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HBAgency Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

An ad-tech platform for advertisers and publishers. HBAgency claims to increase publishers revenue by 50%.

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What is HBAgency?

HBAgency is an ad-tech monetization company for publishers. It helps web publishers to optimize their revenue and further grow it. With the help of the platform, multiple demand partners can bid for inventory in real-time and drive the CPM up.

This Italy-based company now operates globally to improve its publisher’s performance. The company offers competitive CPM and overall results to publishers in Europe, North and South America, South Asia and Africa. Data from the official website indicates that the publishers who shifted to HBAgency noticed an average 50% increase in revenue!

Publishers from all verticals (tech, sport, beauty, fashion, news, etc.) are invited to join the platform. There is a special program running for food bloggers where they can receive additional benefits. You will need to discuss the benefits and offer tailored for you by reaching out to the support.

The core USP of HBAgency lies in:

  • Revenue boost of the publishers, thanks to innovative programmatic formats
  • HBAgency focuses primarily on display and video advertisements. AMP support.
HBAgency Review

In addition, The platform is very easy and also very popular amongst new bloggers who use the platform to monetize their websites. It is a strong alternative to AdSense.

Therefore, when associated with HBAgency, the publishers can maximize each impression. 

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HBAgency Company Details

HBAgency is an ad-tech platform based in Sardinia, Italy, and was founded in 2018. The platform claims to increase the revenue of publishers by 50%.

Company Name: HBAgency

CEO Name: Leonardo Ligas

Est Year: 2018

Employees: 1-10

HQ Location: Italy

Gabriele Piga CTO HBAgency
Gabriele Piga
CTO HBAgency
Anastasiya Prymovych HBAgency
Anastasiya Prymovych
Chief Growth Officer

HBAgency Demo & Media

HBAgency Top Features

Real-time ad quality protection

HBAgency blocks low-quality ads to maintain premium ad quality.

Innovative video and display formats

Great performing formats such as magic left/right, interscroller and interstitial, among others.

SEO friendly

HBAgency does not affect the page speed of a website.

Smart Refresh

It increases the ad's visibility through Smart Refresh, which boosts the ad impression.

Performance dashboard

You can use HBAgency’s performance dashboard to check revenue, inventory and report.

Ads Auto Positioning

The automatic positioning of the ads ensures a natural display of ads without disturbing the user experience.

Automatic payments

HBAgency supports easy and fast automatic payments for PayPal and bank transfers.

No contract restrictions

The users can leave the platform at any moment, only a quick note via email is required.

Supports a referral program

By bringing in new publishers, the users can earn extra income through HBAgency’s referral program.

AMP Support

You can monetize your AMP traffic in just a few clicks.

Pros of HBAgency

  • Supports multiple ad display formats
  • Prompt automatic 30 net days payment 
  • Ad Quality
  • Insight reports on the performance dashboard 
  • Easy sign-up
  • AMP Support

Cons of HBAgency

  • Supports only limited payment platforms (PayPal and bank transfer)

HBAgency Pricing

HBAgency is a platform for publishers and it is completely free for publishers. HBAgency claims to increase revenue by 50%

HBAgency Price Comparison

Compare price of HBAgency With some of the top competitors.
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User Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

HBagency is the best alternative to AdSense

May 3, 2023

I’m glad to have seen Bloggers sharing testimony on how HBagency out rank other ads

Avatar for Shittu Muhammed
Shittu Muhammed

HBAgency Detail

HBAgency offers options to increase revenue for publishers with display and video ads.

Here are some of the key highlights of the platform.

2. Support For A Variety Of Ad Formats 

Different websites have different layouts. Therefore, more than one ad format is required. Thankfully, HBAgency offers a plethora of display and video ad formats that you can use on your website per your needs. 

