Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme developed by the team over at Elegant Themes. However, it is so much more than a mere theme and can be compared to a full-fledged Website Builder.

The Theme comes packed with an abundance of pre-made demo websites, a lot of customization tools, and the super powerful Divi Website Builder. With the Divi Builder you can practically create any website layout your dream off, and that too, without any coding know how what so ever.

Once you have Divi in your toolkit, creating your website is only limited by your imagination. From simple blogs to online shops and other forms of complex sites with intricate layouts, all can be handled with Divi in a breeze.

Now, if you go to their official website, you will see for yourself the diverse set of tools and templates that are waiting. However, the templates themselves shouldn’t limit your perception of the potential of Divi.

In fact, if you take a look at some of the awesome websites that have been built using the theme, then you will know all the possibilities that lie with the theme.

For this purpose, as well as to kindle a little more inspiration in you, we have put together a little read on some of the excellent websites that have been built using Divi. So without further ado, here are 50 Sites Created with Divi Theme:

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Best Divi Theme Site Examples

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findability sciences

Findability Sciences website has an easy to digest layout with all information readily noticeable and appropriately arranged. They have included sliders, images, videos, infographics and a functional menu to showcase all their services conveniently for their clients.  

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KnowGoodBeer is a website corresponding to a beer festival. It offers an impressive design with fancy features to keep visitors engaged as they search for volunteering info, directions, contact info, ticket purchase and much more.

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academy of mine

Academy of Mine is an online service which allows you to create, sell, and market courses. On their website, they have an introductory video, a lot of icons for features, and a pricing page.

A nice example created with Divi Theme.

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bigcat rescue

BigCatRescue is a website of a charity organization. The website offers features that allow you to make donations, buy tiger shirts, see videos of tigers being saved, and other info about the organization.

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dan photography

Dan Dascalescu Photography is more like a portfolio website boasting a lot of photographs and high-quality images. The website is neatly designed to showcase all of the images in high res, capturing as much of the screen as possible. A left side menu bar is also added to let visitors navigate between different categories of photographs.

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BoomTrain is a marketing consultancy firm. On their website, they implement a white sticky header for convenient navigation, a homepage highlighting all their features, a lot of neatly organized pages with other information.

This is another good looking example of Divi Theme

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Windsor Bergen Academy


Windsor Bergen Academy is a school website which uses a fun website layout with bright and colorful typography and color schemes. It boasts information about the school’s mission, experience, services and much more.

An educations website created with Divi Theme.

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Dokkon Shop


Dateyard is a service-based platform. On their website, they have an array of icons to demonstrate features about their service, a display of current members, and an alluring color scheme.

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Dateyard is a service based platform. On their website they have an array of icons to demonstrate features about their service, a display of current members, and an alluring color scheme.

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sLavi Photography

slavi photography

sLavi Photography a photography website built to showcase high-quality images. The website has a clean distraction-free layout so people won’t be distracted and will entirely focus on content, i.e., the images. Navigation around the website is also straightforward and intuitive.

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pin n tell

Pin-N-Tell is a platform where people can come to share posts and stories they have to share. It has an accommodating layout for all the posts with social media integrations and an online shop.

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The GlobalChurch Project


The GlobalChurch Project offers a wonderful view to what creative can do coupled with Divi. You will see a range of contrasting color schemes, subscription options, blogs, email opt-in forms, all arranged harmoniously.

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Margarita Island


Margarita Island is a tourism website for a beautiful Caribbean Island. It boasts a stunning slider showcasing stuff you can do here along with other neat features to captivate eager travelers.

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Nomad Capitalist

nomad capitalist

Nomad Capitalist is a corporate website showcasing the use of strongly defined sections with testimonials, pop up functionalities based on user action and much more.

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Hope Restored

hope restored

Hope Restored website caters to couples in distress and offers couples therapy. The site has an easy to use and intuitive layout so users can access everything even in a bad mood. Contact information is also readily available.

