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[begindot_kkstarratings] Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons is a PUSH notification advertising network that provides a platform for creating and managing ad campaigns, converting traffic into revenue and buying traffic via its DSP & SSP SaaS solution.

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What is ClickStar.Me? is a PUSH notification advertising network that offers a range of products for advertisers and publishers. It offers tools for creating and managing ad campaigns, converting traffic into revenue, and buying traffic through its DSP & SSP SaaS platform. supports multiple ad formats, including push notifications, redirected traffic and iOS calendar notifications. The platform uses advanced technologies such as smart bidding, conversion tracking and deep targeting to optimize campaigns and effectively monetize websites.

What is Good For? is particularly effective for businesses looking to monetize traffic and aggressively promote ads. Its push notifications generate high engagement with 3 million clicks daily, while redirect traffic and iOS calendar notifications offer additional channels to reach users. The platform’s smart bidding, intuitive interface and conversion tracking capabilities make it easy to launch and optimize campaigns in real time. excels at delivering high-quality traffic and deep targeting options, ensuring that ads reach the right audience and maximize revenue potential.

Who Should Use is designed for advertisers and publishers who want to maximize revenue and improve the performance of their ad campaigns. It is suitable for companies of all sizes that want to use push notifications, redirected traffic, and iOS calendar notifications to reach their target audience. With its comprehensive suite of tools and advanced targeting capabilities, is ideal for digital marketers, advertising agencies, and any organization looking to improve their online advertising efforts and achieve better conversion rates. Company Details, a leading PUSH notification advertising network, provides innovative solutions for advertisers and publishers. The company specializes in creating and managing ad campaigns, converting traffic into revenue and buying traffic through its DSP & SSP SaaS platform. Headquartered in [location], offers advanced ad formats such as push notifications, redirect traffic and iOS calendar notifications, generating millions of clicks daily. Using smart bidding, conversion tracking and deep targeting technologies, ensures optimal campaign performance and quality traffic. The company is dedicated to helping businesses effectively monetize their websites and quickly enter international markets, making it a trusted partner in the digital advertising industry.

Company Name: ClickStar

Est Year: 2019

Employees: 11 - 50 Employees

HQ Location: Al Ajman, Ajman, United Arab Emirates Demo & Media Top Features

Conversion Tracking

ClickStar helps advertisers and publishers optimize their campaigns in real time.

Intuitive Platform

The platform is structured such that it's easy for anyone to launch a campaign.

Smart Bidding

Each conversion on is with targeted price

Own Userbase works with reputable publishers who guarantee the delivery of high-quality traffic

Deep targeting

ISP, country, regions, OS version and many others can be targeted with

Site Monetization

Ad code for https and http sites, direct links, large set of landing pages

Pros of

  • Push notification ads work without affecting website storage
  • Recurring revenue for advertisers and publishers
  • Pricing to fit different budgets
  • Precise geo-targeting capabilities
  • Seamless software integration
  • Ease of use
  • Scalable e-commerce tools

Cons of

  • Slow report submission interface
  • Limited onboarding training and manuals
  • Unrelenting Pricing’s services are priced based on geographic location and the number of push notifications an advertiser subscribes to. For example, iOS push notifications for 1000 subscriptions may cost $80 in the U.S., while the same will cost $70 in the U.K. The service’s website has a price list that shows the cost of these subscriptions for different locations. Price Comparison

Compare price of With some of the top competitors.
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What Kind of Support Offers?

The website has many blogs and FAQs that address the concerns of new and prospective advertisers and publishers. This is the platform’s way of guiding users through their experience with the products. However, users with specific or unique questions that are not addressed by these articles and guides can contact a customer support representative via email.
Email Support
Tutorial Videos & Documentation FAQs

Yes, is a legitimate and reliable PUSH notification advertising network that helps businesses manage and optimize their advertising campaigns.’s robust platform and successful track record of generating clicks and revenue make it a trusted choice for advertisers and publishers worldwide. is a worthwhile investment for companies looking to improve their online advertising strategies and increase their revenues. Its ability to generate millions of clicks daily through various ad formats, combined with advanced targeting and optimization technologies, ensures high quality traffic and effective ad campaigns. seamlessly integrates with various advertising and marketing platforms to provide a cohesive and efficient user experience. Its advanced technologies, such as smart bidding and conversion tracking, work in tandem with other tools to optimize ad campaigns and improve performance.
In order not to waste the entire budget, it is advisable for advertisers to be clear about the vertical they are going to choose, whose offers they are going to advertise. For example, verticals with offers that have a low lead price of $5-7 are most suitable for newbies. The lower the conversion payout, the better the chances of collecting the information needed for analysis without spending too much money.
New users must register on the platform before proceeding. Next, in order to add a website to ClickStar, they are required to access the “Websites” section and press the “Add a Website” button. This will open a window where the user will be asked to enter their website address, website description (e.g. mobile games information portal) and other information.
Advertisers can only generate income from after registering on the platform. Once they have done so, they can then generate their first link for traffic monetization by going to the “Direct Links” section and pressing the “Add a link” button:, and then following the prompt.

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