25 Best Social Media WordPress Plugins

Social Media Plugins

A collection of the best social sharing WordPress plugins that will help you to optimize your website to get more social sharing.

We have listed some plugins in this post that will offer highly optimized placements and great design for your buttons.

We have collected the best social media plugins available to make sure that you can are to make the best out of the popular social media sites.

Besides being a source of gaining publicity for your services or products, social media platforms are also a great source of traffic as well.

So if you own a website or blog, it is important that you understand the necessity of an effective social media integration on your website.

Now if you own a WordPress website, then all these can be handled by simply downloading a plugin. The WordPress market is filled with a variety of plugins build.

Now, with so many options; there is a possibility that you will find yourself at a loss searching through a plethora of social media plugins to find the one that best suits your needs.

Now, to help you out of this problematic situation, here we have made a comprehensive list of the best Social Media WordPress plugin available on the market.

So without further ado, here are the Best Social Media WordPress Plugins:

Best Premium Social Media WordPress Plugins

Social Snap

Social Snap is a new modern social media WordPress plugin that offers you amazing features to help you drive more traffic to your website.

Social media is an integral part of any business these days and you must make the best out of social media and try to drive as much traffic as possible.

Social Snap is an all-in-one social media plugin that offers you all the options like the following.

  • Social sharing buttons with different designs
  • Large selection of social media platforms
  • Social media following showcase
  • Click to Tweet option
  • Boost old post option by auto-posting
  • Social login feature

So, as you can see, this single plugin will take care of all your social media-related needs on your site. The plugin offers you the option to select from a large number of social media sites.

You will have complete freedom to use and customize the different designs for the social buttons. Also, the feature like Click to Tweet is one of the important and best practices used by all the leading markers and pro bloggers.

Another important aspect to look at is the impact on the loading speed of your site, many social media plugins slow down WordPress sites, but not Social Snap.


Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a fully responsive social share plugin for WordPress. It comes with a plethora of beautiful social share buttons which are also customizable to make for the best aesthetics for your website.

Using Social Warfare, you can make in-post tweetable quotes which make it very easy for your users to share something they liked on your blog/site. And this is important – you want to make the process simple for your users.

Some notable features of the plugin include the option to upload Pinterest-specific images, widgets that showcase the most popular content with respect to social shares and comprehensive analysis of social data by automatically adding UTM tracking to shared links.

The Social Warfare plugin offers you an option to retrieve the old social sharing counts when you change the domain structure or move your site from HTTP to HTTPs.

We have reviewed the Social Warfare plugin in detail here. 


Monarch Social Sharing

Monarch Social Sharing WordPress plugin is another very popular social sharing plugin for WordPress. With Monarch, you will be able to add social sharing buttons at many different locations of your site.

With the plugin installed and activated on your website, you can start to add social share icons on your floating sidebars, above or below your content, on your images or videos, automate them as fly-ins and pop-ups, and much more.

Overall you are getting about 20 social share networks to display on your site in several locations. This gives you a whole new level of control which can help you to orient a better content marketing strategy.

Furthermore, you can customize the icons to appear alluring so that your visitor is bound to make that click.

monarch social sharing plugin

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts is arguably one of the most popular Social media plugins on the market. As per the naming implies, the plugin helps to get all your older posts shared on Social Media Platforms regularly, and that too automatically.

Now you might be wondering what is so great about sharing your older posts? Well, as you keep on publishing newer content, your old materials get sidetracked and get reduced traffic.

So, sharing them on social media networks would be like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

After installing the plugin, all you are required to do is set the time interval and the networks it should post, and leave the rest to the plugin. It is easy to use, and also gets the job done efficiently.

Here is a detailed article about how to get regular traffic to old posts.


Simple Social Buttons Plugin

Simple Social Buttons plugin is one of the famous Social media plugins that will help you to add Social share buttons and social icons to your WordPress website and blog posts that will help you to promote your content on different social media platforms. Simple social buttons come with both versions free (limited features) and premium.

Simple Social Buttons plugin offers the following features

1. 7 Different Social Button Designs
2. 6 Different Locations Display
3. Social Share Counts
4. Custom Buttons Colors
5. Social Meta tags
6. Custom Styles
7. Responsive according to the web design
8. Gutenberg Block
9. WooCommerce Supported

Pricing: The Starting price of the premium version is $27/year with one-year support and updates, $79 for 5 websites with one-year updates and support, $199/year for unlimited websites with one-year updates and support.

