7 Ways Small Business Can Improve Client Communications and Boost Loyalty

client communication

Customer loyalty is closely tied to client communication, especially for small businesses that may not have an established brand image potential customers could latch onto.

Your business needs to be certain that you’re capable of hearing any special requests or complaints that your customers might have. More importantly, you need to have workflows in place that ensure they’re able to address these concerns whenever they become an issue.

Managers of growing companies and startups should take a close look at these tips. Chances are that you can improve communications workflows just by making a few simple changes.

01. Add Branding to Every Document

Customized branding on invoices and other business documents looks very professional, and it also gives you yet another opportunity to promote your company’s image. Personalized messages are another way to spruce up documents that might otherwise have been fairly bare.

Though it’s a bad idea to cover up every single piece of negative space on a page, there’s probably at least some area on your existing templates that would make a good home for some kind of branded content.

Some Helpful resources for branding

Professional Business Card Mockup

02. Review Everything for Mistakes

Spelling errors found in an email message can make you look unprofessional. The use of emoji symbols and emoticons in them can too, though some experts feel this could be changing.

Always take a few moments before hitting send to review your copy and see if it needs any adjustments. This might seem like a pedantic step, but it’s vital because you never get a second opportunity to make a first impression.

03. Don’t Go All-in on Wireless

Conventional landline phone systems, preferably deployed in the form of a voice-over IP solution, still have a place in the office. Investing in a solid VoIP phone system for business is a great way to be certain that you have a good backup in case something goes wrong with cellular networks.

VoIP handsets can connect to customer databases and record contact details, which makes them ideal for both marketing and support calls. This is an especially important point for companies that handle everything in-house.


04. Treat Blogging Like Broadcasting

All business communications take one of two forms. Either you’re talking to many people simultaneously or trying to get a message across to a single individual.

Blogging is an excellent way to address large numbers of potential clients all at once, so you shouldn’t treat posts as though they were missives directed at a specific person.

Write in a personal way so that your readers feel that they’re being addressed directly, but don’t make anyone in particular feel left out. Pick topics you’re passionate about because these will help your enthusiasm shine through.

05. Add Communications Concerns to Your Business Plan

Regional brands that have just started to come into their own will often consider their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through a process that’s called making a SWOT analysis.

Think carefully about whether your organization’s communications hardware is an assets or a liability and include this when performing an analysis. Customer-focused managers will also want to evaluate whether their staff is well-trained in the human side of business communication.

Even the fanciest contact software can’t help when it comes time to talk to actual clients in a real-world situation.

06. Focus on Clear and Concise Messages

Long-winded discussions might appear impressive to an outside observer, but they’re often full of needless content that could confuse and distract potential clients.

Always be concise and avoid flowery language that might turn customers away from an important message.

Only repeat yourself if necessary to get a point across, because an excessive amount of repetition can make people tune out completely.

07. Use Demure Typefaces

Considering how many different fonts there are on a modern computer, you could be tempted to use numerous ones in the same document. Pick a standard commercial typeface and stick with it so that your message doesn’t get lost in a sea of graphic design choices.

At the end of the day, your customers are looking to have their questions answered so it’s always best to pick a solid legible typeface that’s going to hold up even if it ends up on a very small screen.

Body text on websites should probably be left to the whims of the browser loading the page since it will usually pick out something that works well on a client’s platform of choice.

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