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Dan Carr Photography

dan carr

Dan Carr Photography offers another look at how photography based websites might look with Divi. This one is much like a professional photography blog which boasts a multitude of high-quality images along with much more information about the photographer with portfolios, blogs, a page for the gear he uses and much more.

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Teresay is the blogging platform of the well known Teresa Martinez. Here she blogs on a plethora of subjects which are easily navigable through the menu bar. The homepage integrates sliders, fun background images, text overlays and much more to create an engaging experience.

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Paleo Grubs Books

paleo grubs

Paleo Grubs Books is a one-page website to promote the book with the same name. It offers a list of delicious recipes, a three-minute video with benefits of the books, testimonials, option to buy the book, and much more.

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Samui Garden Villa

samui garden villa

Samui Garden Villa is the official website of a luxury pool villa. Naturally, it needs its website to look as luxurious as possible, which Divi accomplishes flawlessly. With nice parallax effects, high res images, great layout, and easy navigations, people will easily be charmed.

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Lemonade Design

lemonade designs

Lemonade Design offers web designing services through their online platform. The homepage itself is loaded with useful information that presents themselves dramatically for the user’s amusement.

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Fashion or Famine

fashion or famine

Fashion or Famine is a blog for a vintage clothing store by the same name. This is another one of the perfect examples of a Divi built website boasting a minimalistic look. The site welcomes you with large featured images, stylish typography, and many more designing options to look modern and professional.

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Angry Moose Ice Cream


Angry Moose Ice Cream is an ice cream company. On their website, they have managed to showcase an array of their mouth-watering products in wonderful layout to alluring customers and increase conversions.

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Devlin Photos

Devlin Photos is the website of a wedding photographer. It manages to create an impressive layout style using images of different sizes embedded with videos and sliders to create a sophisticated look.

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Sally Parkes Yoga

sally parkes

Sally Parkes is a Yoga tutor, and this is her website. Here she provides interested students with contact information, gift vouchers, recent tweets, and other references to her school. She has managed to include a wonderful layout with a great color scheme to give visitors a calming sensation.

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Goodwings is a travel agency website, which adds another category of niche sites that can be built with Divi. The site boasts information regarding customer testimonials, a contact form, blog, and so on.

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carolina pooper scooper

Carolina Pooper Scooper offers pet sitting and pet walking services among many others. On their website, they use pet pictures coupled with parallax effects to engage visitors as they browse through the list of services offered. Contact information is also readily available.

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Art and Craft Film

art and craft

Art and Craft Film is the promotional website for the documentary – Art and Craft. The website uses a full-screen image, a carousel with links to theaters playing the films, and other useful functionalities.

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The Upholstery House

upholster house

The Upholstery House is an upholstery business, and this is its website. Here you will find information about workshops, a portfolio of the business, services, and other details organized in a nice layout with a great color scheme and typography.

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How to Beast

how to beast

How to Beast is a blog for Gym goers and body builders. It manages to create a stunning layout with bold fonts and great typography to create a sense of masculinity.

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Kensho Clinic


Kensho is a health and dermatology clinic. On their website, they use a white background along with wonderful imagery to give the sense of care and nourishment. On their website they offer details about their services and a means for online booking.

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M for Montreal

m for montreal

M for Montreal is a music events website which showcases upcoming events of local and up and coming musicians. The website makes use of many of Divi’s advanced set of modules to make a highly functional website. It will be hard to believe that this was built without any coding knowledge, but it was!

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Andina Cafe

andina cafe

Andina Cafe is a website for a cafe with the same name. Here a visitor will come to see information regarding items offered, an inside view of the cafe, a map to see its exact location, and also contact information.

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Aptipso is the official website of an app which helps with online campaigns. Here you will find all necessary information regarding the app, dedicated pages about features offered by the app, and much more.

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Sweet Cecily’s


Sweet Cecily’s is an online store for skincare products. The site uses a great combination of colors to create an ambiance that resonates beauty and fashion. There is also a masonry style blog.

