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AdOperator Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

AdOperator is a performance advertising network that delivers targeted traffic to matched users, providing advertisers with a powerful platform to maximize the impact of their ads to increase brand awareness, reduce advertising costs and reach new audiences.

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What is AdOperator?

AdOperator is a performance advertising network designed to deliver targeted traffic to carefully matched users, increasing the impact of digital ad campaigns on both desktop and mobile devices. Launched in 2018, AdOperator has quickly established itself in the AdTech market, earning the trust of clients and partners by delivering high-performance solutions that increase brand awareness, reduce advertising costs, and attract new audiences. The platform offers a variety of engaging ad formats, including push, in-page push, and pop, ensuring broad reach and effectiveness. AdOperator’s mission is to improve the advertising experience for both online users and advertisers by leveraging new data science technologies to understand complex online behaviors.

What is AdOperator Good For?

AdOperator is particularly effective for advertisers looking to maximize the impact of their digital advertising campaigns through targeted traffic delivery. Its powerful platform is ideal for controlling and optimizing ad placements across desktop and mobile devices using engaging formats such as push, in-page push and pop ads. AdOperator excels at increasing brand awareness, reducing advertising costs and reaching new audiences by leveraging advanced data science technologies to understand online user behavior. In addition, the self-service platform allows advertisers to efficiently manage campaigns, ensuring a professional approach tailored to each campaign’s needs.

Who Should Use AdOperator?

AdOperator is designed for advertisers and marketing professionals who want to enhance their digital advertising efforts through targeted traffic delivery. It is particularly suited for companies looking to increase brand awareness, reduce advertising costs, and reach new audiences with high-performing ad campaigns. AdOperator’s platform supports multiple ad formats, including push, in-page push, and pop, making it versatile for different marketing strategies. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, especially those in competitive industries looking to maximize their advertising ROI, AdOperator’s advanced data science technologies help understand online user behavior to optimize campaign effectiveness. Digital marketers, advertising agencies, and brand managers will find AdOperator’s self-service platform valuable for efficiently managing and scaling their advertising campaigns.

AdOperator Company Details

AdOperator is a performance advertising network established in 2018. The company behind AdOperator has swiftly made a mark in the AdTech market, gaining trust from numerous clients and partners within its first year of operation. The company is dedicated to enhancing the digital advertising experience by leveraging advanced data science technologies to understand online user behavior. With a focus on delivering targeted traffic and maximizing ad campaign impact, the company offers a robust platform that supports various ad formats, including push, in-page push, and pop. Through its commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, the company behind AdOperator has become a recognized name in the industry, driving significant traffic volumes and helping advertisers achieve their marketing goals efficiently.

Company Name: AdOperator

CEO Name: Chen Alex

Est Year: 2018

Employees: 11-50 employees

HQ Location: Limassol, Limassol

Chen Alex CEO AdOperator
Chen Alex

AdOperator Demo & Media

AdOperator Top Features


With Popunders, advertisers can ensure that they do not distract the user from their current action. Instead, the ads appear below the browser tab, so they are not distracting to visitors.

Advertisers Dashboard

The AdOperator dashboard for advertisers allows them to buy traffic - create, edit and optimize ad campaigns and adjust budgets quickly and easily.


AdOperator gives advertisers the ability to explore their stats by Campaign, Country, Ad Format, select the desired data and sort it by Dates, Hours, Campaigns, Creatives, Countries, SubID (Traffic Sources), Operating Systems and Targets.


To provide better performance for ads, Adoperator offers several optimization options, including the ability to keep lists of sources and use them for whitelists and blacklists, as well as optimization by Traffic directly from the reporting page.

Push Notification Ads

A push notification is a clickable message that people receive even when they're not using their device or website. It helps advertisers promote their businesses and brands.

Deep targeting

AdOperator's deep targeting feature helps advertisers target by browser, OS, country, city, carrier, IP range, add white and black lists by subid, etc.

No overspends

No overspend of daily and total campaign budgets

Pros of AdOperator

  • Easy account creation process
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multiple traffic options
  • Responsive and helpful account managers and support representatives
  • Comprehensive suite of traffic management tools
  • Campaign management tools

Cons of AdOperator

  • It shows 18+ rated ads
  • Ad statistics are not displayed in real time

AdOperator Pricing

The cost of buying traffic on AdOperator varies depending on the traffic location. For example, the cost of popunder traffic in Afghanistan for 5060 impressions is 1.31 CPM, while in Aland Islands for 240 impressions is 0.94 CPM. The AdOperator platform includes other specifications for different traffic types and locations.

AdOperator Price Comparison

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What Kind of Support AdOperator Offers?

To understand how the AdOperator platform works and for better user experience, the company has created a support section with necessary information about FAQs, documentation and open tickets. It also has a Help Center than answers frequently asked questions like how to buy traffic, minimum deposits, and many more.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
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Premium Support

AdOperator FAQs

AdOperator is a legitimate and trusted performance advertising network that has been active since 2018. It delivers targeted traffic and helps advertisers optimize their campaigns across desktop and mobile devices with formats such as push, in-page push and pop. The platform supports significant traffic volumes and is recognized for increasing brand awareness, reducing advertising costs, and attracting new audiences. AdOperator is widely used and trusted by numerous clients and partners in the AdTech market.
AdOperator is a worthwhile investment for advertisers looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts. With impressive metrics such as 3 billion impressions and 4 million clicks per day, AdOperator helps increase brand awareness, reduce advertising costs and reach new audiences. The positive feedback from numerous satisfied clients and partners underscores its effectiveness and value in the AdTech market.
AdOperator offers integrations with various software to increase the effectiveness and reach of your advertising campaigns. A good example is the integration with Automizer by Voluum, a premium solution for affiliate marketers. This integration ensures that you can efficiently manage and optimize your campaigns, track performance and gain insights within a cohesive advertising environment.
AdOperator claims that advertisers can get instant approval and upload funds without commissions to launch campaigns in a few seconds. Campaigns are approved instantly.
AdOperator helps advertisers monitor the performance of their advertising campaigns by providing insightful metrics on the manager’s dashboard.
AdOperator caters to a wide range of industries that benefit from targeted digital advertising.

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