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Based on 1015 user reviews, Rippling has an overall rating of 4.90 out of 5 stars.


Rippling Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Rippling is an all-in-one cloud-based platform that streamlines payroll, benefits, HR, and IT management for businesses. Integrating these functions into a single platform streamlines administrative tasks, reduces potential errors, and enhances operational efficiency.

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What is Rippling?

Rippling is an advanced human resource management platform designed to simplify complex HR tasks. Launched in 2016 by founders Parker Conrad & Prasanna Shankar, Rippling has become a critical tool for improving organizational efficiency by integrating HR, payroll, onboarding, and IT management solutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company’s software enables organizations to securely and efficiently manage employee data and streamline processes across multiple departments. With robust funding of $1.2 billion and a significant valuation of $11.25 billion, Rippling stands out as an innovative solution in the HR technology space.

What is Rippling good for?

Rippling excels at automating and managing a wide range of HR functions. It is particularly effective at processing payroll, onboarding new employees, managing benefits, and overseeing IT tasks such as setting up new employees with the necessary devices and software. The platform’s flexibility allows for the customization of services to meet the specific needs of organizations, optimizing operational efficiency. Rippling’s ability to streamline HR and IT management processes makes it invaluable to organizations looking to improve operational workflow and manage resources more effectively.

Who should use Rippling?

Rippling is ideal for SMBs and larger enterprises looking to automate and streamline their HR and IT management processes. It is particularly beneficial for organizations that need a comprehensive solution for payroll, onboarding, benefits administration, and IT service management. With flexible pricing starting at $8 per user per month, Rippling is accessible to a wide range of organizations looking to cost-effectively streamline their HR operations and IT management. Custom plans are available, making Rippling an attractive option for companies with unique HR and IT needs.

Rippling Company Details

Rippling, the company behind Rippling, was founded in 2016 by Parker Conrad and Prasanna Shankar in San Francisco, California, USA. It operates as a leading provider of human resource management solutions, positioned to improve organizational efficiency through innovative HR services. The company has successfully raised $1.2 billion in six investment rounds, with significant contributions from leading investors such as Green Oaks, Bedrock Capital and Sequoia Capital. This robust financial backing has propelled Rippling to a valuation of $11.25 billion, making it a formidable player in the HR technology sector. Rippling’s business model offers flexible pricing starting at $8 per user per month, allowing companies to customize their plans for HR, payroll, onboarding, and IT management services. This approach allows companies to optimize costs while accessing tailored solutions, ensuring efficient management of resources and streamlined operations.

Company Name: People Center, Inc.

CEO Name: Parker Conrad

Est Year: 2016

Employees: 1001- 5000

HQ Location: San Fransico Bay Area, USA

Parker Conrad Rippling CEO
Parker Conrad
Co-founder & CEO

Rippling Demo & Media

Rippling Top Features

Unified Directory

Manage all operations on a single dashboard and enjoy access to your company’s global database with a unified directory.

Electronic Document Management

Generate, file and forward documents in seconds with document generation and management feature.

Mobile App

Enjoy ease of access from different devices with introduction of Mobile App.

Workflow Automation

No-code integrations and automations allow Rippling to run third party software and maximize output.

Customized Reporting

Create custom reports and generate numbers in the form of tables, charts or any template you need with customized reporting.

500+ Integrations

Rippling allows smooth integration with 500+ third party applications to generate custom workflow units for your company.

Custom Workflow Templates

Choose from pre-made templates to control the workflow of your organization with Rippling.

Centralized Policy Implementation

Create and implement desired policies in your HR, IT or financial network with access from central systems.

In-depth Analytics

Unify every piece of data from every sector and third party systems to create an in-depth analysis of your workforce's utilization.

On-boarding & Approval

Rippling provides an all round solution to hire the top talent and on-board them while getting approvals on the go.

Pros of Rippling

  • 360 degree solution for workforce management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automation for policies and workflow
  • Custom workflow templates
  • Comprehensive setup

Cons of Rippling

  • No free trial
  • Time consuming workflow setup

Rippling Pricing

Pricing starts at $8 per user/ month. For different services like HR, payroll management, on-boarding or IT management, the users can customize their plans and request custom quotations.

Rippling Price Comparison

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User Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 1,015 reviews)

I am having trouble signing up

January 5, 2024

I am having trouble signing up. No matter what I press it won’t proceed to the next page. What’s the point in having an online form if it doesn’t work? There should be at least another way available.

