Seven Key Elements of A Winning LinkedIn Profile

Winning LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the web. So, if you’re a professional, you can’t afford to not be on a well-known social media platform.

You can use LinkedIn to find a new job, locate an internship opportunity, and connect with other professionals to build relationships and strengthen your personal network. You can even use LinkedIn to learn new skills to help you succeed in your chosen career.

In order to stand the best chance of finding a new job and connecting with other professionals, it’s crucial that you pay attention to your profile.

Here are seven key elements of a winning LinkedIn profile that you need to get right.

optimize LinkedIn Profile

1. Your Profile Picture

Your LinkedIn profile picture will be one of the first things that others see when they look at your profile, so it’s essential that you select the right photo to use.

You should look friendly and professional, so forget posting a picture of you lounging on the beach.

Nor is the best profile picture solely about taking the perfect headshot. You should customize your profile picture so that you really stand out from the crowd.

Thankfully, that’s easily achievable by using a profile picture maker.

The Picsart Profile Picture Maker provides editing and background tools to help you customize your profile picture to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible and represent you in your best light.

Furthermore, with the Picsart Profile Picture Maker, you can easily create a picture that is customized for the required size of a LinkedIn profile picture, and any other popular social media platform, to ensure there are no problems like poor resolution.

2. The Headline

Your LinkedIn headline appears directly below your profile picture, which means it’s one of the first things people will see when they look at your profile. Therefore, you need to get your headline right.

You should use words to convey your specific industry and role to help people find you when searching on LinkedIn.

You should also use the right wording to make your headline as compelling as possible. Avoid using the word “unemployed” or mentioning that you’re seeking job opportunities. You can use another of LinkedIn’s tools to show potential employers you are seeking work.

Your headline needs to represent who you are as a professional.

3. The About Section

In the About section, you can tell others about yourself in more detail.

The key to a winning About section is to tell a story. That will be much more effective than simply using the About section to write your resume.

Consider how others will respond to the things you write to make the About section as engaging as possible. Also, as with every other written section of your LinkedIn profile, make sure your text is grammatically correct and free of spelling mistakes.

So, share your career story, highlight your major accomplishments, write about the reasons that led to you working in your career field, and mention your future goals in your About section to generate interest and showcase your professional skills and attributes.

4. Your Job Experience

In the Job Experience section, you have the opportunity to tell others about the specific elements of your career, such as the places you have worked, the roles you have been in, and the things you have achieved.

5. Your Education

In this section, list all of your past education, including the establishments at which you studied and the certifications you gained.

6. Skills & Endorsements

You can list up to fifty skills in this section of your LinkedIn profile, so make sure you list as many skills as possible.

Also, make sure you list your best three skills at the top, as those are the ones that people will first see. Those top three skills should be relevant to your future career goals.

Next to each skill, you can list the number of people who have endorsed those skills to give your skills more professional merit.

You can begin gaining endorsements for your skills by making connections and endorsing others’ skills on LinkedIn, as that will encourage others to endorse your skills.

7. Recommendations

Adding written recommendations to your profile is an excellent way to create a good first impression and demonstrate that you’re a valued and trustworthy professional.

So, gain as many recommendations as you can.

Now you know how to create a winning LinkedIn profile, you might like to check out this article about how to use LinkedIn to push your blog performance.

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