12 Best Blog Topic Generating Tools for Writers


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In this post, we have collected some of the best blog topic generating tools that will constantly help you to come up with new blogging ideas

The biggest challenge when I first started my writing career, was the consistent need to create high-quality content every day.

The process of deciding what you need to write can be extremely overwhelming in the beginning. Especially when you do not want your blog to be a victim of seclusion.

In today’s competitive market, merely publishing something does not help you combat with the already existing and proficient lot. You have to have high-quality content coupled with a brilliant title that will automatically attract more readers.

Your blog might have a good number of visitors, but to convert these visitors to regular readers it is extremely important that you create resourceful and captivating content every day.

It is understood that sometimes you may not be able to commit yourself to such responsibilities owing to several factors.

Lack of time, patience and sometimes probably procrastination are some of the root causes. It is okay to be lazy once in a blue moon. But making it a regular practice might cost you a fortune.

But making it a regular practice might cost you a fortune.

In order to help you solve such problems, I have compiled a list of resources that have helped me in my writing business. It has made my life much simpler and now I do not waste my time figuring out what I need to write.

In order to help you solve such problems, I have compiled a list of resources that have helped me in my writing career. It has made my life much simpler and now I do not waste my time figuring out what I need to write and what my post title should be.

The resources below can point out what exactly is the trend of the hour and what your readers want to read about.

So you know what you should be drafting about without wasting your valuable time. Because time is money. So why not use it wisely?

Best Sources For Blogging Ideas

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs Content Explorer is one of the best tools to find content suggestions. This tool is easy to use, all you have to do is to put the keyword in the search bar and the tool will suggest you all teh popular topics related to that search keyword.

Ahrefs is one of the best tools for digital markets to find backlink opportunities, analyze competitors and do a lot of other things to grow any online business.

The tool has huge database with millions of topics to suggest you. Find any niche keyword, you will get amazing results that will help you to find plenty of potential blog posts.

Ahrefs Content Explorer also shows you the number of social sharing for each result that is displayed for the chosen keyword, it will help you to understand the popularity of the topic in the social media sites.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

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Ubersuggest is free to use a keyword research tool that was recently acquired by Neil Patel. You can use this tool to find unlimited blog post ideas along with the approximate search volume.

So, this tool can be extremely effective in the process of growing your blog. The tool is very easy to use, just put the keyword in the search box and select the target country and make a search.

For example, here we have entered the search keyword “backlink tools” the result shows the search volume in the United States along with the how easy or difficult it is to rank.

The Ubersuggest tool also gives you the related key phrases to help you get the content ideas for your blog posts.


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This is one of the first resources that I discovered as I desperately searched for such a platform and I found it amazingly interesting. It is like one of those, everything under one roof idea generators to know the exact what’s trending among your readers.

The site has been divided into several categories. You can choose your own area of interest and see what has been written about the most. There is also a section that tells you the most recently viewed topics.

The site has been divided into several categories. You can choose your own area of interest and see what has been written about the most.

There is also a section that tells you the most recently viewed topics. Its search button option makes it easier for you to type out your topic and check what people are talking about under that specific topic.


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This is another brilliant site to know which topics related to your business is getting the most attention. The best thing about this site is the ease with which you can use it.

You can quickly identify important content by filtering your search options. It allows you to filter your searches by date, language, country, and even content type.

It also displays the number of shares the content receives in social media. You can also filter your searches and check it’s shared in any specified social platforms.


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HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

This website can be helpful who has a general idea in mind but do not know exactly what to write. In Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator, you just need to know a few nouns about the topic you want to write.

When you visit this site you will see that it has three blank fields where you are supposed to write down the names of the nouns that you want to write about.

Once you do that, it will automatically come up with the week’s best posts that have been published using the same nouns.

This will give you a comprehensive idea about what exactly can be written for your upcoming post.


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Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is all you need to create an amazing post that will increase your followers in just a day.

From creating powerful post titles to strategizing your post content, it does everything for you. Not just this, it will also guide you with brilliant SEO tips.

With this site, you can be a pro at blogging with just a little knowledge about it. Once you start using this, you will not be able to think of another site.


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Feedly is a fantastic source of knowing what is gaining popularity in the readers market. You can login to feedly by using any of your social sites and discover what is the current trend among content curators.

You can choose your subject and find an extensive range of articles and posts that will inspire you with new ideas for your next blog.


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This is yet another favorite destination for content curators. You can search for popular content with your keywords and filter your search as well. You can look for contents that match your exact keyword or look for posts that just contain those words. You can also see who your competitors and get inspired by the way they write.

It also allows you to make your searches related to what’s trending across various social sites.


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Blog Post Idea Generator

Blog Post Idea Generator is an amazing title generator that serves you when your mind is too exhausted to think about anything interesting.

All you have to do is write down what your topic is about in the blank box of the site and click on the generate blog post idea button.

It will automatically come up a suggestion. You can keep tapping on the same button unless you are satisfied with the results.


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Link Bait Generator

This is a very interesting site which can help you generate a powerful topic for your blog post. All you have to do is visit the site and type out the subject you want to write about. Linkbait will generate some amazing ideas for your post.


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Blog Title Generator

Blog Title Generator by Impact is a little different in the way it works. You will first have to fill in your general topic.

It has a blank space after the words Blogging about. You are supposed to be filling it up with your niche. On pressing enter after that it will come up with title ideas like:

The Best For Starting

You can keep filling up the blanks with new words until you think you find the most befitting one.

Essay Topic Generator

This is another free tool that will help you generate tons of ideas for your next assignment. This can be more helpful for academicians who want to find a topic for their projects. You can select your subject and topic type and fill in the keywords in your mind. That’s it.

You can then wait for your new topics. It won’t even take a second.


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  1. Nice toolkit! I knew some of those, but definitely need to try the new ones 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration, Kaveri!
    In my opinion must-have for every blogger is social listening tool. I use and recommend BRAND24 for real-time internet monitoring, analyses, tracking shares and comments, mentions, topics, reach new audience and engage online conversations. It’s very powerful, but still easy to use tool.

  2. The first paragraph doesn’t end.

    You have to have high-quality content with a brilliant title that will…

    What comes next? Amazing content there.

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