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Pit Designs


Pit Designs is an online service which helps with the advertisement, web design, and similar functions. On their website, they offer further details regarding what they do, along with a portfolio, blog, and contact details.

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Andrew MacDonald

andrew macdonal

Andrew MacDonald is the portfolio page of the sculptor and painter – Andrew MacDonald. His wonderfully crafted website is a showcase of his work and also comes with information regarding him, and what is going on in his life.

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Mini-You is a product based company where you send some pictures of your entire body, and they turn it into a mini figurine. On their website, you will be able to send your picture, purchase one of their services, as well as learn more about the service in an easily navigable environment.

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Engage Live

engage live

Engage Live offers courses for photography. They have a wonderfully designed website with the homepage including an introductory video, a section for best selling classes, latest blog posts, and all other details about the institute.

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Heidi Brockmann

hiedi ross

Heidi Brockmann is the website of a web designer where she showcases her work, offers an online shop for some of her works related to life coaching, a page for connecting with her.

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FruitBowl is a digital marketing company. On their website, they have a well-organized menu listing all their services. The homepage consists of other necessary details about their work.

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Share Vancouver Island

Share Vancouver Island website is built to spread awareness about the magnificent Vancouver Island. Clearly, it needs to be heavy on high-quality images, offer easy navigation so all the content can be viewed, as well as provide other functionalities that tourists might need. Luckily Divi comes with all such features.

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BlueStellaPhotos is yet another photography website. It has a one-page design fitted with high-quality images and parallax effect. Contact information along with previous work and option to hire services are all included on the website.

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Green and Turquoise

green and turquoise

Green and Turquoise is a travel website. They have a clean layout with a plethora of articles on travel destinations, along with pages for hotel reviews, travel maps, and much more.

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KeyShot is the official page for the 3D rendering and animation software of the same name. Their website is wonderfully structured with detailed information on how to use the software, other information about it, and a purchase section.

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The Design Space


The Design Space is a blog where you can learn about how to grow your online presence, create a website, or it can help you get in touch with a developer.

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Flying The Nest

flying the nest

Flying The Nest is a travel and living blog. It boasts a minimal white background with a wonderful layout holding up all its content, a slider for some featured articles, and links to social media handles.

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TimeLine Missions

TimeLine Missions uses many of Divi’s advanced set of features to create a marvelous website layout. With a full-screen background, coupled with parallax scrolling effects, the website manages to engage any visitor.

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Sugar Cakes Patisserie

sugar cake

Sugar Cakes Patisserie is the website of a cafe. The site displays information regarding their menu, gallery of food items, cafe location, open hours, and contact info for making reservations.

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Sushi a la Maison


Sushi a la Maison website is an example how restaurant websites will turn out using Divi. The website offers a stunning design style, keeping things clean so that visitors’ eyes go straight to the delicious and blog food images. Then there are a lot of links that direct people to their social media pages, restaurant’s in-house product range and much more. You can also make bookings from the website itself.

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Blog Genesis

Blog Genesis showcases how diverse Divi Layouts can be. The homepage doubles itself as a landing page and is very richly designed to captivate audiences. Now, this is a blog and manages to showcase all necessary content with beautiful image thumbnails, a simple sidebar for navigations, opt-in forms and much more.

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In Conclusion:

We hope you found this read to be helpful. All of these themes we picked offer various types of design layouts which you can use as reference or inspiration for projects with the theme.

So if you do decide to use the theme to build your next website, then do remember to let us know how it turned out. Maybe we can showcase it as another inspirational website built using the platform.

Again, finding websites built using a theme can be hard work. We have done our best to curate some of the best websites that are built using the theme.

However, if you know some other great sites that we left out from the list, then do mention them down in the comments section. Your fellow readers will love to see more instances of the powerful theme at work.

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50 Websites Created with Divi Theme
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