16 Best Social Login WordPress Plugins

Social Login Plugins

The social login system is very important for any site that allows users to register and login. The social login option makes it very easy for the users to get started quickly as well as it works to protect spam to a great extent.

WordPress is no more just a blogging platform, but a complete solution to create any kind of website you wish to create.

Be it a social community site or an online store site, you have the ready options to create your site with minimal investment.

So, when you are creating a site that revolves around users, the social login feature becomes very important.

The default WordPress login system is good for the admin but it is not good enough for the visitors. Also, if you allow your visitors to use the default login/register option, your site will be loaded with spam users.

Another important aspect to look at is the ease of use. If you are allowing your users to use their Facebook or Twitter account to login to your site, the process becomes a lot quicker.

The best part is that there are some amazing social login WordPress plugins that you can use to bring in the social login feature to your site quickly.

We have mentioned the best social login plugin options in this post.


Youzer is one of the most powerful social plugins for the WordPress platform. If your site is based on BuddyPress, this plugin will take your community site to the next level.

This is a must-have WordPress plugin for every site that revolves around the user community as it brings you over 700 options that will fire up your site.

The plugin offers you a comprehensive admin panel where you can set up all the features and options for your site as per your requirement.

Youzer Admin Panel

Not only a community, but this plugin is extremely helpful for a membership site where you wish to have great-looking member profile pages with unique layouts.

The Youzer plugin comes with a number of different profile design designs, header designs to make your site look attractive and unique.

Here are some of the header options from the available lot.

Youzer Plugin

The plugin offers you over 35 different widgets so that you have the flexibility to change the design with your preferred widgets.

Powerful social features like the social wall, groups, messages, friendships, great-looking emoticons, member directory, social login and a number of other options will take your site to the next level.

The plugin is great for enhancing the overall member profile features on your site. It comes with some amazing features like unlimited custom links, unlimited tabs, unlimited profile structures, color options and more.

The modern setting page of the plugin makes things very simple for the users to manage your social site.

Youzer Settings

UserPro: User Profiles with Social Login

This is a complete solution for social login and user profile-related options. If you are using a social community kind of a site, this can be a great plugin option for you.

This plugin brings in some amazing features into your site. It comes with some stunning designs of login and registration forms that you can showcase on the front end of your site.

UserPro Forms

It also comes with some amazing design options for the user profile pages where you can see the user image as well as their details.

User Pro profile

The overall member page also offers you multiple design options to choose from. Even if you have a general site and you wish to create a community around it, UserPro plugin can be a great solution.

When you start a new site, creating a community around it should be one of the first priorities along with SEO and email opt-in because if you have a community the users will stick to your content.

UserPro coffers you member badges and achievement options which is an important add-on for the community sites.

Like the BuddyPress plugin, this plugin also offers you the followers and following showcase option, activity feed, member restriction and a number of other amazing features.


Social Snap

Social Snap is a complete social media management plugin for WordPress that has created a good name for itself in the recent past. You will have all the social media features on your WordPress site with this single plugin.

You can use it for adding the social sharing buttons on your site, you can use it to show the social profiles to make your users follow your business. You can also use it as a social login plugin.

It brings in a number of options to help you grow your site using the power of social media. It offers you the Click to Tweet option that you see on the top authority blogs helping your users to quickly tweet your posts with a highly optimized message.

You also get a risk-free 30 days trial period to check the plugin works for your business.


Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro is not just another social login plugin but a complete membership management plugin for WordPress.

It is one of the most comprehensive membership management plugins for WordPress. This plugin is GDPR compliance-ready, so you don’t have to worry about the compliance part of your membership site.

This plugin can do a lot of things on your site to make sure that every aspect of your membership site is taken care of perfectly.

Here are a few options that you can check in the image below.

Ultimate Membership Pro

You will have full control over what content you allow your members to view and what you wish to restrict.

You have the social content locker option built-in in the plugin. You can load any content inside a page if you need to.

You can create multiple membership plans for your site, and you have the payment processing system in the plugin that allows you to accept payment through most of the prominent payment options such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, Bank Transfer and many others.

Member Profile

As it is a membership plugin, the plugin comes with a great-looking modern member profile page that shows a number of important details about the member.

Membership Profile Page

Easy Digital Downloads: Social Login

as the name suggests, this is a social login plugin created for eCommerce sites created using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

Created by a team of trusted consultants of Easy Digital Downloads, this plugin will make the process of adding social login easier for your eCommerce site.

This plugin gives you the option to add a number of different social media networks as login options, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Easy Digital Downloads Social Login

Social Login

A very useful and free-to-use social login plugin for WordPress that offers over 30 different social login platforms to use.