Simple Social Buttons Plugin

Super Socializer

Super Socializer WordPress plugin is available from the WordPress repository and is one of the popular social sharing plugins for the platform. The plugin allows you to integrate social media networks with your site in some unique and different ways.

For example, you have the option to add social logins, social comments, custom social menus, and even a like button.

This can prove to be helpful, as through the use of the plugin you would somewhat create an atmosphere for your visitors which is quite similar to the social media platforms they visit on a day-to-day basis.

This can make interactions on your website much more smoother and intuitive.

Another impressive feature is that the plugin supports all social networks that are operational in today’s day and age. So you get the icons for every network imaginable.

Super Socializer

Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share buttons are the ideal plugin for you if you want social sharing features enabled on your website which is easy for both you and your visitors.

The plugin is very light and won’t affect the load time on your website. Besides this, you can seamlessly integrate the social share buttons on your website header or footer and have them integrated into your posts with the help of shortcodes.

Then there are different styles to choose from like the minimal share buttons or the ones which come with the added share count. The latter does require javascript, however.

Easy social share button


Sumo is not just a social sharing WordPress plugin, but a complete solution to increase the overall conversion rate of your site.

The plugin came into existence as an email opt-in plugin that changes how the email subscription forms are shown on a site. It is still one of the leading email list builder plugins for WordPress users.

Sumo will make sure that you can increase the overall revenue of your site by increasing the customer base.

Sumo offers you a perfectly optimized social sharing option as well. So, you can use this multipurpose plugin to increase the number of customers and revenue of your site.

Sumo Tools


ARSocial WordPress plugin is a total package as far as social media integration is concerned. It gives you all the features of social sharing, social like fan counter, social locker, etc. to help you get started with your social media marketing strategy.

With the plugin, you will be getting support for over 42 different social media sites and corresponding social share icons which you can place sidewise or section-wise on your website.

Apart from this, there is also a content locker feature that locks your content until your users share it on their social media accounts.

Apart from this, there are also many built-in styling options and analytics, all of which can help you to get a detailed insight into your social media campaign.

ARSocial Social Media Plugin

WordPress Social Media Icons

Another beautiful set of social sharing buttons. This plugin offers you over 50 different social media platforms to choose from.

It is a simple yet powerful social media plugin that offers you a user-friendly interface to edit the social buttons for your site. You can fine-tune the design of the social buttons as per your requirement.

This plugin offers you the option to choose from six predefined styles. And you can select the shape of your buttons, make it round or square as per your choice.

You can easily place the sharing buttons anywhere on your site by using the shortcode offered by the plugin, you can also place it using the native widget option, or if you are using Visual Composer on your site, you can place the buttons using the composer component.


WordPress Social Board

WordPress Social Board is another social networking streaming much like a few others mentioned above. As with all social streaming plugins, it helps you to combine all your social networking activities into one single page.

However, the differentiating point for the plugin would be the 35 + unique feed options it brings to the table. It also supports 17 of the most popular and growing social networks, so that all your users can find the ones that they use and share likewise.

Some notable features of the plugin include things like six different display modes, four built-in templates along with a theme manager, custom layouts with CSS stylesheets, social media share buttons, full-screen slideshows for presentations, and much more.

wp social boards

Instagram Theatre

If you want to spice up your Instagram profile pics on your website, this plugin is for you.

Now, we all know that showing your Instagram pictures on your site can increase your followers dramatically; and if you work around how you display those can increase it further.

With this plugin, you can pull your pictures from any Insta account and display them on your site in the various layout such as grid, list, and full-screen

We have already listed some of the best Instagram WordPress plugins here in this post in case you need more options.

Instagram Theatre

Exit Through Social Share

You must have seen popup appearing to like Facebook pages or asking you to share the post on social media sites many of the viral content sites which are a proven method to increase the number of pages like and social sharing.

This plugin does that perfectly. Once any of your visitors click on any of the outgoing links on your site, this plugin will show them a popup asking them to like your page or share your content on social media sites.


Best Free Social Media WordPress Plugins

Share Buttons by AddThis

AddThis is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress social sharing plugins available in the market. This plugin offers you the option to share your content with over 200 different social media sites; that’s a huge number.

