7 Successful Digital Marketing Tips for Every Life Science Businesses

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When it comes to promoting a biotech or pharmaceutical company, it is essential to be methodical. For one, not everyone is keen on understanding scientific terms.

This makes Life Sciences marketing to be challenging. But that does not mean that you cannot do anything about it.

In this post, we will walk you through these digital marketing tips that Life Science businesses can apply:

01. Understand Your Target Market

As a Life Sciences brand, it is imperative to know that you can target at least two buyer personas: Relevant businesses and end-users.

Relevant businesses are those that can help mobilize your products. If you run a pharmaceutical company, an appropriate business could be a pharmacy. Meanwhile, your end-users are the people who would need your products.

Thus, it would be best to identify your target market and know their needs. Doing so can help set the direction of your marketing efforts. It also enables you to understand what marketing key performance indicators you should measure.

However, identifying and knowing your target market also means you need to conduct market research.

02. Watch Your Competitors

After you know who your target audience is, the next thing that you need to do is to look at your competitors. Who are the people they’re targeting? 

How do they communicate to position themselves as a thought leader in the industry successfully?

According to Michelle Dipp, the co-founder and managing partner of Biospring Partners, analyzing your competitors gives you an insight into what marketing tactics can work for you. This includes knowing what particular segment you need to focus your energy on.

Another benefit of watching your competitors is you can identify the things you can do differently. For instance, if one of your competitors is only sharing blog posts on Facebook, perhaps you can outdo them by hosting live videos.

03. Optimize Your Site

The centerpiece of your digital marketing efforts is your website. Therefore, it should be dynamic, just like your company represents. 

Fresh content should be regularly added to help in traffic and prospects to your site. Moreso, you should consider all stages of the buyer’s journey when implementing advanced search capabilities, intuitive navigation, and developing high-quality content.

Many lead generation strategies aim to support highly personalized campaigns. This is to appeal to various customer personas in different stages of the sales cycle. Moreover, the majority of online searches nowadays happen on mobile.

This explains why a mobile-friendly website is essential in any marketing plan.

04. Get Rid of Spammy Backlinks

In line with optimizing your website, one of the first things you can do is get rid of spammy backlinks to your site. That’s because your backlink profile can hurt your website’s search engine rankings.

What are spammy backlinks? These are links from websites and content that are not relevant to your business.

For Life Sciences businesses, scientific researches and university websites are considered relevant.

Other examples of irrelevant websites have something to do with pornography and gambling. You may also want to check out whether you are receiving backlinks from scalper websites. Some websites copy and paste content without permission and proper citation.

05. Use Inbound and Content Marketing

How people are searching for information has gone through a massive shift over the last decade. People are now actively seeking out new information channels and thought leaders in various niches. 

Customers no longer need to seek out a salesperson if they want to know more about the product. Instead, they turn to social media, forums, or whatever comes up on Google’s search results. 

That’s why pushing out information via mass media advertising won’t work. The information you push out should be timed to what your customer needs to know and not tied with internal marketing cycles.

06. Engage via Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform when it comes to sharing knowledge and building a community. 

The life science industry should have open and transparent platforms that everyone can access. Everyone is free to talk about science and their passion for it, no matter their educational background. 

Social media is one of the quickest ways to distribute that information. 

It’s also an excellent platform to boost brand awareness for your biotech or pharmaceutical company. Moreover, social media allows you to connect with your audience on a human level. This includes being to explain the science behind a product in layman’s terms.

Doing so allows your company to be a top-of-mind choice to your target market. However, you should also tread carefully when using social media. 

Ensure that any material or content you publish complies with the FDA or other healthcare organizations. In the same way, you should also keep track of what other people are saying about your life science business online. 

07. Apply SEO

If you want to boost the quality of traffic on your site, you should invest in SEO. Ideally, you should set aside some budget or work with a reputable SEO company to improve your rankings. 

After you rank well, it will be much sustainable for your site to keep on typing with very little investment on your part. 

So, what are the SEO tactics that you can use? 

  • Enhance your rankings. The higher up you are on search results, the more traffic your site will get. 
  • Improve click-through rates. You might rank number one or two, but if your message isn’t compelling, people are unlikely to go to click even if you rank high. That’s why you need to ensure that your ad copy, title element, and meta description are all high-quality. 
  • Target more keywords. The more you rank for different kinds of keywords, the better. So, look for the keywords you want to rank for and then build content for those keywords. 

Over to You

When promoting a business in the Life Sciences sector, you will be faced with complex marketing issues.

This includes creating marketing messages that adhere to FDA regulations. Another challenge could be making your content approachable to end-users. After all, not everyone can understand scientific jargon.

But with the marketing tips listed above, we hope that you can get past the hurdles of promoting your biotech or pharmaceutical company. Good luck!

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