How To Put Together Great Tone of Voice Guidelines For Your Brand

Brand Voice

Branding is essential to any business. Building and establishing your business’ brand is one thing, but the way you communicate your brand is another.

A great tone of voice plays a key factor in achieving consistency and good consumer awareness for your brand. Making your tone of voice guidelines helps you maintain the right tone even when you shift to different platforms. 

What Is Your Brand’s Tone of Voice?

Your brand’s tone of voice describes how your brand communicates with your consumers. Your tone influences how people perceive the message your brand wants to tell them. Your business tone of voice represents your personality and values.

The tone of voice applies to all the words you choose in your website content, social media posts, newsletters sent out in consumers’ email, and other communication formats.  

Voice Guidelines For Your Brand

Why Do You Need A Tone of Voice?

Having a consistent tone of voice for your brand provides many benefits for your business:

  • It helps build a proper connection with your brand and your consumers – Having a clear tone of voice for your brand encourages connection or dialogue between you and your audience. When people feel that they can freely communicate with your business, they trust your brand more. Making a connection with your audience makes them feel cared for, and that your brand wants to provide solutions to their queries. 
  • It helps increase business revenueWhen consumers feel they can trust your brand, you gain loyal customers. Aside from that, you’ll have a good reputation in the industry. When customers are happy, they help lure potential customers to your business. More customers mean higher revenue for your business. If you are monetizing content for your blog, having a consistent tone of voice also increases traffic to your site. 
  • It helps increase brand awarenessWhen you have a consistent tone of voice with your brand, people remember it easily. Being consistent with your tone and image makes it memorable for consumers and potential customers, thus increasing brand awareness. 

How Do You Create Tone of Voice Guidelines?

Here are some tips to help you and your business establish your brand’s tone of voice:

01. Define Your Brand Properly

Before you begin working on your tone of voice, you need to define your brand properly. You should pay attention to your business’ vision, mission, and values. Your tone of voice is based on these because they’re the main message you want your consumers or audience to receive. 

Your vision is your company’s future aspirations and goals. It answers the question, what does your business want to achieve? On the other hand, your business mission determines your brand’s existence and purpose.

Lastly, your business’ values define the culture and core principles that guide your business processes. 

02. Identify Your Target Audience

Your tone of voice should also be based on who you want to attract to your business. Learning more about your target audience helps you develop the right tone of voice for your brand.

Do some research on your target audience by building your buyer persona. Your buyer persona helps you understand your potential consumers’ language and the needs you want to address. 

03. Make Your Tone of Voice Apparent in Your Content

In creating a brand tone of voice guidelines, you need to go through all existing content across all platforms like your website and social media sites.

You need to check what brand of voice your content has and make some adjustments if the tone you want to convey is not apparent in your current content. When evaluating your content, you should answer the following questions:

  • Does the content correspond to the message I want to convey to my audience?
  • Is the content relevant to my current business vision, mission, and values?
  • Does the tone used in the content match the buying persona of my potential audience?

04. Make Your Tone of Voice Apparent In All Your Visual Content

After you audit the content in your platforms, you also need to check your posted images and videos. You should check whether the images you use are all portraying your business values. When auditing your images, you should answer the following questions:

  • Does the image portray the message your brand wants to convey?
  • Are the images and videos relevant to your business values?
  • Are the images and videos relevant to your buyer persona?


Establishing strong tone of voice guidelines is essential to the success of your business. Being consistent with your brand’s tone of voice is critical to building brand awareness and having a positive reputation in the industry.

If you already have a website, blog, or social media accounts for your business, you need to audit your written and visual content and make sure that it’s consistent with your brand’s tone of voice. 

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