6 Best Auto Blogging WordPress Plugins

Some of the top tools and plugins that you may use to create an automated blog so that you get fresh content with limited efforts.

Auto Blogging Plugins

Here is a list of the best auto-blogging WordPress plugins that will help you to generate content on autopilot.

A content aggregator site can be a great business if you do it the correct way. An aggregator site collects content from different sources and shows it on the site.

There are so many popular examples of such business that is updated with automated content. The social bookmarking sites also work in the same line but users submit content directly on those sites.

In the content aggregator sites, the system does not depend on any user but the system will generate the content from the top sources and show it in the design that you have set.

If you are blogging for some time, you surely understand that creating fresh content every single day is not an easy task; it needs a lot of research, effort, and time.

And if you go for the freelance content writer that will involve a lot of content month after month.

So, why not create an auto blogging site that will pull content from the top sources and show it on your site.

It will depend on the kind of marketing you do for your site, the business model does have a lot of potential.


Jasper is not a WordPress plugin but software that can help you to create completely unique high-quality blog posts with AI writer.

You just have to give the command to write a unique blog post around almost any topic and it will quickly write a complete blog post with as many words as you need.

The system analyzes all the ranking content for the topic and produces a plagiarism-free unique blog post.


WP Robot

WP Robot is a well-known and powerful auto-blogging WordPress plugin that will help you aggregate content from 30 top sources.

This plugin will make sure that new fresh content is created on your site regularly while you are sleeping. It will run your business on autopilot, all you need to do is promote your site on social media and other sources.

This plugin was launched in 2009 and it is used by over a million WordPress users to date.

These days PBNs are very popular and when we talk about a strong PBN, it should have hundreds of small niche blogs and it will not be possible for anyone to manage so many sites manually.

WP Robot auto blogging plugin will help you to create a perfect PBN without much effort. Once you have the sites up with regular fresh content you can like them to one another and increase the domain authority.

Once you have domain authority you can use it to promote your main money site, you can also offer a link to others with a price.

Another best part is that you can use this plugin to create your Amazon store as it offers you the option to create content from the popular eCommerce store.

So, it is one of the best plugins for Amazon affiliates as well. It gives you the option to curate content from a number of other eCommerce sites.

WP Robot Auto Blogging

WP RSS Aggregator

With over 50k active installations, the WP RSS Aggregator is one of the most popular content-curation WordPress plugins available in the market.

This is a free plugin that you can use to curate content from top sources. It does offer you a number of premium add-ons that are extremely useful if you wish to create a quality content aggregator site.

This plugin aggregates content through the RSS and Atom feed and you can add as many RSS feeds as you need to create a comprehensive site.

You can completely customize the mix of feeds to make sure that your overall output is awesome.

You have the option to import content with unique titles, you can link the tile to the original source to avoid any copyright issues.

WP RSS Aggregator


FeedWordPress is another similar plugin like WP RSS Aggregator that aggregates content with RSS feed. It is an amazing auto-blogging plugin that will import the content and set it as a series of posts on your WordPress database.

Once the plugin is set properly, you can click on the import option to import new content to your site. The plugin has over 40 active installations.



WPeMatico is a very easy-to-use auto blogging  WordPress plugin that will import content from RSS feed to arrange them according to categories on your site. It will do it on autopilot and keep publishing content while you are sleeping.

The feed discovery feature will help you to get amazing content even without knowing the ultimate source URL. You will have a nice WordPress-type interface to edit each post as you like it.

The plugin comes with a powerful settings options panel where you can set your preferences to fetch a limited number of posts each time, you have the option to set the comments on or off, and a number of other options to manage your auto-posts.



If you are a video blogger, this plugin can be very helpful for you. This plugin will auto-blog from YouTube on your WordPress site.

It can also do the reverse process which is importing posts from your WordPress blog to your YouTube channel.

You will have complete control over the content on your site, you can search and import videos depending on a number of different parameters.

This plugin will automatically generate and fetch a YouTube video from your article with a valid video file.


Feedzy RSS Feeds

Another useful WordPress plugin that you can use to collect the best content from around the internet with the RSS feed automatically.

This plugin offers you free as well as a premium option that you can choose according to your needs. The plugin offers you a number of amazing options to help you create the best content aggregator site.

The Feedzy plugin will pull the content from the sources you select and import them to your site. The main advantage of this plugin is that it comes with its own article spinner so that you avoid duplicate content issues to a large extent.

The plugin also offers you a few design layout options to match the overall look and feel of your site. If you wish to save time and create a completely automated system for your site, this is a great plugin to use.

Feedzy RSS Feeds


Auto blogging can be a great option to create fresh content for your site on autopilot.

If you are managing a viral content site, auto-blogging is undoubtedly one of the best ways to go because the viral contents are anyways not unique and most of the videos and articles are posted elsewhere already.

Also, the main source of traffic for viral content sites are social media sites, not search engines.

We have tried to cover all the important auto blogging WordPress plugins in this article, if you know about any other plugin that falls under this category, do let us know using the comment form below.

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