Google AdWords vs. Facebook Advertising – A Comparison


A beginner to experienced online marketer thinks either of Google AdWords or Facebook advertising to reach the target audience and gain brand exposure.

With two stalwarts governing the Internet market, it’s tough to decide between the two.

In this article, I will give you a comparative analysis between Google AdWords and Facebook advertising.

Google AdWords vs. Facebook Advertising

Let’s move on with our comparison.

Massive Audience Reach:

Both Google and Facebook offer massive audience reach potential. Advertising on them could open the brand to reach millions of viewers, build audience engagement and expect exemplary ROI.

While Google AdWords platform covers the entire web, the Facebook advertising platform brings you visitors from within the social media site. Nonetheless, don’t write it off as Facebook has millions of daily active users (DAV’s).

Free Advertising Models:

Both Google and Facebook offer free advertising models. Google offers Google+ Business Pages while Facebook offers Facebook Fan Pages. Both the free advertising models are the first step to online brand visibility.

Create relevant pages for your brand and share informative content. With time, the relevance of both Google+ Business Page and Facebook Fan Page reduced in the freemium model.

Content shared on Facebook Fan page doesn’t gain a wider exposure after the Facebook EdgeRank update. For wider exposure, the brand / company needs to switch to the paid advertising model.

Similar is the case with Google+ Business Page, which offers lesser content visibility and some experts even write off its effectiveness completely.

Go for paid advertising for extensive brand visibility.

Interaction Longevity:

On average, visitors spend 20+ minutes on Facebook and there are 40,000 search queries on Google every second. In other words, both Facebook and Google are high interaction platforms.

Money spent on advertising has a higher chance to give better ROI than any other advertising channel. The Facebook advertising system is highly intuitive. While it is amazing for social interaction, Google AdWords is recommended for eCommerce transactions and advertising.

Unique Visibility Targeting:

In many ways, Facebook advertisement targeting is far more comprehensive than Google. In Google, you deal with a cluster of keywords. There is no audience segmentation. You cannot target a particular group of people. You can select geographical visibility, select relevant keywords and begin the campaign.

For instance, if you’re selling baseball caps and want to target baseball teams, how can you do that with Google AdWords? You can’t. Your only hope is the Keyword Planner keywords.

Alternatively, if you’re selling baseball caps and want to target baseball teams, you can easily do that with Facebook advertising. Their advertising platforms offer unique visibility targeting options.

You can display selective messages to baseball fans, groups, and teams listed on Facebook. In other words, the chances of reaching a core and selective audience base with Facebook are far higher.

An interesting story from a user on how Facebook advertising worked in comparison to AdWords is published on Moz. Do read it.

Intentional Search:

Even if Facebook has better interaction longevity, Google trumps it in terms of intentional search. People use Facebook for what it is, which is social networking.

Yes, social media networking is important to drive sales but there is an important distinction here. People go to Google search with a particular intent. They aren’t searching for fun. They have problems or doubts and they want solutions.

This is a huge incentive favoring Google. If brands want to drive clicks and conversions for a specific product, Google AdWords is the ideal option.

It’s about time for Google to improve its data statistics and categories, and offer better advertising options.

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Google AdWords vs. Facebook Advertising – An Infographic

In early 2016, Wishpond made a really awesome Infographic capturing how both the Internet giants function in terms of brand building and ROI.

Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads

I hope the Infographic proves to be informative.


Now that you’ve seen all the important facets of Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, which one will you choose?

It’s your call. Ideally, set up advertising campaigns on both platforms and see which performs better for your brand.

Begin with allocating $100 each to the same campaign created with an almost similar ad copy and keywords, and use them on both Google AdWords and Facebook advertising platforms.

Monitor the results over the next few days. Look into traffic, CPC and conversions. Depending on these statistics, decide the best advertising platform for the brand in question.

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