7 Reasons Why You Need A Website Builder For Your Startup

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The year 2019 promises to be another year where online startups serve as an avenue for wealth building. All of these online startups, like most other businesses in the modern world, are going to need a website.

However, it can be challenging for entrepreneurs to put together a professional looking website, especially when they do not know anything about building or designing a website.

Website builders have made it possible for people with little to no website building skill to design websites that are attractive, functional, and profitable.

Companies like WIX have raised mega VC rounds and are currently valued at billions of dollars. The reasoning is quite simple. Website building software makes it easier for regular people to quickly and efficiently set up their websites.

There’s no need to setup DNS records, find a host, or install WordPress. The following are a few of the benefits that come from using a website builder.

#1. It’s Not Expensive

When you use a website builder, you do not need a large budget. There are a number of free plans that you can choose from. Many of these free plans are surprisingly flexible, offering a number of options to meet your needs.

Even if you choose a paid plan, the packages that website builders offer are way more affordable than hiring a professional. Many website builders will throw in a free hosting service and domain name.

#2. No Technical Skills Required

A few years ago, the only way to build a website was to understand how to code. Now, you can build a website without any technical skills required. Website builders employ drag-and-drop technology.

They are designed to be user-friendly. Average individuals who know how to use a mouse and how to type in the text can create an attractive website quickly.

You’re able to upload images, change elements, and do a whole host of other things without writing a line of code or doing any editing.

A lot of the origins of modern website builders come from WYSIWYG editors or more commonly known as what you see is what you get.

#3. Be Your Own Developer

Because of how simple website builders make it for you to maintain a website, you can do the work yourself. Regular website maintenance is a requirement if you want your website to be successful.

This is because those who visit your website always want to see something new. If you do not give them new and exciting content, new features, or new products, they’re going to quickly lose interest and move elsewhere.

Since website builders allow you to employee drag-and-drop technology and since they all have an easy to use interface, you can take complete control of your website and update it when necessary.

#4. Edit Your Website on the Fly

Website builders make it possible for you to edit your website at any time and from any computer. This is because website builders are all online based.

All of the files that you have been hosted on your server, not on a personal computer. Wix hosts these files on their servers and doesn’t require any additional space on your personal computer. This means that you can login to your account at any time and make all of the changes that you need.

You can update your website in real time. It doesn’t matter the device you use as long as you have an Internet connection and a web browser.

#5. No Design Talent Needed

A good website is a mixture of coding and design. Some people have the mental capacity to learn how to code but lack an eye for design.

Even if you do not have an eye for design and no idea where to start designing your website, you can still create something that is attractive. Website builders allow you to begin with a simple template.

The template is designed to be attractive. It takes into consideration all of the graphic design techniques needed to make your website look attractive.

You can customize your template to match the overall style you want for your site.

#6. Your Website Will Be Ready to Go in No Time

With website builders, your site is ready to go instantly. This is because website builders are designed to simplify the website creation process. You start with a template that is pre-designed.

The tools and applications are ready to use out-of-the-box. All you need to do is throw in a little bit of your own content, hit publish, and your website is up and running in no time.

#7. Free Applications

One of the biggest advantages that website builders bring to the table is the libraries of applications. These are free tools that you can use to make your website functional.

Many of these tools are already integrated into the website builder. Others are made available via third parties. These tools and applications allow you to turn your website into something that is attractive, functional, and exciting to use.

Is WordPress a Website Builder?

No. WordPress is a content management system. WordPress offers a greater level of versatility than what you would get with most website builders. It also has a steeper learning curve.

It can be easier to use than programming a website from scratch, but you’re still going to have to learn how to make the most of the platform. If you are not technically savvy, you could find WordPress a little overwhelming.

Additionally, with WordPress, you will need to purchase a hosting service, something that is often included with a website builder.

Modern business happens online. It’s estimated that 96 percent of people do some of their shopping or purchasing online.

Even when people shop at brick-and-mortar stores, they still use online tools. Having a website makes your business more discoverable. And it makes it possible for you to alert customers to changes in hours, specials, and promotions.

Having a website makes your business look and feel legitimate.

If you are considering an online startup in 2019, we recommend you take some time and look at website builders. They streamline the process of designing a website and get you interacting with your customers faster.

Do you have any positive experiences using website builders? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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