15 Best Customer Service Gimmicks for Small Business

Customer Service Gimmicks

Customer support is one of the pillars of any business, especially a new one. When you sell goods or services, it is crucial to have clear and transparent communication with the customers, solving their problems and answering their questions in an accurate and timely manner.

According to research, 70% of the buying experience is based on how a person is treated which means that the importance of customer service in a small business is impossible to overestimate.

In this guide, we will explain what makes great customer support and what tips new companies should use in 2023.

Customer Service Gimmicks

What is Great Customer Service?

Some of the main features of outstanding customer support include a top-notch level of assistance and timely response not depending on the time of the day.

This way, clients have a positive experience, feel heard and important. Here are other elements that make up great customer service:

  • Profound knowledge of the goods or services the company is offering. This element is rather self-explanatory, right? To give professional assistance, support representatives should know what they are talking about. Thus, you should educate your managers and keep them updated on all the changes and processes.
  • Timely replies. No one likes to wait long, especially if there is a problem with ordering or using something you have just bought. By providing fast support, a company shows respect and makes customers a priority. Make sure there is always someone to answer queries.
  • Individual approach. There is no better way to turn one-time customers into loyal ones than to give them VIP treatment by offering personalized solutions based on the purchase history. People love to be seen, heard, and treated like royals.
  • Compassion and genuine interest. Being a support manager is not an easy task because they need to understand customers’ pains and problems by putting themselves into their shoes.
  • Positivity. Would you choose to talk to a moody support representative or a cheerful one? Of course, there might be bad days but a manager should leave their problems outside that call or chat to show a positive attitude and willingness to help.
  • The same level of assistance across all channels. As a small business, you will probably try to reach people through as many mediums as possible – website, Instagram, Facebook, phone, and so on. The quality of support should remain equally high throughout all of these touchpoints.
  • Anticipation of possible problems. Instead of waiting for it to occur, great customer support provides users with proactive communication – product recommendations, delivery updates, and other useful information.
  • Strong problem-solving skills. Most of the time, customer service representatives need to make fast and effective decisions without a chance to consult with supervisors. These skills are a distinguishing feature of any successful company.
  • Collecting customer feedback. This helps with analyzing possible mistakes and making timely chances to boost sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Constant improvement whether we are talking about personal training, mastering soft skills, or implementing new software. Your customer support is a separate ecosystem that should grow and evolve.

All these features focus on building firm relationships with the customers, ensuring their loyalty, and doing everything possible to make them satisfied with communication. And that is exactly what distinguishes a great support from a mediocre one.

Customer support tips for small businesses that work

Are you ready to find out how to make your customer support a role model even for the most successful businesses? Then get comfortable and be ready to take notes.

01. Free calls

You will probably agree that it is very annoying to find out that to call a support representative you need to pay your own money.

In cases when online assistance is not an option and a customer wants to make a phone call, toll-free numbers become a real salvation. They are free for the users and all the fees are paid by the owner. This tip is crucial for businesses that operate in different states or even countries.

02. Visibility of the support window

When we are talking about online support through your own website, it is very important to place the Contact page or Chat button in a visible place.

It should be located on the homepage and highlighted with bright colors or animation. Don’t forget about pop-ups that appear when a visitor spends too much time on a page without taking any action. This may indicate that they are struggling to find something.

03. Create a clear schedule and stick to it

Nowadays, most support representatives work from home and it is very difficult to ensure that they are always on their computers.

Some business owners use time-tracking software, others conduct sudden checks, and thirds rely on the honesty of their managers. But even if you have a trusting relationship with customer service, make sure it sticks to the schedule and is always ready to help in the dedicated hours.

04. Involve your support team in daily activities

Some companies outsource customer service and managers become rather isolated. Usually, they don’t have much interest in your product or service. We recommend hiring support representatives and making them an organic part of your team. Let them participate in daily meetings and Zoom calls, and send them letters about upcoming changes and software updates. From time to time, hold parties and picnics to create stronger bonds between team members and make them want to work in your company.

05. Emphasize responsiveness

Your customer support should have clear guidelines on response times and stick to them no matter what. Research shows that customers may not want to repeat their order simply because they waited for a reply for too long! Implementing 24/7 support is a great idea but only if you have enough resources.

06. Promote soft skills

Knowledge of your products and services is important but possessing the right skills is even more crucial.

We are talking about such soft skills as communication, active listening, empathy, leadership, and time management. If you look at each of these skills, you will understand how beneficial they are for quality customer support. 

