Winning Social Media Landing Page Examples for More Leads

Learn from the big brands how they optimize their social profile for maximum conversion.

Winning Social Media Landing Page

From entertaining your audience with fun content to educating them with informative content, you have a lot of options to engage your social media followers.

When you start running a social media account for promoting your business, may obviously have various content plans to grow your brand awareness.

No matter what social media content ideas you brainstorm and what type of content you share over social media, you definitely have one goal: to generate more leads for your products or services and increase your revenue. 

After all, we all do business to earn more money, right?

Given how engaging and valuable your content is on social media, you may gain followers through time among which there could be potential leads for your products and services. Therefore, it is important to always design your social media strategy in a way that contributes to your sales funnel.

In other words, your social media channels should turn your followers into paying customers. And if you have several social media channels, the path is the same and you should manage multiple social media accounts the way that brings buyers to you. 

That is exactly where you need social media landing pages. Here in this post, you will get to know more about social media landing pages and winning social media landing page examples for more leads. 

What is a Social Media Landing Page?

According to WordStream, data shows that 96% of online users who visit a website will leave or end their session without ever converting to a lead or sale. As such, businesses need to design and implement landing pages for conversion.

Unlike other pages on your website, like the homepage, contact us page, blog, etc. which should be browsed and explored by the audience, social media landing pages are where you send your audience from your social media accounts to specifically do something.

For instance, they can download a PDF, see your latest products, check out your winter holiday sales, subscribe to your newsletter, etc. 

The post you share on your social media channel is in fact the bait for fishing customers for your sales funnel. After engaging the target audience, you should have a plan to take your engaged audience somewhere.

If you have a relevant landing page, your target audience would, therefore, land on a social media landing page. When they click on a link you posted during a social media campaign, they would be redirected to this page.

Whether running a sponsored or organic social media campaign, you should design a social media landing page on your website.

Social media landing pages are generally divided into two categories.

  • Mobile-responsive landing pages: These are the ones that are only intended to be used on mobile devices. So, you can think of social media channels, such as Instagram, that are most commonly used on mobile devices. These landing pages, sometimes referred to as micro-site or “link in bio” pages, enable you to use mobile social media apps like Instagram to their fullest potential and support many social media campaigns at once.
  • Mobile-responsive and desktop-friendly landing pages: These landing pages, on the other hand, feature a responsive design that looks fantastic and works perfectly well on both desktop and mobile devices. These landing pages are frequently used by brands for both targeted paid and organic social media campaigns.

What Are the Characteristics of a Converting Social Media Landing Page?

So far, you know that you should have some landing pages to which you send your leads. But designing a landing page can be challenging as it has to have a straightforward user interface and does not contain complex paths to follow.

In addition, it also needs to be effective regarding the aesthetics of the design; colors, fonts, font sizes, arrangement of all the elements, etc. should not be discouraging either.

Let’s now take a look at some of the components that comprise a converting landing page:

  • A captivating photo
  • Simple and clear headline
  • Block of text
  • CTA button or phrase
  • Structured Data

The visuals that you choose for your social media landing page have to be high-resolution and, more importantly, relevant to the textual content. They should appear attractive at first glance and contribute to the textual content, meaning that they should also convey the overall message.

Your text or landing page copy, on the other hand, has to be informative, concise, and easy to grasp. It should not make the leads confused in any way or leave them overwhelmed to buy or take action on the page.

Rather, it should give them the idea that buying can help them in at least one aspect of their life or business. 

Lastly, the CTA button has to be placed in the right spot where generated leads can not only see it clearly but also be encouraged to click on it.

So, when it comes to the CTA button, both copy and visual design of the button become of high importance. In addition, it has to be handy. Leads should not spend time finding your CTA button. 

What Are Social Media Landing Page Best Practices?

Landing pages can be different regarding the purpose for which you are using them. They can be a product page, press release page, blog post page, etc.

However, here are the landing page best practices that can help you reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate:

  • Make sure your content is short and to the point. You just want your leads to take action and you should do it with a few words or sentences only. Remember that great copy matters when designing a landing page.
  • Your landing page needs to be mobile-friendly by default. Through seamless mobile device adaptation, your page will provide the finest user experience. If the landing pages are well optimized then it will help sites to get rank faster in SERP and also increases the conversion rate.
  • Include a call to action and a strong visual focus. The visual focus should lead the user’s eye to the CTA, encouraging them to take action. For instance, you can use contrasting colors for the button padding and the text inside the button, etc.
  • Add personal video content, customer reviews, testimonials, or social proof to gain trust and make your visitors stay longer on the one hand, and gain their trust on the other. Customers are more likely to trust evaluations and recommendations from other customers than your word. By adding social proof to your page, you can increase credibility and buyer confidence.
  • Make sure all the buttons work efficiently.

Winning Social Media Landing Page Examples for More Leads

Now, let’s see some landing page examples for more leads that are proven to be converting so that they have a quite low bounce rate.

