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Microsoft 365 Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based suite that provides access to various productivity tools, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and cloud services, such as OneDrive and Teams, designed to improve collaboration and efficiency in personal and professional environments.

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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive cloud-based productivity platform built by Microsoft. It gives subscribers access to the latest versions of applications like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneDrive, making it easier to manage and format documents. In addition, Microsoft 365 offers unique features such as the ability to install its applications on multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones, as well as 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage, making it more useful across desktop and mobile platforms. The platform is designed to support innovative applications, intelligent cloud services, and robust security measures to help individuals, families, small businesses, and large enterprises work more effectively. 

What is Microsoft 365 Good For?

Microsoft 365 excels at facilitating productivity and collaboration through its suite of applications and services. It is particularly effective for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; managing email and schedules with Outlook; and enabling teamwork and communication with Teams. The platform’s cloud storage capability through OneDrive supports file storage and sharing, making it ideal for users who require remote access and collaboration. In addition, Microsoft 365’s regular updates and upgrades ensure users have access to the latest features and security enhancements, positioning it as a leading office software suite.

Who Should Use Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is designed for a wide range of users, including individuals, families, students, small businesses, and large enterprises. Individuals and families can use the tools for personal and home management. Students and educators can use the platform for educational purposes. Small and midsize businesses will find Microsoft 365’s collaboration tools valuable for growth and operational efficiency. Large enterprises can use advanced management and security features to meet organizational needs and goals.

Microsoft 365 Company Details

Microsoft, the company behind Microsoft 365, is a multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Wash. Founded on April 4, 1975, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and best known for introducing products such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Word, Microsoft has grown to become one of the world’s largest technology companies. The company specializes in software, services, devices and solutions that empower individuals and businesses. Since its founding, Microsoft has expanded its reach globally and employs more than 181,000 people. The company has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the computer software industry, developing and marketing a wide range of products and services for a variety of computing devices. Microsoft’s commitment to creating innovative technologies has played a significant role in the digital transformation of business and society, making it a leading player in the global technology landscape.

Company Name: Microsoft

CEO Name: Satya Nadella

Est Year: 1975

Employees: 10,001+ employees

HQ Location: Redmond, Washington

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Microsoft
Judson Althoff
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer
Satya Nadella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft
Satya Nadella
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Microsoft 365 Demo & Media

Microsoft 365 Top Features

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

This is the always-updated suite of desktop apps that most users are already familiar with (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Teams) available as a subscription. Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise includes exclusive intelligent features like Ideas in Excel, Researcher in Word, real-time collaboration, and more.

Microsoft 365 Groups

Groups in Microsoft 365 connect users to the colleagues, information, and applications they need to collaborate for better results. Groups are open by default to improve discoverability and sharing, but users can also create private groups for sensitive content.

Microsoft Forms

With Microsoft Forms, users can quickly and easily create custom quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, registrations, and more. They can also invite others to respond on their mobile devices when they create a quiz or form.


With Delve, users can search and discover content across Microsoft 365 based on personalized insights. It is the first experience powered by the Office Graph.

Microsoft Graph API

The Microsoft Graph API helps users quickly build applications that connect to a wealth of resources, relationships, and intelligence, all through a single endpoint:

Microsoft Lists

This app helps users track information and organize their work. Lists are simple, smart, and flexible so users can stay on top of what matters most to their teams.

Microsoft Loop

Microsoft Loop serves as a co-creation application that allows users on a team to bring all the pieces of their project together in one place and collaborate across the applications and devices they already use.

OneNote Class Notebook

Class Notebook is part of OneNote and is available for Office 365 Education and Office 365 E5 Education. Each notebook includes a content library for teachers to share course content, a collaboration space for teachers and students to work together, and a private notebook for each student.

Microsoft Planner

This tool gives users a visual way to organize teamwork. Groups can create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what they're working on, set due dates, and update status.

