8 Best PowerPoint Templates for Business

Business Powerpoint Templates

A beautiful and high-quality template is a guarantee that a presentation, revealing the details of a product, service, or process, will attract a lot of attention and the audience will hang on your every word, admiring stylish slides.

However, finding a suitable design can be difficult, because the range of free products is not so original. But there is a solution to this problem: choose original and fresh PowerPoints from MasterBundles templates, which are not so common, highly customizable, and are made taking into account all the basic needs of the client.

Luckily, the MasterBundles website has a fairly large range of good options. Do you want to know what this marketplace is and how it can be helpful? Then hurry up google it and explore the details — a user-friendly interface, a variety of bundles, and, of course, affordable prices will win users` over at first sight.

And we`re returning to the post — here, readers will learn not only how to make a great presentation with advice from designers, but also see several options worthy of attention for different tastes.

How to Make a Great Business Presentation?

So, first of all, it is worth studying a couple of relevant tips from designers and other professionals who know a lot about creating business presentations:

  • Before you begin, create a clear plan for presenting information so that all the details are shown logically and easily perceived by the audience.
  • Set aside one slide at the beginning for goals: they are usually clear to the speaker, but listeners may misunderstand something and the effect will be low. Explain why you’re making this presentation, why the audience should listen to you, and what they’ll get from the information provided.
  • Use font and background contrast to make text easy to read. If it is difficult to evaluate color compatibility on your own, use third-party services that will select the best combination.
  • Be sure to use infographics. The information presented in a block of text is poorly perceived (few people read more than 20-30 words on a slide), so make it easier for the audience! Find compact block diagrams, bar graphs, and diagrams, complete them with a brief description — voila, all facts are easy to remember!
  • Consider the importance of a small text load. As we mentioned above, 30 words on 1 slide are the maximum limit, so forget about huge paragraphs (only use them as a last resort).
  • Apply the 10-20-30 rule made by Guy Kawasaki in 2005: 10 slides, 20 minutes per presentation, and 30-point-type is an easy recipe for a great presentation.

By the way, to forget about searching for relevant infographic elements and not waste time comparing colors for contrast, simply use ready-made business PowerPoint templates which you can find here.

They are created following all the rules of correct design and you just have to adjust the template to the specifics of your business!

8 Great Business PowerPoint Templates

The specialists have prepared a bunch of fresh, colorful, and stylish templates, which are all easily customizable so that customers can attune them to the required area.

01. Pro Presentation Animated Template

At first glance, it seems that this template is quite general thematic, but it is the best choice for any type of business because the set contains 111 unique slides and super smooth animation.

Customers can use a night theme instead of a day one, depending on the lighting of the room where the presentation will take place and the style of the product/service. All elements are vector-typed (more than 2000 icons).

Pro Presentation Animated Template

02. Elsie PowerPoint Presentation

The set contains fifty slides with handcraft styling. Depending on the type of business, the user can customize pictures, change colors, text elements, and font. The design itself is quite minimalistic and very attractive.

Elsie PowerPoint Presentation

03. Business Infographics

If the customer is interested not in the presentation of any services and products, but the description of business processes with the maximum number of infographics, then this template will become number 1!

The set contains so many cool elements (23 objects) that you can hardly apply them at once, and these slides will become relevant for several presentations at once.

Business Infographics

04. Business PowerPoint Templates Bundle

If a company often needs to work with high-quality templates, then a couple of sets are indispensable! In such a situation, it`s better to choose a bundle consisting of a mass of items — for example, this set includes eight customizable templates for working with almost any business topic.

Business PowerPoint Templates Bundle

05. Annual Report – Animated Template

Juicy, minimalistic, stylish, and informative — these are four words that can describe this business template! It contains 140+ slides, beautiful animations, 50+ color options, and 1700+ vector objects, so you can create an interesting presentation just like that.

Annual Report – Animated Template

06. Zumia Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

Need to present a strategic plan, SWOT analysis, demonstrate the effectiveness of the latest marketing campaign, but are afraid to miss out on necessary details?

Don’t worry, there is a Zumia pattern that was made specifically for various business purposes. The universal template contains about 30 useful slides where you can place all the useful information. 

Zumia Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

07. EZRA Business Minimal Template

Thirty stylish slides are waiting to present your business theme to the fullest! A library with 1300+ shape icons, Drag & Drop Image function, and free Google fonts will allow you to work on your presentation and open the topic. And of course, the stylish minimalist design is also worth noting!

EZRA Business Minimal Template

08. Multipurpose Presentation Template

No matter what the peculiarity of your business is — this template will allow you to achieve all the goals of performing in front of an audience! Soft colors, stylish design, and high customizability will appeal to the customer and make every minute of creating a presentation enjoyable.

Multipurpose Presentation Template

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