10 Tips to Write an Effective Boilerplate For Technology Press Release


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A boilerplate is a part of a press release that tells what a company does and what it offers. It’s the portion of a release that readers read when they want to learn about a company.

A boilerplate is the “about” page at the bottom of the release. Although it is one of the most important parts of a company’s content, it is often not given that much weight when writing.

What is a Boilerplate?

Boilerplates are the last paragraph in a release that describes a company, according to Web Marketing Therapy. It is standard or remains the same across all press releases of the company. It is important because it builds credibility, authority, and visibility of a brand.

It can be used in different content that represents the company, such as social media profiles, about page, emails and even in the brochures. When written well, you can be assured that you’re promoting a consistent brand message.


Different Tips on Writing an Effective Boilerplate:

Boilerplates are not written just to complete a release. It serves an important purpose of maintaining your brand message and tell the readers what you do and what you offer.

Follow these tips in crafting an interesting and effective boilerplate for your press release:

  • In a short paragraph, tell the readers about what you do, what you can offer (products and services) and who are your customers
  • Write what makes your company different from the rest in the technology industry. You may write your company strengths, but do not exaggerate. Do not write buzzwords like “best,” “greatest,” “most awarded,” or “most successful.”
  • Maintain it to 100 words. Readers are more likely to read it. Moreover, a short about page will compel you to write only the most significant details. It is also more practical if you hired a press release distribution service when they charge per word.
  • Don’t use industry jargons and complicated words. Make it easy to read and understand. On the other hand, don’t make it too general that possible customers may find it difficult to decide if it is what they want.
  • Include keywords in the boilerplate. Optimize it for the search engines.
  • Write something about your philosophy, mission statement or tagline.
  • If you won a coveted award, had an important collaboration, or you made something that is worth recognizing, share it. However, ensure that you include specific metrics that prove it.
  • Include stock symbols (NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE) if your business is engaged in stock exchange.
  • Don’t forget to add a link to your website, social media profiles or other sites.
  • Constantly update if you need to. For instance, if you made an important technology study that is awarded by an award-giving body, include it.

Who Is Interested to Check a Boilerplate?

Boilerplates are important for your business, especially for your stakeholders. Check who will not miss looking at this part of your content:

  • The media. When journalists or bloggers are interested in your story, they want to know immediately what your company does and what you offer. They may use a part of it or copy it for their coverage.
  • Your employees. They want to tell people what your company does. It’s easier for them to show this paragraph to those who are asking.
  • Potential customers. Just merely looking on it gives them a clear and short idea what your business is all about, what you offer and how they can possibly buy.
  • Possible investors. Businessmen looking for a business to invest in will surely read this part of the content. They want to know if a collaboration possible or not.
  • Job seekers. They will definitely read this part if they are applying for a job in your company. It gives them a clue to a possible question about your company in an interview.

What Is The Worst Boilerplate?

Believe it or not, most undesirable boilerplates were written by people from the technology industry. Why?

PR professionals think that they can be smarter if they include a lot of details in the boilerplate. They tend to write not just two or three sentences, but more than five. Since its technology, they tend to include industry jargons that cannot be understood by the readers.

An example of an effective boilerplate in a technology press release distribution:

ABOUT 365 CONNECT:  365 Connect was founded in 2003 with an unwavering commitment to transforming how apartment communities market, lease, and retain residents.

As a leading provider of award-winning technology platforms for the multifamily housing industry, 365 Connect delivers a fully-integrated suite of comprehensive solutions that automate marketing, simplify transactions, and serve residents after the lease is signed.

The 365 Connect Resident Lifecycle Platform allows its clients’ infinite expansion, robust integrations, and the ability to revolutionize user experiences. Explore: www.365connect.com


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