a client.

Sturdy Framework

Oyster tools are firm and robust in performance and fare incredibly well against the benchmark for hiring platforms.

International Operation

OysterHR spreads to 180+ nations worldwide, allowing clients to acquire skilful employees from around the world.

Guided Hiring Process

If you need to hire international employees, OysterHR can be your helpful guide to make the process smooth.

Automated Workflows

OysterHR will make your entire HR process easy and month with workflow automation.

Pros of OysterHR

  • Get started with no costs using OysterHR’s Lite plan  
  • Internationally accessible documentation for HR
  • Expand your business globally.
  • Global compliance and legal is managed by OysterHR.
  • Product integration is available for 37+ tools.
  • Hiring guidelines to help you decide on the appropriate hiring process

Cons of OysterHR

  • Hiring analytics are not offered as a service.
  • Salary guidelines must be negotiated by the company.
  • Smaller businesses would incur large costs.

OysterHR Pricing

OysterHR provides the following service packages as per the requirements of the client. The details are listed below.

Services ProvidedContractor (starts at $29 per contractor per month)Employee (starts at $499 per employee per month, billed annually)Custom Scaling 
Hire in 180+ countriesYesYes (Full-timers in 130+ countries)Yes
Process invoices and resolve payments in 120+ companiesYesYesYes
IP ProtectionHighVery HighCustom
Compliance contracts and Hiring insightsAvailableAvailableCustom

OysterHR Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support OysterHR Offers?

When it comes to support, OysterHR comes with comprehensive guide, content library, podcast and a number of other helpful resources so that users can learn more about the platform. You can also talk to an expert in the team and book a demo of the product.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

OysterHR FAQs

OysterHR is a legitimate company co-founded by Tony Jamous and Jack Mardack with a mission to improve global recruitment while supporting local economies and environmental sustainability. It has secured $224.2 million in funding from prestigious investors such as LinkedIn, PayPal Ventures, and Salesforce Ventures, underscoring its credibility and trustworthiness in the global HR market.
With robust funding, partnerships with reputable companies, and flexible pricing tailored to client needs, OysterHR is a valuable solution for companies looking to manage global teams efficiently. Its contractor and employee packages offer comprehensive services for seamless management in over 180 countries, making it a worthwhile investment for companies looking to expand or maintain a global workforce.
OysterHR offers integrations with a variety of software to enhance its HR services, although specific software integrations were not detailed in the information provided. Typically, such platforms integrate with payroll, performance management, and communication tools to streamline HR processes, suggesting that OysterHR likely supports similar capabilities to optimize global workforce management.
Popular use cases for OysterHR include managing and paying global contractors with the Contractor Package, which facilitates hiring in over 180 countries, and full employee management with the Employee Package for full-time employees in over 130 countries. In addition, custom scaling options allow companies to tailor services for specific needs such as IP protection, compliance contracts, and hiring insights, making it a versatile tool for global HR management.
OysterHR ensures compliance with local employment laws through comprehensive services tailored to manage hiring in over 180 countries for contractors and full-time employees in over 130 countries. Its packages take into account the legal requirements for hiring, IP protection, and contract compliance, reducing the risk of legal complications for companies operating internationally.
OysterHR is equipped to process payroll in multiple currencies, facilitating seamless payment processing for global teams. Its extensive funding and strategic partnerships enable robust financial operations, ensuring that companies can efficiently manage and pay their international workforce without currency barriers.
OysterHR offers custom scaling options that specifically address needs such as IP protection. This indicates that the platform has mechanisms and legal frameworks in place to protect client’s intellectual property rights when hiring and managing teams across different jurisdictions, an essential consideration for companies expanding globally.
Among its Custom Scaling options, OysterHR offers services such as Hiring Insights, which indicates that the platform offers analytics or insights to optimize hiring and workforce management. These tools are likely to help companies make informed decisions based on data-driven analysis, improving hiring efficiency and team productivity on a global scale.

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