However, you will not require so many options, maximum 2 or 3 are good enough for any site. Mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Google are the most widely used options.

You might require using other platforms like Github if your site is around web development and coding. Similarly, you may need to use other social options depending on the niche of your site, and this plugin offers you all the options that you may need.

This plugin seamlessly integrates with the default login and registration system making it super simple for the users.

Social Login Plugin

Super Socializer Social Login Plugin

This is not just a social login plugin but a complete solution for your social media need. With this plugin and two related plugins, you will be able to take care of three very important functions on your site, the login feature, social sharing and social commenting.

This plugin supports multisite setup, so you will be able to have a single signup system for your multisite setup.

Also, like many other social login plugins you don’t have to create an account on any third-party sites.

Super Socializer Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login

If you need a high-quality powerful plugin for the social login feature, here is a great option for you. This plugin works perfectly with the BuddyPress as well as the bbPress community setup.

It also works perfectly on any kind of WooCommerce store site it is super easier for you to have the social login feature to your store.

It is a 100% multilingual plugin so you can use this in any language.

This is a well-documented plugin that offers you all the guidance necessary to get started with your site and use this plugin to the best of its potential.

You will have all the social login stats at your fingertips as it offers you nice reports on the social login feature uses.

Social Login Stats

Overall, it’s a great plugin option for social login integration. It offers you all the leading social platforms to choose from.

WooCommerce Social Login

BS Input

This is another premium plugin option that gives you a quick and easier option to add social login option.

With this plugin, you can have a social login option that will enable your users to login by using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The content locking system is another big advantage for the users to increase the user base by asking them to login before they could read the complete article.

This plugin completely supports WooCommerce as well as BuddyPress which needs a user login feature as a basic requirement.

To make it match perfectly with your site, you can customize the look and feel of the plugin as per your need.

BS Input

AccessPress Social Login Lite

I think this plugin is simple, quick and to the point. You don’t need hundreds of options that you will never use.

This plugin offers you the option to integrate three most popular social platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Google as login options which I think is good enough for any site.

You can choose where you wish the login option to be displayed, in the login/registration area or the comment section.

You can also place the social login option anywhere on your site with the shortcode provided by the plugin.

AccessPress Social Login Lite

WordPress Social Login

Another very easy-to-use and feature-rich social login plugin for WordPress that is free to use. Once you start using this plugin, your users don’t need to go through the registration process.

They will be able to get started with your site by using their social accounts. And the best part is that this plugin offers you the option to import users from Google Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live and LinkedIn.

WordPress Social Login

WordPress Social Login By MiniOrange

Another amazing free social login plugin for WordPress. You can have the social login, social sharing, social comment features on your WordPress site using this plugin.

You can add most of the prominent social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and a few more.

As it is a very important requirement, this plugin is fully GDPR compliant to make sure that your site is safe.

This plugin is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, so you can add those social features to your online store as well.

You can fully customize the look and feel of the social app. Customize the icon, custom email notification to admin when a user uses the social login feature and more.

WordPress Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login

As the name suggests, this plugin is created for the WooComerce stores. If you are managing an online store created with the WooCommerce plugin and wish to have the social login feature which is extremely important these days, you can use this plugin.

This plugin also works perfectly with the BuddyPress and bbPress community sites. The plugin offers you a beautiful design for the login and the registration page and it supports most of the important social sites.

You can quickly add the social networks that you wish to use on your site and rearrange them according to your needs.

WooCommerce Social Login WordPress Plugin

YITH WooCommerce Social Login

As the name suggests, this is a plugin for the WooCommerce-based eCommerce sites to add social login feature.

The plugin is simple and free to use. You can add Facebook and Twitter login options using this plugin to make it easier for your users to quickly login to your site.

The plugin will automatically add the login option to the following pages.

  • “My Account” page
  • Checkout page
  • WordPress Login

The plugin gives you the option to customize the text as per your need.

Download YITH WooCommerce Social Login

Nextend Social Login and Register

It is a free social login and registers plugin that you can use to add the social login feature to your WordPress site.

This plugin will add the social login options in the WordPress login form and the users can use their Facebook Twitter or Google account to login to your site quickly.

Users have the choice to add their social profiles to their profile page on your site. As soon as the user login by using any of their social accounts, it will fetch their profile pic so that it displays the real image instead of any dummy image.

So, overall this is a quick, simple and free option to add social login option to your site.

Nextend Social Login and Register

Final Word

The above-mentioned are some of the best social login WordPress plugins that you can use on your site. These plugins work perfectly with any WordPress theme.

As already mentioned above in the post, it is very important to try and create a community around your site from the first day because your community will be a great source of traffic and it will increase the overall engagement on your site.

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