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Based on 19 user reviews, Thrive Leads has an overall rating of 4.68 out of 5 stars.


Thrive Leads Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Thrive Leads is a lead generation WordPress plugin that provides tools for creating and optimizing various opt-in forms, A/B testing, and analytics to enhance email list building efforts. Its integration with the Thrive Suite further enhances its capabilities for users.

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What is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress developed by Thrive Themes. Founded in 2013 by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy, Thrive Themes specializes in creating WordPress tools that increase conversions and revenue for marketers and bloggers. Thrive Leads stands out as a premier plugin, offering advanced targeting capabilities and numerous features tailored to boost its users’ email list-building efforts.

What is Thrive Leads good for?

Thrive Leads excels at enabling website owners to effectively build and manage their email lists. The plugin offers access to a variety of opt-in form types, including slide-in forms, which are particularly effective, demonstrating its ability as a versatile email campaign builder. Its robust suite of tools includes highly customizable opt-in forms, detailed reporting and analytics, and A/B testing capabilities. With Thrive Architect, users can easily design and customize templates for maximum engagement. These features are highly effective for conversion optimization, allowing users to capture leads efficiently. The plugin is especially useful for running targeted marketing campaigns, thanks to its sophisticated targeting capabilities that ensure the right messages reach the right audience segments. 

Who Should Use Thrive Leads?

Bloggers, digital marketers, and WordPress website owners can benefit greatly from using Thrive Leads. It is especially valuable for those focused on increasing email subscribers and improving lead generation. Website owners looking to increase engagement through personalized content and offers will also find Thrive Leads an essential tool in their marketing technology stack. Small to medium-sized businesses looking to cultivate a loyal customer base through email marketing campaigns can leverage Thrive Leads for its powerful and easy-to-use list-building capabilities. Its compatibility with various WordPress plugins and integration capabilities with services like Mailchimp also allows for seamless integration into existing websites.

Thrive Leads Company Details

Thrive Themes, the company behind Thrive Leads, was founded in early 2013 through the collaboration of marketing expert Shane Melaugh and technology enthusiast Paul McCarthy. The company focuses on developing WordPress products tailored for marketers looking to increase their online conversions and revenue. Thrive Themes has positioned itself as a leader in creating innovative tools to optimize website performance and increase user engagement. Over the years, Thrive Themes’ reputation has grown largely due to its commitment to quality and continuous efforts to innovate in the digital marketing space, as evidenced by the positive Thrive Leads reviews. Thrive Leads stands out among their products, reflecting the company’s expertise in conversion optimization and lead gathering solutions.

Company Name: Thrive Themes

CEO Name: Shane Melaugh

Est Year: 2013

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Switzerland

Shane Melaugh Thrive Themes
Shane Melaugh
Founder Thrive Themes

Thrive Leads Demo & Media

Thrive Leads Top Features

ThriveBox (PopUp Lightbox)

An unblockable overlay (also known as a pop-up) that appears above a user's content and is highly attention-grabbing.

"Sticky" Ribbon

This is a ribbon-type form that appears at the top of the screen and remains "sticky" as the visitor scrolls down the page.

Multiple Types of Opt-In Forms

Thrive Leads helps users avoid the complications of using multiple plugins to create opt-in forms by providing a variety of usable opt-in templates.

In-built A/B Testing

Users can find the version of their opt-in forms that will convert more of their website visitors thanks to Thrive Leads' ability to A.B. test opt-in forms.

Detailed Dashboard Insights

The Thrive Leads dashboard gives users access to key metrics to help them improve their lead generation strategy. Users can choose from a variety of reports to understand how their opt-ins are performing and see where conversions are coming from.

Volume of Integrations

The number of email service integrations really sets Thrive Leads apart. Thrive Leads has direct API integrations with the most popular email services like Active Campaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, MailChimp - and many, many more.

Complete Design Freedom

Thrive Leads gives users complete design freedom so they can customize their opt-ins based on their preferences. It makes it easy to add videos, images, columns, and more using the elements included in Thrive Leads.

Opt-Ins with Multiple States

This feature allows users to link multiple actions together. It also helps to show different content to users who have already opted into the registration form.

Template Options

Thrive Leads comes with over 450 stunning opt-in form templates, so no matter what type of opt-in a user needs, it's easy to pick a design that works well with their website.

Screen Filler Overlay

The "unignorable" opt-in form and the perfect way to make sure users get the full attention of the visitor to their offer.

Pros of Thrive Leads

  • Versatile and dynamic opt-in forms 
  • Locked content features 
  • Triggers are helpful in keeping the UX clean
  • Excellent split testing options
  • Supports integration with e-mail services

Cons of Thrive Leads

  • Doesn’t track clicks as conversions
  • Data reporting needs more flexibility 
  • Template designs are limited

Thrive Leads Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Thrive Themes gives you two options to choose from. Prospective users can opt for the individual plugin that is priced at $99 per year or the entire Thrive Themes suite that will provide access to all the products that the platform has to offer for $299 per year.