This is a very easy-to-use WordPress plugin and works perfectly with all free or premium WordPress plugins, just install activate, and you are good to go.

Share Buttons by AddThis

Shared Counts

This is a quality free social sharing plugin for WordPress sites. As the name suggests, you can showcase your social proof to create your brand with this plugin.

It supports both HTTP and HTTPs versions of the URL to accumulate the share counts. This plugin was created with large websites in mind, so it will not affect the performance of your site in any way.

Also, this plugin is made GDPR compliant. It doesn’t store any cookies, unlike many other leading social sharing plugins.

If you are a developer and looking for a quality social plugin to plugin it with your design, this is one of the top options for you.

Shared Counts

Sassy Social Share

Sassy is another popular social sharing WordPress plugin with over 60k active installations. The plugin comes with great-looking vector social sharing icons that will surely help you to make your site look great.

If you are looking for a free social plugin with an extensive list of options, this plugin offers you over 100 different social media and social bookmarking sites.

The plugin also supports share counts from most of the prominent social sharing platforms so that you can showcase the counts to your visitors.



Mashshare is another WordPress Social Share plugin that gives you social media icons, Share buttons, total share counters, and a subscribe button.

Apart from all these, there is also an add-on for the plugin which you can use to integrate YouTube share pop-ups, sticky share bar, Google Analytics, Social Share optimization and much more. Apart from all these the plugin also shares wise appearance similarity with the social media modules you will find with Mashable – hence the naming.


AddToAny Share Buttons

With over half a million active installations, you can think of the effectiveness of this social media plugin. The number talks for itself.

This free social sharing plugin offers you multiple options regarding placement and design. It is a fully responsive and retina-ready WordPress plugin that is active since 2006.

It offers you over 100 different social media sites where you can submit your content right from your website.

It comes with some different placement options such as a vertical floating share bar, and a horizontal floating share bar,  as a shortcode, or a widget within a theme’s layout.

AddToAny Social Sharing Plugin

WordPress to Buffer

If you are a regular user of Buffer, this is a very effective plugin for you. You can use this plugin to send your content to Buffer automatically to schedule it for posting on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The plugin uses the API of Buffer to send your content over to the social post scheduling platform.

WordPress to Buffer

Jetpack Social Sharing Module

If you are using WordPress, you must have come across this plugin already. There are some different modules in this plugin, and social sharing is one of them.

It offers you nice-looking minimal social sharing buttons that you can use on your site.


Simple Social Icons

A simple social media WordPress plugin created by the StudioPress team. You can use this plugin to showcase the social media link on the sidebar of your site.

Though the plugin is very simple, it offers you a few options to customize the look and feel of the social media icons.

Simple Social Icons


One of the most popular free social sharing plugins, the Shareaholic platform is not only for social sharing anymore; they offer some other services like native ads, all the required social media options, and more.

Other than the normal post social sharing buttons, follow buttons, this plugin also offers you the browser sharing options to make sure that it is comprehensive and takes care of all the social media needs on your site.

Shareaholic Plugin

Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

A comprehensive free social media management plugin for your WordPress site. This plugin offers you trendy designs for your social sharing and follows buttons.

You have the option to choose from sixteen different design options as far as the button designs are concerned. Your site will make modern and engaging social media options as soon as you start using this plugin.

You can make your social media icons float pr sticky as per your requirement and you can get amazing animation effects that will quickly enhance the overall look and feel of the social buttons.

The plugin comes with easy to use admin panel where you can choose the social profiles that you wish to use on your site, and you can decide what action the button should perform.

This is a GDPR compliant plugin; you can move over to the GDPR setting option to and set it up for your site.

Social Media Share Buttons


Do you want to set everything on autopilot? Here is the plugin you need; this social media plugin will help you to share your blog posts on your social media pages.

Now, there are some such platforms where you can schedule and plugin your content to the social media sites, but this plugin can do all those for free.

You can auto-publish your posts on social sites; you can re-publish your content and schedule your blog posts to maximize traffic to your blog.


In Conclusion

So this was our list of the Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress. If you choose to try these out, then do let us know of your experience using them.

Also if you happen to have a favorite Social Share plugin that we happened to miss in this list then do mention so in the comments section. Your fellow readers would love to have more options on the table.

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