Avatar for JH
Review Source: Trustpilot

Unethical Company

December 26, 2023

I am en employee with a company that recently changed their payroll system to Rippling. For some reason, Rippling allowed our accounting team to upload my information without my permission and authorise a test transaction to my account without my knowledge or permission. I also have never been able to login to my account to control my information and Rippling blocks non-managers from contacting them. So all of my personal account information is locked in a system that I never was notified of or approved of and I cannot delete it or control. My bank had to block them because they are messing with my account without my permission. Scary and most likely illegal.

Avatar for anonymous
Review Source: Trustpilot

Got unexpected charges

October 31, 2023

Got unexpected charges. Customer service apologized for unclear verbiage in the terms and the salesperson who provided the wrong information. And pointed out that there would be no refund because I was out of the 30-day window. Looks like it is by design to missled new customers.

Avatar for Pavel
Review Source: Trustpilot


August 4, 2023

I LOVE Rippling! They made my On-Boarding experience SO easy, and have made my transition to my new job seamless! Every week when I get paid through Rippling, they send the most engaging emails. The platform is easy to access, easy to use, just EASY! I put in a request this week for the first time, and was able to navigate the process with no direction and no questions asked! I highly recommend Rippling to anyone.

Avatar for Holly Maddox
Holly Maddox
Review Source: Trustpilot

Not Small Business Friendly

August 1, 2023

Our experience with Rippling has been awful for several reasons, but it just reached a peak that I had to come and leave a review. When we first signed up for Rippling, we added them as the third-party administrator to our tax accounts so the necessary payroll taxes would get paid accordingly. Months later, we received a letter from the IRS stating that the taxes for the first month we were with Rippling did not get paid and were owed to them plus fees for nonpayment. Rippling did nothing to remedy this, as they have it in their T&C that there is a time limitation as to when they’ll cover such an issue.Then, due to transferring from another payroll provider, Rippling set us up with 2-day direct deposit. However, at one point, the business bank account from which direct deposit funds are drawn was short by a small amount. Rippling required that we wire the funds to them by the next day at a certain time, which we did. Yet, despite doing what they asked, they knocked us down to 4-day direct deposit, which completely threw off our entire payroll process. Most recently, we informed a Rippling representative that we would not be continuing with Rippling and would like to cancel our contract. He was sparse with responding and never cancelled our renewal. As a result, the contract AUTORENEWED, and we’re trapped for another year. Needless to say, despite being stuck with them, we will not be using them and will be contacting our business lawyer immediately regarding this situation. Please stay far away from Rippling, especially if you’re a small business owner.

Avatar for Marie Q.
Marie Q.
Review Source: Trustpilot

What Kind of Support Rippling Offers?

Rippling offers comprehensive support to all their clients. You may access their help center to know more about the product. You can also contact the support team using live chat or email.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Rippling FAQs

Rippling is a legitimate human resource management solution that was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. With significant funding of $1.2 billion from reputable investors such as Green Oaks, Bedrock Capital, and Sequoia Capital, and a valuation of $11.25 billion, Rippling stands as a credible and established entity in the HR solutions sector.
Rippling offers flexible pricing starting at $8 per user per month, providing a compelling value proposition for companies looking to streamline their HR, payroll, onboarding, or IT management processes. With customizable plans designed to meet specific needs, Rippling can be a cost-effective solution that improves organizational efficiency, making it a worthy consideration for companies of all sizes.
Rippling integrates with a wide range of software, enabling seamless connectivity across multiple business functions. While specific software integrations are not listed in the fact sheet, Rippling typically supports integrations with HR systems, payroll, financial management, productivity tools, and IT management platforms, optimizing operational efficiency and data consistency across departments.
Rippling employs advanced security measures to protect sensitive organizational and employee data. While specific security protocols are not detailed in the fact sheet, Rippling’s commitment to data security is evident in its robust platform, which is designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data it manages by industry standards and best practices.
Rippling streamlines the employee onboarding process by automating tasks such as document collection, account setup, and training scheduling. This efficiency minimizes manual errors and reduces the time it takes to onboard new employees, ensuring a smooth transition into the organization.
Rippling offers solutions designed to simplify payroll, including features that address the complexities associated with global payroll. The platform’s capabilities allow for the management of international employees, compliance with local regulations, and support for multiple currencies, making global payroll easier.
Rippling helps organizations comply with various legal and regulatory requirements. By automating the management of employee records, tax filings, and labor compliance, Rippling helps organizations reduce the risk of non-compliance and ensure that business operations are aligned with applicable standards and regulations.

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