HBAgency Ad Formats

HBAgency offers the following standard formats:

  • Interscroller: Non-invasive engaging format 
  • Interstitial: Immersive full-screen ad
  • Magic Left/Right: Hight viewability placement
  • In Article
  • In Image
  • Half Page 
  • Medium Rectangle 
  • Wide Skyscraper, Skyscraper, Sticky Skyscraper Left/Right 
  • Leaderboard, Billboard 
  • Video Outstream 
  • Native 
  • Floor Ad 
  • Skin 

HBAgency also comes with an auto-positioning feature which ensures that the ad adapts to the website’s layout to maximize the revenue. 

Lastly, it uses smart refresh technology to boost ad impressions and increase the viewability amongst the readers. 

1. Quality Ads

The ad quality affects the viewer’s mindset.

Publishers can discuss their viewers’ priorities with HBAgency.

HBAgency is using software to automatically block low-quality ads and redirects in real-time to enhance the user interface of your website. 

3. Insightful Performance Dashboard 

On the performance dashboard of HBAgency, you can analyze the performance of different ad formats. 

In the overview dashboard, you can check the revenue earning, which is categorically divided into income earned:

  • Today
  • Yesterday 
  • Last 7 Days 
  • Current Month 
  • Last 30 Days 

The graphical representation of the earnings displayed in the dashboard comes in handy to quickly analyze the performance of the ads. 

Also, you can use the performance dashboard to check the inventory, monitor the payments and lay your hands on the report. 

For the report, you can customize the interval of the time duration. Also, you have the option to extract the report in the following formats:

  • CSV 
  • Excel 
  • PDF 

You can also extract the payment data in the above formats. 

4. Easy Sign-Up 

You can get straightforwardly started with HBAgency. After signing up, add your website on HBAgency. This step is followed by adding the script code in the head tag. 

Secondly, decide where you want to place the ad and insert the code accordingly. Then, based on your preference, the banner will appear on the chosen placement. Lastly, update the ads.txt with HBAgency’s line. 

Now, you are all set to earn with HBAgency!

5. Prompt Payment

When using HBAgency, you do not need to wait for your payments. The platform supports automatic payments. 

On the 10th of every month, HBAgency mails the summary of the payments to the publisher. An automatic invoice is created by the system and the payment is sent accordingly. The payments are according to the best industry standards – net 30 days.

The only requirement for withdrawal is an amount minimum of EUR 80.

HBAgency supports both Paypal and bank transfers. 

6. SEO Friendly 

When using HBAgency, you can let go of the worry about the loading time of your website. It is because HBAgency optimizes the ads for page speed. 

HBAgency is very SEO-friendly. It ensures that the ads do not create a hurdle for your fast-loading website. 

7. Referral Program 

You can use HBAgency to earn extra income through its strong referral program. 

Whenever you bring in a new publisher, you can reap the benefit of it. But, of course, the publisher will boost their income too. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for you and the new publisher. 

8. Good Customer Support 

You can utilize HBAgency’s customer support in all the stages (before, during, and after) of the integration process. 

For example, before starting with HBAgency, you can schedule a 30-minute meeting with the HBAgency Team. You also get to choose the date and time of the meeting. 

Use the “Contact Us” section of the official website if you want to contact HBAgency before starting the integration process. You have the option to send an email too! 

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What Kind of Support HBAgency Offers?

HBAgency team gives users the option to have a one-on-one meeting. You can request a call with the team and get all your answers. You can also get in touch with the support team through the support email
Email Support
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

HBAgency FAQs

HBAgency is an ad-tech platform that you can join as a publisher to earn regular revenue.
HBAgency offers rich display and video ad options. It gives you the option to choose from multiple ad formats.
HBAgency supports a variety of different ad formats such as in article, Interstitial, Sticky Left or Right, Interstitial, Floor Ad, video and more.
Yes, HBAgency gives advertisers an option to get access to some of the top publishers from a variety of different verticals such as Food, Health, Lifestyle, Fintech, Sports, Gaming, and more.

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