20 Best Pricing Table WordPress Plugins

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A collection of best pricing table WordPress plugins that will help you to create great-looking pricing tables for your products or services.

Pricing tables are a very important part of any service provider’s site. If you are selling any digital or physical product the pricing tables will let your users know about the prices and what they are going to get in a nicely laid out manner.

If you provide an online service, then it will be a wise decision to incorporate a price table into your WordPress website.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to sink your arms into an arsenal of complicated codes.

If you are providing any service online or selling any products, the pricing tables make it super easier for your potential customers to find the best features of your products, you can also highlight the best plans in the table to increase your revenue.

In fact, getting a price table incorporated into your WordPress website will be as simple as installing a plugin. But which one? And with this question, let’s start with our list of the Best Pricing Table WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Go Pricing

Go Pricing is one of the most popular pricing table plugins in the market with over 24000 active users. With that being said, it is clear that it is filled with a lot of useful features. But at the same time, it is also a premium plugin and comes with a price tag.

Here are some features that you will be getting if you buy into Go Pricing. For starters, there are over two hundred and fifty types of different pricing table templates. This is then coupled with over nineteen hundred types of fonts.

You will also be getting PayPal integration and compatibility with Visual Composer. There is also a live preview mode which will let you see what you are building in real-time.

Go Pricing


ARPrice is a responsive pricing table plugin for WordPress that you can use for your agency site. This plugin also offers you extensive features and options to customize the look and feel of the pricing tables.

It offers you over 200 different table templates which are a huge number. Moreover, you can just drag-and-drop and customize the template you select, so in a way, the possibilities are unlimited with this plugin.

This plugin comes with some amazing modern features such as real-time template editor, responsive design, great looking animations, over 2400 different icons and a lot more.

ARPrice Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress

WP Pricing Table Builder

As the name suggests, this is a pricing table builder plugin that will help you to create great-looking pricing tables for your site.

WP Pricing Table Builder plugin comes with over 85 ready to be used design templates to choose from and with the drag-and-drop builder, you will be able to customize the design perfectly.

This plugin offers you tons of amazing features such as easy to use drag-and-drop builder, amazing color options, Font Awesome icons, demo content for each design and a lot more.

WP Pricing Table Builder


uPricing is another popular pricing table option for WordPress sites. This plugin offers you customization with a live preview option so that you can sell while you are making changes.

It offers you color customization options, font options, multiple theme options to select from, CSS3 ribbons, and a lot of other options.

uPricing table plugin

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

Another amazing pricing table plugins, it will help you to create a great-looking design for your pricing table.

The plugin is clean and professional, and you will surely love the way it makes your table look. You have the option to add any number of columns depending on your packages.

This plugin will surely help you to increase the conversion to a great extent. It offers you the option to create a custom pricing table and highlight the best deals so that you can make more from the available packages.

Add a beautiful looking call to action buttons to your pricing table and make your blend perfectly with your site’s skin and maintain the overall branding of your site.

This plugin will work perfectly with any WordPress theme and it is a GDPR compliance plugin, so you don’t have to worry about the compliances as well.

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables is a highly customizable WordPress plugin for creating price tables on your website. The plugin is filled with a plethora of options, but at the same time, it is also extremely user-friendly.

Some notable features of the plugin include a multitude of customization menus that lets you tweak every single option in your tables.

Then there is the option to include a tooltip for every single feature on your package coupled with animation support and icons for ticks and crosses.

You also have the freedom to include an unlimited number of rows and columns into your tables, and that is always a plus.


Pricing Table

Pricing Table is arguably one of the most to the point(as far as naming is considered) WordPress plugin for creating – Pricing Tables.

The plugin is available for free and comes with the necessary features that you will require to create pricing or even a feature table for all your products and services.

There is even a drag and drop interface that allows you to manage all the packages. You can also add unlimited packages and also highlight a certain package out of the selection.

The plugin is responsive, and all the tables which you create with it can be inserted with the help of shortcodes.

pricing tables

CSS3 Pricing Tables for WordPress

A comprehensive solution to create a great looking pricing table for your site. This plugin offers you nine different styles for your pricing tables.

With this plugin, you can create an unlimited number of rows and columns on your pricing tables. So, you can create custom takes with all the features and options for your site.


Kento Pricing Tables Free

Kento Pricing Tables is a high quality free(evident from the name) pricing table plugin for WordPress with beautiful tables created with CSS3 and HTML.

The plugin provides you with all the necessary tools you will need to create a pricing table that works and also matches the look and feel of your current WordPress theme and the color scheme being used.

The plugin also allows for easy adding of background images onto the pricing tables which can make things more engaging.

kento pricing tables

Responsive Pricing Tables

The Responsive Pricing Tables is another user-friendly WordPress plugin used for pricing table creations. It has an extremely Intuitive panel with all the options, and you will immediately know how to use it to set up a wonderful price table.

In a matter of moments, you will have a simple pricing table created with all the necessary fields like title, description, prices, period, icons, payment buttons and so on.

