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12 Best Post Voting WordPress Plugins

Post Voting Plugins

Post voting system can be extremely effective in increasing the overall engagement on your site. It gives the readers an option to express their opinion with just a click.

There are some amazing post-voting WordPress plugins that you can use on your WordPress site. Be it the upvoting downvoting system or a simple star rating system; the voting option is always a positive addition to your site.

Creating a community around your site is a great idea, you must try to engage your visitors and create a community from the very first day your business comes online.

Search engine algorithms will keep changing, social media will keep changing, but if you have a dedicated community around your site, you will always get the much-needed traffic and engagement.

And if you need an engaging community around your site, then the post-voting feature is an unavoidable part of it.

Even the most popular social bookmarking sites like Reddit use the post voting option as one of their core features to rank their posts.

The post-voting option can also be very effective in understanding your audience and the kind of content they like, and the will eventually help you to direct your business in the right direction.

If you are into some niche business such as local business listing, food recipes, restaurants, or eCommerce, the voting system is a mandatory part of these sites.

At the same time, a normal content site can also benefit from the post-voting option in many ways.

So, in this article, we have listed the top post-voting WordPress plugins that will help you to add the voting feature to your site instantly.

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1. WP Review Pro

This is a review plugin from the MyThemeShop store. If you are creating a product review site, this can be a very effective plugin for your site.

This is a fully responsive plugin with some different post-rating options such as star rating, percentage, circles, points, etc.

This plugin supports Google Rich Snippet option to show the star rating in the search results which will improve the click-through rate for your review posts.

This plugin also offers you the option to add the rating system to the WordPress comments increasing overall engagement on your site.

WP Review Pro plugin comes with a comprehensive dashboard where you can set your preferred option. You can style the review system with an unlimited number of colors.

You will have full control over the placement of the rating system; you can also use the shortcode option to place it in any custom area.

MyThemeShop Review Plugin

2. kk Star Ratings

This plugin has been around for years now. With over 60k sites actively using this plugin makes it a top choice for the post-voting option.

We have been using this plugin on this site as well as a few other sites we manage to offer the post-voting option to the users.

kk Star Ratings, is a quick and simple plugin to get started with. The options provided by this plugin are easy to understand.

As you activate the plugin, you will get the plugin option in the WordPress dashboard where you can manage the settings for the star rating plugin.

kk Star Ratings Options

So, as you can see in the image above the options are simple to understand. You can set where you wish to show the star rating; you have the option to set unique voting based on the user’s IP.

You have the option to reset the rating for any post if you need for any reason.

Another important feature offered by the plugin is Google Rich Snippet support. The rating of any post will be shown in the Google search results, and that will surely increase the click-through rate for your site.

3. Ultimate Blocks

After the WordPress 5.0 update, Gutenberg became the official WordPress editor. And now the new block-based design is the future and all the developments will happen around the new editor.

While many old WordPress plugins might not work properly with the new editor, there are a number of new Gutenberg block plugins that are being released.

So, if you are looking for a quality post-review kind of plugin, the Ultimate Blocks plugin comes with a post-review box with the rich-featured snippet option enabled.

You can use this plugin to add a number of new blocks for various different functionalities and you can retire a few old plugins because this plugin can manage a number of regular activities on your WordPress site.

Ultimate Blocks

4. TotalPoll Pro

This is not just a simple post-voting plugin but a complete poll system for WordPress. It’s a fully responsive and SEO-friendly plugin.

This plugin offers you customization possibilities to fine-tune the poll system to fulfill your requirement. You will also have complete statistics on the system to track its effectiveness.

It gives you the option to use text, images, audio, video, and HTML to make our poll comprehensive.

TotalPoll Plugin

5. Opinioner – Post Voting Plugin

The Opinioner voting plugin comes with a unique approach when it comes to post-voting. This plugin is created to engage your users and get their opinion.

You can ask questions through your content and the users will have the option to cast their vote and display the voting pattern right inside the content.

The plugin comes with beautiful graphics to make your user voting site look very professional. Each vote can be used on different pages, this will be useful when you have a popular poll that you can use on multiple posts.

The plugin comes with an easy-to-use shortcode option and works perfectly with all the leading website builders.


6. Yasr: Yet Another Stars Rating

This is a simple review and rating system for WordPress sites. As the admin, you can create your review, and you can allow your users to rate as well.

Both the options are indexed by Google and show as the rich snippet to improve the overall performance of your site.

You a define the placement of the review system; you can place it at the end of the post or the start. You can also use the shortcode of the plugin to place it anywhere else according to your need.

If you are creating a product review site, this plugin can be very effective for you.

Yet Another Stars Rating

7. WP-Polls

With over 900K active installations, the WP-Polls plugin is one of the most widely used WordPress poll plugins that you can use to add engaging polls on your site.

This plugin can be very helpful for you to increase engagement on your site. You can ask important questions about your business and collect feedback.

It will also help you to understand your audience better and make sure to deliver content or product according to their need.

With this poll plugin, you can allow your audience to select one or multiple options depending on the questions you ask. And the system will display the poll results immediately after that.

It offers you the option to customize the design of your poll to match your branding so that it looks like an integral part of your site.

Overall, it is a very handy plugin to increase engagement on your site.


8. WP ULike

It’s a free post-voting plugin for WordPress to engage your visitors. This plugin offers you a quick way to add a like and dislike feature to your WordPress site.

You will have an idea about the effectiveness of your content with the opinion expressed through this plugin. You will have the overall rating statistics of your content to understand what is working and what is not.

It also offers you the Google Rich Snippet option to increase the click-through rate for your blog content. You can style the design according to your need.

This plugin can perfectly blend itself with popular community plugins like UltimateMember & BuddyPress Profiles.

WP ULike Plugin

9. Rating-Widget: Star Review System

Another free star rating system plugin for WordPress sites. This plugin works perfectly with the posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress forums.

You can fully customize the look and feel of the rating system as well as the placement of the rating stars. It also offers you a widget to showcase the top-rated content on your site.

Star Review System

10. vote5: Advanced WordPress Voting Plugin

A premium WordPress post-voting plugin, it offers you detailed settings options to customize the voting feature on your site.

The admin of the site will have full control over the voting. In fact, the admin can modify the votes and keep track of which posts are being modified.

If there is any instance of abuse, the admin has the option to ban any user and IP.

WordPress post voting

11. Multi Rating

Multi Rating is a free post-rating WordPress plugin that offers you multiple options like polls, ratings, surveys, quizzes, etc.

This plugin gives you the option to use a five-star rating, percentage, or an aggregated score of the overall rating for your blog posts.

It offers you the microdata to make the best use of the Google rich snippet option to show the rating in the search result.

Multi Rating plugin offers you the shortcode option to place the rating option anywhere on your site; it also offers you the widget option to display top-rated content in the sidebar.

Top post rating WordPress plugin

12. Thumbs Rating

A very simple, lightweight vote-up and down plugin that you can use to add the voting system to your site. You can customize the output using custom CSS.

Best post voting WordPress plugins

Final Word

If you know any other post-voting plugin for WordPress that needs to be included in this post, feel free to use the comment form below to let us know about it.

Most of the post rating plugins mentioned in this article supports Google Rich Snippet feature making the post look great on the search results, and it will also help you to increase the click-through rate for your posts.

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