How to Use LinkedIn to Push Your Blog Performance

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world. It is a great platform for developing connections in your field of specialization.

There are various opportunities for business and career on LinkedIn. Currently, 800 million users across 200 countries, and therefore, it has the potential for generating traffic for your blog.

LinkedIn users keep on searching for information related to their specialization. If you can cater to their needs, you can develop a reader base. Moreover, you can get ideas from the discussion groups as well.

Here, we list the top ways for getting traffic from LinkedIn.

01. Complete Profile

Your profile is your identity. Make sure that you have a complete profile on LinkedIn. It should have your profile picture, qualifications, descriptions, specializations, recommendations, skills, and so on.

When a potential visitor looks at your profile, it should not sound like amateur work. It should be a professional profile complete in all aspects. There are various opportunities on LinkedIn, and I am sure that you would not like to lose them due to an incomplete profile.

02. Networking and Connections

If you want to succeed in your venture, you should learn to develop and nurture connections. Networking is a crucial tool for generating traffic to your website. When you connect with the right people, you can share your work with them.

When they read it and like it, they would share it with their connections. This will help you popularize your website.

03. Status Updates

You have to be active on LinkedIn to get noticed. The frequency and quality of your updates help you in developing connections. When you post relevant statuses and updates, you are ranked in the top search.

When you rank well, you will get visitors. More traffic means more social sharing. This will help you in building the authority of your website, and therefore, it will occupy top slot on search engines as well. So, keep posting at regular intervals for better traffic.

04. Join Groups and Forums

If you have knowledge about any subject, you can join groups and forums related to that subject. Here, you will develop new connections by your knowledge.

Moreover, you can answer their queries on discussion forums, and if they are satisfied with your answers, they will follow you. You can share your website link in groups and forums. This will generate traffic for your website.

05. Initiate a Group

The best way to advertise your website is to create a group. You can create a group related to your website content or on the basis of your expertise. When you start a group, make sure you post updates frequently.

When you post regularly, it will increase the visibility of the group. This will help in adding new members to the group.

Share your group information on various discussion forums. When you have enough members, and you post regularly, it will develop authority and people will post their queries on your group.

06. Participating on Forums

People always have queries. LinkedIn is a network of professionals, and people expect reasonable answers. It is a great opportunity for a marketer to get involved in the discussion and provide an answer to the queries.

The best way to participate on forums is by getting involved on both sides. You should ask questions and answer queries as well.

When you ask questions, you will get a response from intellectual persons with whom you can connect instantly. When you answer questions, you develop various connections with the people who liked your answer.

07. Recommendations and Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements are necessary to sustain in professional life. These parameters help in developing your credibility and trustworthiness. If you have endorsements for your skills and work on your profile, you will definitely make new connections.

Moreover, you will get opportunities from different organizations. That’s why recommendations and endorsements are important for generating trust and for business prosperity.

You can ask your connections for a favor. They can endorse you for your skills or your work. In return, you can endorse their skills.

A credible profile attracts traffic, and this will help you in diversifying your business.

08. Using LinkedIn Plugins

When you get traffic from search engines or other sources, visitors notice different links on your website. When you have a LinkedIn plugin installed on your website, it is possible that the visitor wishes to connect with you.

This way, you will develop a connection and a subscriber as well. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile on your website is active, and engagement is good.

09. Portfolio and Attachments

Besides endorsements, your work portfolio matters a lot. You must showcase your work samples and attachments on your LinkedIn profile. When people see your work, they will instantly judge you on the basis of it.

This way, you can develop connections on the basis of your work profile. Moreover, you can get work assignments based on your work profile. This will also help you develop credibility, a good reputation, and increased traffic.

10. Work Experience

Your credibility is defined by your work experience. You must have noticed that freshers are given less preference than experienced ones.

This is because prior experience in the required field is necessary for growth and revenue. If you add your work experience to your profile, this will increase your visibility.

Professionals are interested in your profile when you have a prior experience in the industry. This way, you will get more assignments.

Moreover, the visitor on your profile will trust you. Your credibility increases when you win the trust of a visitor. Your website will experience more targeted traffic via LinkedIn. It will help in ranking on search results.


These were some suggestions that you can follow for generating traffic from LinkedIn. Of course, you can learn about more ways, but these will definitely help you build credibility and increasing targeted audience.

Moreover, there is a possibility that your visitor turns into a customer. LinkedIn is a platform for professionals seeking business opportunities. Therefore, you should reap the benefits and increase your revenue.

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