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This is a collection of some important SEO tools that will help you to grow your online business. Search engines are a great source of free traffic which you should never ignore, these tools will guide you through the process perfectly.

To drive traffic to the website, website owners should optimise their sites for search engines. The search engine optimisation will increase the ranking of the website in the result pages, resulting in generating more clicks and higher ROI.

For a blogger, their content is everything they have for higher rankings. They have to optimise their content to rank higher which they feel is very difficult. There are specific SEO tools that give reports about your website and improve your site for search engines.

If you are among those bloggers, then here are top ten SEO tools that will help you in growing your blog.

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Important SEO Tools to Grow Online Business

#1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Google is the king of search engines and ALL the websites are optimised keeping in mind the Google’s search engine algorithms. The first step for SEO is picking out the right keywords and integrating them into the content.

The Google AdWords can pick out the keywords that are popular and may help you in ranking higher. You can insert your keyword in the content and check its ranking over the next few weeks and months. Moreover, the tool shows the keyword’s competition, density, and global and monthly searches.

#2. SEMrush


Analysing the competition is also necessary to create an effective SEO campaign. This tool allows you to research the competitor’s website, and their keywords in both organic and paid search. It has both a free version as well as a premium version.

The free version allows you to get a quick look at your targeted domain’s traffic, keyword ranking, and other similar factors. You can further expand each result and get a breakdown of the traffic, or the density of the keywords.

#3. Majestic

Majestic SEO

Majestic is an SEO tool that will help you in knowing the entire SEO metrics of your website. It focuses on the link building and domain-based metrics. Moreover, this tool offers Site Explorer, Keyword Checker, Clique Hunter, Backlink History Tool, and Comparator.

The tool can be used free of cost, but it has a premium version which offers all the features without any limitation. One distinctive feature of this tool is that it lets you compare your website with your competitors.

#4. SEO Site Tools

SEO Tools

This is not a desktop software or a web-based program; rather it is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to analyze the websites SEO metrics. It provides you with information like title tags, meta keywords, meta description and image ALT tags on your website.

When you know about this information, it is easier to rectify the mistakes or issues about the website and assists your website in ranking higher.

#5. IIS SEO Toolkit

IIS SEO Toolkit

This tool is an all-in-one SEO tool which has Robots Exclusion, Sitemaps, and other similar modules. The tool is equipped with a crawler engine and a query builder interface that will help you in generating custom reports of your website.

You can allow or disallow the robots paths and also lets you view, delete or edit the sitemap and index files. Moreover, you can register a sitemap into the robots extension file.

#6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool and Crawling Software

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

This tool is a desktop program which allows you to crawl website links, CSS, images, and onsite SEO. Moreover, this software can find broken links, find temporary or permanent redirects, analyse page titles and metadata, find duplicate content, generate sitemaps, and review robots.

You can also integrate this software with Google Analytics and fetch all your user data. This tool is supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can use this tool for free, and if you want additional features, then you can opt for the premium version of this software.

#7. Web CEO


It is a complete SEO tool that allows you to perform keyword research, internal links analysis and more.  You can get keyword suggestions, check which page is considered authoritative by search engines, and monitor sitemap.

It also has an SEO analysis tool which notifies you about any warnings and advice about on your website.

You can even check the issues that your website may face in mobile devices and lets you rectify them. Apart from that, it can scan your website for broken links, crawl errors or other related issues which can contribute to decreasing the search engine ranking of your website.

You can try this software for free and decide whether you should buy it or not.

#8. SEO Book Tools

SEO Book

SEO Book Tools is a web-based tool which has multiple options to check the SEO score of your website. Their list of tools includes keyword suggestion tool, keyword list cleaner, meta tag generator, robots.txt tools, server header checker, link suggestion tool and many others.

It also has a page comparison tool which lets you compare your webpage to your competitors and allow you to find relevant keywords. Apart from that, they have three free Mozilla Firefox Extension; SEO Toolbar, Rank Checker, and SEO for Firefox.

All these tools have only one motive, and that is to increase the ranking of the website.

#9. Anchor Text Over Optimisation Report

Anchor Text Over Optimisation Report

Over optimisation of keywords may cause more damage to your website. Google has strict algorithms for over optimisation of the website and can cause your website’s ranking to fall. This amazing tool checks your website for any over optimised anchor text and allows you to optimise those accordingly. The program creates a list of keywords on the basis of their optimisation.

#10. Multi-RankChecker


To make improvements on your website, you need to check its rankings on the search engines. The MultiRank Checker is a tool that lets you know the exact ranking of your website on the search engines.

Additionally, if you own more than one website, then you can check the rank of those websites simultaneously. But, you can only check the rankings of a maximum of four websites at a time.


Above were some of the best SEO tools that will help any blogger in increasing their search engine rankings and drive more traffic. A perfect blend of content and optimisation make the website reach the top spot. The responsibility of having great content relies on you, and you can depend on these tool s for the optimisation.

10 Best SEO Tools to Grow Your Blog Faster 2018
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