1. Victoria’s Secret

@victoriassecret is a well-known brand for women’s accessories and it has its own shop on the Instagram app itself. It usually shares posts that depict one or several of its products:

Social Media Landing Page Examples

Then adds tags for each product and guides the audience to its Instagram shop. Followers can tap on the product tag on the photo and go to see the details of the product on the Instagram shop:

Social Media Landing Page Examples

As you see, the image and product description are both designated in a way that is not confusing to the leads.

Moreover, the design does not make the text hard to read, and also the text does not keep the visitors from seeing the photo either. If the leads decide to buy the product, they can easily tap on the ‘view product’ CTA button:

From there, they can go to the landing page on the website, make the purchase, and finalize their shopping cart. 

Social Media Landing Page Examples

As you see, this social media landing page is designed clearly with product details, price, and image. There is no other extra data that leaves the visitors in puzzlement which is also outstanding in the sense that they are likely to stay on the page and complete an order. 

2. Cooking with Bello

Let’s now look at @cookingwithbello Instagram profile:

Social Media Landing Page Examples

Angelo Coassin is an Italian boy living in London who is famous for his “Super Sexy Recipies” which are almost all Italian recipes.

As you can see in the bio section of his profile, he has published his own recipe book on a website and he refers to his bio link in his Instagram captions.

His target audience sees his posts and if interested, they would check the link in his profile bio. As his bio link includes multiple links, he is already promoting several products over there. 

Social Media Landing Page Examples

From there, the audience can decide which products they are interested in and they can tap to see what they are looking for. One advantage of adding a link that includes multiple links is that audiences may tap all the links and buy several products.

Any choice of product they make, they will be redirected to the landing page on which they can find the product:

Social Media Landing Page Examples

On this landing page, leads can watch the introductory video of the book, read about the features of the book, and make purchases through the CTA button. So, generated leads can see everything relevant to the recipe book and make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the recipe book. 

3. Nike

Learning how to use Twitter for business is also a great way to sell. Nike, the world-known sports clothing brand, tweets about its latest products whenever there is a new launch:

Social Media Landing Page Examples

Then it directly refers the audience to a landing page which is the product page. On the landing page, the generated leads can see all the products of the new launch line with relevant information. They can then easily choose the one they like the most and buy it with some simple taps. 

Social Media Landing Page Examples

4. Tiffany & Co.

Like other famous brands, Tiffany & Co., the famous luxury brand for jewelry, generates leads from its Instagram shop as well:

Social Media Landing Page Examples

The post depicts a necklace with a tag that can take the followers to the Instagram shop of Tiffany & Co. By tapping on the ‘view shop’ button or just by touching the product tag on the post, followers get to the shop, learn more about the product, and see other collections.

As you see, the image, text, and design of the landing page are easy to follow and it is less likely that the leads get lost or frustrated by the user-unfriendliness of the landing page.

In addition, the design perfectly suits the brand itself and people already feel the luxury sense of the brand only by taking a look at the landing page.

5. Ikea

Ikea is a home furniture and accessories brand, known for its minimal design and budget-friendly price in comparison to other available brands.

While it is growing its brand awareness over several social media channels, we picked its Twitter post for the winter holidays 5%-off offer as an example to show you how it has designed its social media landing page and has referred its audience to it:

Social Media Landing Page Examples

By tapping on the hyperlink, visitors are redirected to a landing page where they actually can scroll through the items for which the promotion is valid. 

Just like its product design, Ikea’s landing page is minimal and simple while it also gives as much information as necessary. 

6. Pantone

Pantone offers a global language of color that helps marketers and manufacturers to make color-critical decisions at every level of the workflow. Its Instagram page is actually very interesting as obviously it involves many awesome colors. 

Pantone Insta Example

In this post, we see that Pantone is promoting its postcards. By tapping on the ‘view shop’ banner or the product tag on the post, followers would go to the Instagram shop:

Here, followers can browse other similar products and see if they are interested in any of them. Then they can go on with the product that they like by tapping on it:

The landing page contains several images of the same product that visitors can tap on and get a better insight into how the product looks like. They can also see the price and choose the number of postcards that they want to buy.

Immediately after that, they see a clear black CTA button that says ‘add to cart’, by pressing which they can choose the product and place their order. So the design is simple and easy to follow which is great for setting it as a model for designing your own landing page. 


As we have seen together throughout this post, winning landing pages are not complex ones. Designing a landing page can be challenging at times because you do not know what to actually include on the page.

However, it would be easier if you see some successful examples, as you just did. Now you have a better understanding of a captivating copy, high-resolution and relevant images, an effective CTA button, and a winning landing page in general. 

Nevertheless, it is also important to do some A/B testing like every other marketing effort you make. If you see that the bounce rate of the landing page is high, you can revise its design and make it more customized to your target audience.

In the end, practice always makes better and there is nothing wrong with making mistakes until you get the perfect landing page. 

Keeping up with the characteristics of social media landing pages and looking meticulously at how successful brands or bloggers design their social media landing pages can show you the way to create a winning social media landing page.

Remember that practice makes perfect and after designing a landing page several times, you can finally create one that converts. 

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