Some of its notable features include options to highlight a specific and the liberty to include the tables into any posts through the use of shortcodes.

responsive pricing tables

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

The CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables is another very powerful premium pricing table plugin for WordPress. Besides being a mouthful, the plugin is also feature-filled, which makes up for the time it takes to pronounce it.

The plugin is in totality built using HTML and CSS. You will get over 20 different responsive tables with the plugin which are made with variations on two basic styles.

The notable features of the plugin include an option to include hover state animations with all the columns, toggle between regular and sliding columns, expandable rows and highlighted column.

You can then complement all of these with over 40 icons and then implement the table which you just created through shortcodes.

css3 resposnive wordpress compare price tables

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables comes packed with ten fully responsive templates for price tables which you can set up on your WordPress website in under 2 minutes.

And if you don’t like the templates that you are giving, you can always customize them, although the customization options are not plenty.

The ready-made templates also have built-in tooltips that you can use to display information in detail without having to clutter the price table itself.

Now it is a premium plugin in, and they have pricing plans like Business and Agency. The plans which are available at a higher price also comes with features like pricing toggles and Google Analytics add-on.

Overall, if you don’t want to hassle too much and just want a good looking functional pricing tables plugin, then go with this one. Also, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there isn’t much to lose here.

easy price tables

Pure CSS Pricing Table

Pure CSS Pricing Table is a very powerful plugin as far as pricing table creation is considered. There are a lot of great designs that you get with the plugin, and all of them can be styled as per your requirements.

The entirety of the plugin is based on Bootstrap and built using CSS and HTML.

Some of its notable functionalities include a feature to drag and drop the columns and rows to sort them, which makes the process extremely easy and simple.

You also get control over color combinations and hands on a variety of button styles. There is also PayPal integration provided which can be very helpful in receiving money from your clients or customers.

However, if you are looking for some heavy-duty pricing table plugins with a plethora of features, then take a look at these two alternatives.

They are costlier but can be used as a total solution for all your problems relating to creating a table for your WordPress website.

pure CSS responsive pricing tables

AP Pricing Tables

This pricing table plugin gives you the option to create an unlimited number of tables with unlimited columns. AP Pricing Tables plugin comes with 35 ready to be used templates that you can use to create your pricing tables.

It is a very flexible plugin and you can add audio, video as well as Google Maps on your pricing tables which will undoubtedly enhance the user experience.

Best pricing table plugins


If you want to be immaculate about detailing on your content tables, then look no further than wpDataTables. The comprehensive list of options provided by the plugin can be so large that it can even intimidate some people.

Hence it goes without saying, choose this plugin if you have had some experience with WordPress. Or else, you might be able to get the full flavor.

Now one thing to note about wpDataTables is that it won’t give you the freedom to create content tables from within your WordPress Dashboard.

In fact, all the input you would use to create your tables has to be imported from data sources like Excel, CSV, MySQL queries, XML, and JSON.

So by no means is this plugin user-friendly. But if that is something you don’t mind and want something that gives you an extreme level of control over the data tables then go ahead and install the plugin.


League Table

League Table is curated for sports-based websites in mind but can be used by sites representing other niches.

It is an awesome table creator plugin, and unlike wpDataTables, it is extremely easy to use. But there is significantly less control offered by this plugin in comparison to the above. But it is still an excellent choice for average users.

Tables can be very easily created. You will have to set up the number of columns and rows, provide a table heading and then input the data into the cells. The plugin also allows you to sort the tables according to specific columns.

Some notable features of the plugin include alternating row coloration, to-the-pixel table dimensions, logo display, and even the ability to incorporate a sort of responsive design to your tables.

After creating a table, the plugin will provide a shortcode which you will have to insert into a post and voila, have your table inserted into your post.

With all these being said, one downside of the plugin would be the fact that there is the capability for exporting or importing data.

league tables

Pricing Table by Supsystic

A drag-and-drop free pricing table plugin for WordPress that will allow you to create modern tables to showcase your pricing plans.

You have the option to add column images or videos to make it look trendy. You have complete flexibility to create an unlimited number of columns and rows as per your requirement.

You have the tooltip support, button text and CSS styles for your pricing tables.

Pricing Table by Supsystic

Pricing Tables For Visual Composer

If you are using the Visual Composer website builder for your site and looking for a free pricing table add-on option, this is the plugin you need.

As the name suggests, this plugin is created for the Visual Composer builder. You can use this plugin to add great-looking pricing tables to your site.

It’s a fully responsive plugin with complete control over the customizations that you wish to do on your site.

Pricing Tables For Visual Composer

Pricing Table By ADL Plugins

Another free plugin option to create modern pricing tables on your WordPress site. This plugin offers you a very simple and easy option to get started with the tables.

You can quickly create the pricing takes subscription tables or a membership plan table for your potential customers and add it to any page with the shortcode provided by the plugin.

Pricing Table

In Conclusion

Hope you liked the list and its content. If you are considering creating a pricing table for your WordPress website, then one of these plugins should suit your requirements perfectly.

Also, if you think that we have left some good alternatives which you believe should be in the top tier then do mention them down in the comments sections.

Your fellow readers will love to get more alternatives, and you will also be adding more scope to this read. So thanks in advance.

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