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BuhoCleaner Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

BuhoCleaner is a popular Mac cleaner app that you can use to clean disc space of your Mac and improve performance.

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What is BuhoCleaner?

BuhoCleaner is a Mac cleaner that boosts the device’s performance by freeing up disk space. 

With over 511,000 downloads, more than 12,000 daily users use BuhoCleaner to optimize their Mac devices for maximum performance. 

BuhoCleaner’s simplicity and ease of use with powerful features make it different from other Mac cleaners. 

Dr. Buho, a company focused on serving Mac users, is the product developer. You can use BuhoCleaner if you use a Mac device running on MacOS 10.10 and later. 

The software is suitable for macOS Monterey/Ventura and all M1/M2 Macs.

BuhoCleaner Company Details

BuhoCleaner is a product created by the Dr.Buho team. The product is used by over 500,000 users

Company Name: Dr.Buho Inc.

CEO Name: Andy

Est Year: 2020

Employees: 1-10

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BuhoCleaner Top Features

Flash Clean

This feature helps free up the storage device on the Mac with just a tap.

Duplicate Identification

BuhoCleaner identifies duplicate copies of files, photos and folders and deletes them swiftly.

Disk Space Analyzer

It allows you to manage your disk space usage with a visual view and delete unnecessary files with just a glance.

App Uninstall

The filtering and grouping feature in App Uninstall lets you eliminate apps with leftovers.

Speed Boost

BuhoCleaner gives your Mac device a speed boost by freeing RAM and disabling both broken and hidden login items.

System Status Monitoring

The menu of BuhoCleaner empowers you to monitor the system status in real-time.

Secure File Shredder

You can use BuhoCleaner's file shredder to delete sensitive data in a nonrecoverable manner completely.

Reindexing Spotlight

The Reindexing Spotlight of BuhoCleaner enables users to fix non-responding spotlights to find documents, apps, files and more.

Flush DNS Cache

You can get rid of corrupted and outdated DNS cache using the Flush DNS Cache option of BuhoCleaner to ensure the proper functioning of the webpages.

Startup Items Management

Its Startup Feature allows the users to optimize the macOS by enabling them to manage all the startup services and login items in one place.

Pros of BuhoCleaner

  • Cleans junk in a flash 
  • Complete app uninstall with leftover junk 
  • Startup Items Management
  • File shredder to delete sensitive data
  • Generous trial version 

Cons of BuhoCleaner

  • Lacks browser extensions management 
  • Limited information on Mac Monitor 

BuhoCleaner Pricing

BuhoCleaner offers 3 pricing plans to choose from and depending on the offers available the price may be slightly different.

PlansSingle PlanFamily PlanBusiness Plan
Offer1 Mac / Lifetime3 Macs / Lifetime10 Macs / Lifetime

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BuhoCleaner Alternatives

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BuhoCleaner Detail

BuhoCleaner is one of the very few M2/Ventura-ready Mac cleaner apps. The simplicity and smooth design make users do the daily macOS cleanup easily.

Here are the key highlights of BuhoCleaner

1. Powerful Dashboard 

BuhoCleaner, even though very powerful, is super simple to use. Right on the dashboards, you can see the following key features of the platform:

  • Flash Clean 
  • App Uninstall 
  • Large Files 
  • Duplicates 
  • Startup Items 
  • Tool Kits 

You can clean and optimize your Mac device from the dashboard of BuhoCleaner. 

2. MacOS Super Cleanup 

BuhoCleaner, in total, offers six powerful options to clean your Mac device. With just a few clicks, you can use its Flash Clean option to get rid of application, browser and system junk. 

Furthermore, typical uninstallation of apps from the Mac device, even though uninstalls the app, leaves a tremendous amount of leftovers which then eats up the storage space. The App Uninstall feature of BuhoCleaner not only uninstalls apps but gets rid of all the associated data. 

BuhoCleaner also offers you the option to see all the large files that are eating your devices’ storage space. In addition, it segregates all the files into the following categories:

  • Audio Files 
  • Video Files 
  • Images 
  • Documents 
  • Archives
  • Other Files 

It is a handy feature that helps users identify all the unnecessary files with just a glance to delete them. 

BuhoCleaner also can identify duplicate files in all formats. After the duplicate files identification, the software deletes them to free storage space. 

3. High Optimization 

With BuhoCleaner, you can optimize the boot time of your Mac device by 1.8x times and increase the responding time by 1.5 folds. 

The Startup Items of BuhoCleaner boost the device’s performance by allowing you to manage all the startup services and login items from a single space. 

4. Mac Monitor 

From the BuhoCleaner Menu, you can access its Mac Monitor option to monitor the system status in real time. 

Using the Mac Monitor, at a glance, you can access information like:

  1. CPU Load 
  2. CPU Temp 
  3. Fan Speed
  4. Network Speed 
  5. RAM 
  6. Storage Space 

In addition, you can use this space again to free up RAM instantly with just a click. 

5. BuhoCleaner Toolkit 

The toolkit of BuhoCleaner houses handy features that help run your device’s regular diagnostic checkups. 

BuhoCleaner Toolkit houses the following five tools:

  • Disk Space Analyzer 
  • Shredder 
  • Free Up RAM 
  • Reindex Spotlight 
  • Flush DNS Cache 

Opting for Disk Space Analyzers allows you to manage the disk space visually. It helps you know the files which consume the most significant space on your device. With this information, you can delete unnecessary big files to free up space. 

With the shredder tool, you can delete sensitive data on your device to altogether remove its trace from the device. The data which you delete using the Shredder is unrecoverable. 

Here’s a guide to help you delete any app trace completely.

If you are experiencing any performance issues like lags and long loading times, you can use the “Free Up RAM” option from the toolkit to clear up RAM to optimize the performance of your device. 

The Reindexing Spotlight feature helps you fix issues associated with the Spotlight index. 

Lastly, if you are facing any difficulty loading a webpage, you can use the Flushing DNS Cache feature of BuhoCleaner. When used, BuhoCleaner deletes all the corrupted and outdated cache. It helps reset the DNS cache of your website to load the web pages faster. 

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What Kind of Support BuhoCleaner Offers?

BuhoCleaner comes with a detailed user guide to make sure that the users are able to find the answers to all potential questions readily available. They also offer 24×7 expert support.
Email Support
Tutorial Videos & Documentation

BuhoCleaner FAQs

BuhoCleaner is a popular Mac cleaner app that you can use to clean up your disc space and make your Mac system a lot faster.
No BuhoCleaner doesn’t offer a free version but you can try the product for free and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.
BuhoCleaner is an Apple-approved app and it is completely safe to use.
Sometimes when you delete an app from your system, the leftovers are still in the system, BuhoCleaner will find those and make sure it is cleaned completely.
The Mac Monitor feature of BuhoCleaner helps you to monitor your Mac system in real-time and make sure that it is performing at its optimum potential.

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