Thrive Leads
Yearly Billing: NA
Provides access to the standalone WordPress plugin. It's best for those with existing websites who want to add opt-in forms to their site to build an engaged mailing list.
Thrive Suite
Yearly Billing: NA
Gives you full access to Thrive Theme's entire suite of integrated plugins (including Thrive Leads) for one great price. Users can build and grow the online business of their dreams with a complete set of conversion-focused tools.

Thrive Leads Price Comparison

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User Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 19 reviews)

convenient solution to build your list

December 15, 2023

easy to use and has lot of integrations even one you won’t expect can only be used on wordpress. Also their a/b testing feature can be a touch buggy not being to connect leads to my autoresponder using an API

can only be used on wordpress. Also their a/b testing feature can be a touch buggy

Avatar for Craige H.
Craige H.
Review Source: G2

Everything you need to design and deploy lead gen assets with wordpress

June 27, 2023

Everything is included to design, deploy and test professional looking lead gen assets quickly all inside of wordpress. It can be confusing to navigate round all of the elements at first. Having all of the elements required to deploy lead gen forms in one place without the need to hire anybody.

It can be confusing to navigate round all of the elements at first.

Avatar for Simon M.
Simon M.
Review Source: G2

one of the best platforms

June 8, 2023

many templates, easy to use with the drag and drop stuck sometimes or slow down when using high traffic sites design options so there is no need to spend much time on that

good analytics and reporting

stuck sometimes or slow down when using high traffic sites

Avatar for Kobi Y.
Kobi Y.
Review Source: G2

Extremely helpful, rivals any lead software

June 6, 2023

I use the pop-up ThriveBox and Exit Intent screenfiller the most. It rivals any good lead software, and I especially love that I don’t have to pay extra, it all comes in ThriveSuite. I really like that I can customize everything about my pop-ups, that that they even have 1-step or 2-step lead boxes. There is nothing to dislike. It is a great product that is robust enough to be its own software outside of ThriveSuite. It helps me build my email list without trying. Just set it, build out the lead magnet, connect everything and done.

There is nothing to dislike. It is a great product that is robust enough to be its own software outside of ThriveSuite.

Avatar for Anonymous
Review Source: G2

Best plugin to capture emails efficiently

May 18, 2023

It is one of the most efficient and easy-to-operate lead-capturing plugins to work with a WordPress website without any hassles. You can select multiple options (OPT-IN FORMS) to work from. The only issue I have with this is the templates; they are not very pleasing and seema bit off the competition as the designs are ba bit old and outdatedfor now. The primary use of it for me is that it helps me to capture leads effectively. I can choose various opt-in forms by my requirements. And the most fascinating thing is that it provides the A/B testing functionality which helps me a lot as it is straightforward to use.

The only issue I have with this is the templates; they are not very pleasing and seema bit off the competition as the designs are ba bit old and outdatedfor now.

Avatar for Anupama T.
Anupama T.
Review Source: G2

What Kind of Support Thrive Leads Offers?

When it comes to support, Thrive Themes offers extensive support through a number of channels. Users can join the product’s Facebook community to find answers to their questions. In addition, the product’s customer service has a ton of video tutorials on YouTube for all of their products, and they have a help and support portal on their home page where users can find answers to most of their questions. Finally, users who need personalized support services can contact their support team via ticket and email.
Email Support
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

Thrive Leads FAQs

Yes, Thrive Leads is a legitimate lplugin for generating leads on WordPress developed by the widely recognized company Thrive Themes, founded by marketing expert Shane Melaugh and tech geek Paul McCarthy. With a long-standing reputation for creating conversion-focused tools, Thrive Leads is designed to effectively help users build their email lists.
Thrive Leads is worth paying for due to its comprehensive set of features aimed at increasing email subscription rates, including advanced targeting, A/B testing capabilities, and a wide variety of opt-in form types. It is a powerful tool for bloggers and marketers looking to increase conversions and grow their email lists.
Thrive Leads offers integrations with a variety of other software, including email marketing services, webinar platforms, and CRM systems. These integrations allow users to seamlessly connect Thrive Leads with their preferred marketing automation and customer relationship management tools, thus increasing their efficiency.
Users can track the performance of their opt-in forms in Thrive Leads through the built-in analytics and A/B testing features. These tools provide valuable insights into conversion rates and user engagement, allowing users to make data-driven decisions to tweak their forms for better results.
Thrive Leads is highly successful at increasing email subscription rates due to its sophisticated targeting options, variety of engaging form variants, and powerful A/B testing capabilities. Users report significant increases in their list building efforts when using Thrive Leads’ conversion-focused features.
The Thrive Leads WordPress plugin allows users to generate a wide range of opt-in form types, including lightbox popups, sticky ribbons, inline forms, 2-step opt-in forms, slide-ins, and more. Each form category is designed for different user engagement scenarios, increasing the potential to capture email subscribers and making it a highly valued list building plugin.
Yes, Thrive Leads helps segment email lists by providing advanced targeting capabilities that allow users to deliver content and offers based on user behavior, preferences, and interaction with previous forms. This results in more personalized marketing efforts and better engagement with subscribers.
Thrive Leads supports mobile-responsive forms, ensuring that opt-in forms look great and work perfectly on devices of all sizes. This responsiveness is critical to maintaining high conversion rates across desktop and mobile platforms.

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