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Recruitee Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Recruitee is a cloud-based talent acquisition platform designed to simplify the recruitment process through automation, collaborative tools, and data-driven insights for businesses of all sizes.

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What is Recruitee?

Recruitee is a leading collaborative recruiting software designed to streamline the recruiting process for internal teams. Built to support sourcing, assessment and hiring efforts, the platform features customizable pipelines, multi-posting capabilities, advanced career site features and comprehensive dashboards. Mobile accessibility and role-based access controls further enhance its utility. With more than 181,000 users across 5,000 companies, including Taco Bell and M&S, Recruitee is an essential tool for organizations looking to efficiently attract and retain top talent.

What is Recruitee good for?

Recruitee excels at streamlining the entire hiring process, from sourcing potential candidates to successfully integrating new hires. Its core strengths include the ability to create customizable recruitment pipelines tailored to specific organizational needs, a multi-posting feature for job ads to reach a wide audience, and enhanced career site features that improve the candidate experience. In addition, comprehensive dashboards provide real-time insight into recruitment metrics to facilitate informed decision making. These features, combined with mobile accessibility and robust privacy controls, make Recruitee an effective platform for streamlining recruitment workflows.

Who should use Recruitee?

Recruitee is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, looking to improve their recruitment processes. Its diverse user base includes HR professionals, hiring managers and recruitment teams looking for a collaborative platform that offers customizable workflows, advanced analytics and efficient candidate management. The platform’s scalable solutions cater to various industries, ensuring that both growing companies and established brands can benefit from its comprehensive capabilities. In addition, companies looking to improve their employer branding and candidate experience will find Recruitee’s career site features particularly valuable.

Recruitee Company Details

Recruitee, the company behind Recruitee, has established itself as a major player in the collaborative recruiting software market. Founded with a vision to make recruiting easier and more efficient for companies of all sizes, the company has quickly become the preferred choice for companies looking to streamline their hiring processes.

Since its inception, Recruitee has experienced significant growth in both its user base and its offerings. The platform now serves over 181,000 users from 5,000 companies worldwide, including household names such as Taco Bell and M&S. The company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in its comprehensive features and flexible pricing options designed to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. With a commitment to transparency, Recruitee ensures that potential customers can make informed decisions by providing detailed pricing information on its website.

Company Name: Recruitee B.V.

CEO Name: Perry Oostdam

Est Year: 2015

Employees: 101-250

HQ Location: European Union, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Perry Oostdam

Recruitee Demo & Media

Recruitee Top Features

Job Requisition Management

Easily create and manage job requisitions within the system.

Company Website Posting

Post jobs directly to your company website for maximum visibility.

Publish to Social Media

Easily share job postings on social media platforms.

Job Board Posting

Easily distribute job postings to multiple job search sites.

Customized application form

Customize application forms to collect specific candidate information.

Resume Management

Efficiently organize and manage candidate resumes.

Duplicate Candidate Prevention

Prevent duplicate entries in your candidate database for better organization.

Candidate Search

Quickly locate and filter candidates based on specific criteria.

Candidate Tracking

Seamlessly track candidates' progress through the hiring process.

Team Collaboration

Encourage collaboration among team members to make better hiring decisions.

Pros of Recruitee

  • Streamlined candidate follow-up process
  • Award-winning reputation
  • Responsive and supportive customer support
  • Integration with email and notifications
  • Clear and transparent pricing model
  • Cons of Recruitee

  • Limited customization options
  • Lack of in-depth analysis features
  • Absence of custom form functionality
  • Recruitee Pricing

    Recruitee offers multiple pricing options, including monthly or annual subscriptions, to suit a variety of business needs. Customers can get an 18-day free trial to test the features. Pricing varies depending on the plan chosen and the size of the organization. Recruitee also provides accurate pricing information on its website, ensuring that potential buyers can make informed decisions.

  • 5 job slots and unlimited users
  • User-friendly candidate pipelines
  • 1,250+ free and paid job boards
  • Smart campaigns
  • Single-page careers site
  • Candidate video chat
  • Mobile app
  • Two-way email and calendar sync
  • GDPR compliance features
  • Unlimited users and data
  • Full Marketplace access
  • Grow
  • All Start features, plus:
  • Multi-page careers site
  • ReferralsHub
  • Event scheduler
  • Questionnaires
  • Knockout questions
  • Multi-language careers site and jobs
  • Multi-locations
  • Custom reporting and filters
  • Custom careers site URL
  • Optimize
  • All Scale features, plus:
  • Onboarding support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Representative
  • Requisitions approvals
  • Fair evaluations
  • BI connection
  • SSO
  • Recruitee Price Comparison

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    What Kind of Support Recruitee Offers?

    Recruitee provides extensive support to its users to ensure a flawless experience. Their dedicated customer support team is known for being attentive and helpful, resolving any questions or concerns immediately.

    Users can request support by phone or email and receive expert advice on technical issues and questions. Recruitee also includes detailed documentation, tutorials, and self-help and troubleshooting tools.

    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation
    Phone Support
    Tutorial Video & Help Documentation

    Recruitee FAQs

    Recruitee is recognized as a legitimate collaborative hiring software, trusted by well-known companies such as Taco Bell and M&S to streamline their recruitment processes. With its extensive user base and customizable features, it stands as a reliable platform in the HR technology landscape.
    Yes, Recruitee is considered worth paying for due to its flexible pricing options, customizable pipelines and comprehensive features that support the efficient sourcing, assessment and hiring of talent. Its value is underlined by the trust and use of over 181,000 users in 5000 companies.
    Recruitee offers integrations with a wide range of other software, including popular platforms such as Slack, Gmail, and Zapier, facilitating seamless communication and workflow automation within the recruiting process.
    Multiple team members can collaborate on the Recruitee platform, enhanced by role-based access controls that ensure privacy and security. These features allow for effective teamwork in managing recruitment tasks and evaluating candidates.
    Recruitee handles job posting and applicant tracking through its multi-posting capabilities and customizable pipelines. This allows employers to easily post jobs to multiple job boards and efficiently manage candidate data within one comprehensive dashboard.
    To set up a job board with Recruitee, users can take advantage of the advanced career site features that allow for customization and integration into existing websites. This process is designed to be user friendly and helps employers attract talent through a professional and branded career site.
    Exporting data from Recruitee is facilitated by its comprehensive dashboards, which allow users to compile and analyze recruitment metrics. This feature supports decision making and reporting by allowing data to be extracted in various formats for further analysis or record keeping.
    Yes, Recruitee supports remote hiring with features such as a customizable career site, integrated job postings, and the ability to manage candidates remotely, making it a versatile tool for global talent acquisition.
    Recruitee provides advanced analytics and reporting through its dashboards, allowing users to track and measure recruiting performance. This includes insight into candidate sources, hiring stages and overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

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