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is an enterprise service that helps individuals and teams quickly build, integrate, and share apps that work on any device. Power Apps makes it easy to develop or build connections to connect an app to cloud and on-premises services, including Microsoft 365 and Office 365, Dynamics CRM, OneDrive, SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle databases, and more.

Pros of Microsoft 365

  • Highly secure
  • Easy to navigate software
  • Global accessibility
  • Seamless file sharing capabilities
  • Excellent online support and tutorials
  • Amazing database management
  • Huge product suite
  • Distraction-free focus view
  • Regular updates

Cons of Microsoft 365

  • Occasionally closes randomly
  • Certain apps in the app suite require special PCs
  • Forces users to install all applications instead of just the ones they need.
  • Excel spreadsheets lack backups in case of file corruption

Microsoft 365 Pricing

Microsoft 365 pricing plans vary depending on what a user is purchasing the software for. For example, individuals purchasing for general use can opt for either a family or personal plan, which cost $99.99 and $69.99 per year, respectively. On the other hand, organizations purchasing for business purposes have pricing plan options such as Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and Microsoft 365 Apps for Business. These plans cost $6.00 per user per month, $12.50 per user per month, $22.00 per user per month, and $8.25 per user per month, respectively.

Microsoft 365 Price Comparison

Compare price of Microsoft 365 With some of the top competitors.
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Microsoft Forms
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Microsoft Edge
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Google Workspace
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Google Chrome
Google Chrome Logo

Microsoft 365 Alternatives

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What Kind of Support Microsoft 365 Offers?

Microsoft 365 has a help and learning portal that helps users get more done by providing more help and training. With Microsoft 365, users can get more done faster. For example, they can quickly create and share content that stands out, easily manage their schedule, easily connect with others, and enjoy peace of mind. The portal also has a number of resources, such as those that answer questions like where to enter your product key, how to install Office applications, Outlook won’t open, and more help and learning.
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Forum & Ticket
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Phone Support
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Microsoft 365 FAQs

Yes, it is a legitimate cloud-based productivity platform built by Microsoft. It provides users with the latest apps, including Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, backed by world-class security. 
The app suite is worth paying for for those looking for comprehensive productivity tools and innovative apps, including extensive cloud storage, feature updates, and the ability to install across multiple devices. It suits a range of users from individuals to large enterprises with its tailored solutions. 
The app suite offers integrations with numerous software applications that enhance functionality and user experience. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s own suite of applications and services, as well as with third-party applications, enabling a more connected and efficient workflow.
Yes, users can access and use its applications, including OneNote and Microsoft Word, offline. While offline, users can continue to create, edit, and save documents. However, internet access is required for initial setup, feature updates, and to access cloud services.
It includes robust data backup and recovery capabilities. It automatically backs up data to OneDrive cloud storage, ensuring that user data is backed up and recoverable in the event of accidental deletion or data loss. This feature is an integral part of Microsoft Office 365’s commitment to data security. 
It is highly customizable, offering a variety of subscription plans to meet the different needs of individuals, families, small businesses, and enterprises. It also allows organizations to customize features and policies to meet their specific needs and standards.
Office 365 has been rebranded as Microsoft 365, which includes not only the Office suite applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but also additional features such as Microsoft Teams, extensive cloud storage, and advanced security measures. The suite of applications represents a more comprehensive approach to productivity and collaboration tools. 
Microsoft 365 offers world-class security features, including threat protection, information protection policies, security management, and compliance features that help protect business data across devices and applications.
Microsoft 365 offers several tools for collaboration, most notably Microsoft Teams, which makes it easy to communicate and collaborate across teams or across the enterprise through chat, video meetings, file sharing, and integrated app features.
Yes, certain Microsoft 365 subscription plans allow for multi-user sharing, making it an ideal solution for families or small teams who need access to shared documents and Skype for communication. Each user gets the full benefits of Microsoft 365, including the ability to install apps on multiple devices and access 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

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