07. Motivate your customer service to make their own decisions

Time is money as the saying goes. That is why small businesses need to empower their teams to resolve arising problems independently. Give them enough resources and authority.

This will not only show your trust and help with creating trusting relationships inside the team but will significantly boost response times and eventually lead to better customer satisfaction.

08. Strive for positivity and friendliness

Above we have already mentioned that a positive attitude is a vital part of great customer service. No one wants to talk to a moody and negative representative and most likely this will result in losing customers.

As a business owner or manager, you need to emphasize the importance of positive tone and words during communication. Customer support should remain calm and friendly, and focus not on a problem but on the ways to solve it.

09. Know your clients

There is a big number of software and tools that help support representatives with personalization. For example, identifying the number and calling them by their names or sending emails with personalized offers.

You can also offer additional goods or services that a customer may like or send birthday greetings. 

10. Never skip follow-ups

Once a problem is solved, support representatives should contact the customer to ensure that everything is ok.

Thus, you will not only anticipate new potential problems but will show your genuine interest in their satisfaction. Follow-ups are usually conducted in the same way that was used the first time – email, phone, live chat, and so on.

11. Use customer service tools

As we have already mentioned, there are numerous instruments that can streamline processes and save you time and nerves.

For example, live chat platforms for faster and more convenient communication, ticketing systems to see how many queries were solved and by whom, and CRM programs to manage customer data effectively.

Yes, these tools have a price but they will eventually pay back. 

12. Ask for feedback

It is impossible to launch a successful and stable business without knowing what exactly your customers want and like.

Use all types of feedback forms, surveys, and social media questionnaires to collect information. You can then analyze these insights to understand what aspects should be improved.

13. Use as many communication channels as possible

All customers are different. Some of them feel comfortable with personal computers, so choose live chat on your website.

Others prefer using their smartphones and find it simpler to shoot a message on Facebook or Instagram. There are also old-fashioned clients who choose good-old phone calls or introverts who want to minimize interaction by talking through email.

Your goal is to engage all these channels to ensure timely, professional, and efficient customer support.

14. Be sincere if something goes wrong

We are all human beings and mistakes happen. What distinguishes a real leader is the ability to take responsibility and apologize. Don’t behave like nothing has happened. Instead, offer a quick solution to show that you care. Adding a complementary good or discount to the next order will be rather helpful.

15. Always praise yourself

Establishing good customer service and managing a business is a challenge, so don’t forget to celebrate every success no matter how minor it is. Managed to satisfy a demanding customer? That’s great! Launched a new communication channel or project? Celebrate it! 

Keep in mind that great customer service is a never-ending process that requires constant efforts and improvement. By analyzing its strong and weak sides and coming up with new ideas, you will surely create a professional and independent team that is able to solve any arising problem.

Why is Customer Service So Important for Small Businesses?

15 gimmicks discussed above will be a great solution for small companies not depending on whether they are only hitting the market or already have some experience.

The only thing that is left to discuss is WHY customer support is so important and why you shouldn’t skip it even if you think that it doesn’t impact your sales.

  • Boosts customer satisfaction. We have already mentioned that quality support ensures a positive customer experience. When people get timely and friendly assistance, most likely they will recommend you to others and return with another order.
  • Keeps loyal customers. Acquiring new users is more difficult than keeping regular ones, so retention becomes a priority for any business. Professional customer service helps with building long-term relationships with users by knowing their likes and dislikes. 
  • Gives you a competitive advantage. Small businesses, especially new ones, have a hard time competing with other companies. By offering professional customer support, you can differentiate yourself from other businesses and secure firmer market positions.
  • Builds a strong reputation. It is crucial for your success in the long run. With a little effort, you can show customers that you are a user-oriented brand that aims to provide them with a personalized approach. And that is exactly what people are willing to pay for. 
  • Helps with crisis management. From time to time, crisis situations will take place and the success of your business may greatly depend on how well you and your employees can solve them. There are many crisis management tactics that support representatives can use. 
  • A chance to grow and evolve. Active communication with customers gives you valuable insights into what they need and want. With the help of such information, small businesses can improve their activities and make timely adjustments.
Customer Support

Level up your customer service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any emerging business. It has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and retention, sales, and your overall reputation.

By dedicating enough time and funds to improving customer service, small companies can build stronger relationships, stand the competition, and ensure stable growth and development.

We hope that the tips above have been of great help and now you are filled with inspiration and ideas on how to make your customer support even better.

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