How to Use WordPress To Provide The Best Customer Service

Best Customer Service

WordPress is today’s most widely used content management system. Its simplicity and adaptability enable the vast majority of individuals and business owners to develop a website that meets their requirements.

You should present your consumers with the option of having all of their inquiries and issues handled the soonest as possible.

Providing assistance throughout your customers’ purchasing experience is an excellent method to secure their loyalty.

Besides traditional inbound call center services, there are a variety of channels that can be used to support customers.

If you have a WordPress site, you can use a variety of customer-service plugins to assist you. Users appear to enjoy scrolling far more than clicking.

For example, on, when you search their online jigsaw puzzles, they use an infinite scroll allowing users to continue to explore.

So, if you’re currently dispersing information about your product across multiple pages, it’s time to reevaluate.

01. WordPress Advanced Ticket System

A ticketing system could be the focal point of your assistance. It’s an excellent way to guide complicated situations because it allows you to monitor development, identify issues, prioritize tasks, and work through them methodically. It keeps everyone updated and also serves as a reference on how problems were resolved in the past.

WATS brings all the elements for a full support ticket system to WordPress. There are numerous possibilities to customize WATS to meet your specific needs, making it compatible with most standards.

It allows customers to send tickets straight through your WordPress website to make complaints or receive Support on whatever they need.

Each ticket sent into this WordPress support plugin can have its status, urgency, item, and category customized by the user. WATS is an excellent WordPress plugin for customer assistance and complex issue management.

WordPress Advanced Ticket System

02. Ultimate FAQ

Provide your users with the knowledge and tools they need to address their own problems before contacting you. The more concerns they can handle on their own, the less load your support system will have to bear. This begins with a lengthy element of Frequently Asked Questions.

Thanks to FAQ Ultimate plugin, you can quickly build FAQs and use a Gutenberg block or shortcode to integrate them into your WordPress site. It utilizes a specific post type for easy FAQ inclusion on any site.

This plugin is incredibly easy to use and comes with a tutorial. When you start the plugin, it will load and assist you in writing your first FAQs, making a FAQ page, and configuring some crucial options.

You can also export all FAQs to PDF to make operating instructions, and you can have an unlimited number of FAQs, FAQ tags, and FAQ categories.

Ultimate FAQ

03. Awesome Support

Here’s one method for streamlining your support system. Rather than installing a separate plugin for each approach, install a single plugin that encompasses all options.

Awesome Support is the most comprehensive and function-rich WordPress support plugin. It is the only helpdesk and support ticketing extension that can compete with the functionality of a SaaS service like Zendesk or Helpscout – and your consumers will be able to use it in a few minutes. 

Simply respond to a few questions in the setup process after importing and enabling the plugin, and your helpdesk will be available to your consumers.

Awesome Support is the fruit of more than three years of analysis and development, and it’s considered the most robust helpdesk and assistance plugin available.

Their offer meets everyone’s needs, whether you’re a startup looking for the simplest solution or a large organization with several divisions demanding service level standards and advanced ticket handling.

They also offer premium add-ons to boost the plugin’s capabilities even more at minimal cost (cheaper than the price of a web-based application).

Some of them are E-Mail Piping (use just an e-mail to respond to tickets and work on them. Comes with built-in controls for handling unrecognized e-mail addresses, replies to closed tickets, and so on), WooCommerce (a WordPress e-commerce platform), and Private Credentials (brings an extra security shield to your tickets so that users can safely enter passwords and other confidential data).

Awesome Support

04. LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress

Most people prefer to text rather than make a call. It’s also a great way to provide customer assistance, especially for situations that aren’t too complicated or if you want to help a user finish a task on their own.

Just like other top live chat software this WP live chat plugin – LiveChat includes a rich feature offer, such as proactive chat invites, which automatically lets agents deliver customized messages to customers. When a visitor meets set up parameters, such as the time spent on the website, it sends out invitations.

It improves client service efficiency with multiple chat sessions held simultaneously, scripted solutions to FAQ, tagged chats, and sending files via the chat widget.

Customer help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through LiveChat’s ticketing system. Accumulate tickets containing notes left by consumers while you’re absent and respond to them once you’re back online.

The ticketing system will also assist you in managing and tracking situations that take longer to resolve and demand more than one chat.


05. AnsPress – Question and answer

Your users can use a forum to not only pose questions but to contribute to the answers. It also serves as an excellent resource for finding solutions to their inquiries, presuming they have been asked earlier.

Forums are adaptable, and they can answer both product and support concerns (such as those found on AliExpress or Amazon). The “sticky question” option can be used as a quick reference guide. Depending on your industry, a forum can be your sole help option.

AnsPress isn’t simply for asking and answering questions. It can be used as a defect tracker, an internal Q&A panel, a help ticket forum, and a FAQ. Many well-known companies and websites trust and use AnsPress on a large scale.



No matter the profession or industry you’re in, using your website for customer service makes sense. It empowers people to help themselves while receiving assistance from you. Furthermore, you can neatly manage service requests.

If WordPress powers your website, you have a plethora of support-oriented plugins to pick from. They range from creating a simple FAQ to full-fledged ticketing mechanisms and enable you to establish a support center that fits almost any type of business.

Once you’ve read through this article, think about which options are the most suitable for your needs and apply them for a satisfactory customer experience.

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