The 7 Advantages of White Label Digital Marketing

Know what is white label digital marketing and how it can help your agency

White Label Digital Marketing


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As a digital marketing agency owner or digital marketing consultant, you want to provide the best possible work for your clients—but you may also be limited in what you can provide.

Your budget, your team, or your access to resources may prohibit you from providing everything you want to your esteemed clientele, forcing you to look to contractors, agencies, and other options to close the gap. 

One of the best options available to you is white label digital marketing—utilizing the services of another digital marketing agency as if it were an extension of your own.

But how exactly does this work, and why is it so advantageous? 

How White Label Digital Marketing Works 

Let’s start with an explanation of white label digital marketing. Essentially, you’ll sign a contract with another digital marketing agency, who will work on your behalf.

Depending on the agency, they may provide services like search engine optimization (SEO), link building, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more.

You’ll pay this company a monthly fee, usually at a wholesale rate, and charge your client a modest markup for the account management services. 

You’ll present these services as being executed by your brand; your logo will be on all the reports, and your partner will typically have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and/or a non-compete agreement, precluding them from reaching out to your clients directly. 

The Perks of White Labelling Your Digital Marketing 

So why is this advantageous? 

01. Full brand retention

First, if you’re going to reach out to another contractor, consultant, or agency, it makes sense to keep it a white label so you can retain your brand image with this client.

No marketing client wants to feel like they’re being juggled between multiple different brands; they want consistency, and white label digital marketing can give it to them.

This is also a good way to grow your reputation by proxy; you’ll appear to have access to far greater capabilities, and can earn referrals because of it. 

02. Time savings

Even if you have the capabilities to perform this work on your own, you may not have the time, or it may not be efficient to execute it on your own.

For example, if you’re busy looking for new clients, you won’t have time to personally manage every account and generate reports each month.

Your digital marketing partner can do most of the grunt work for you, keeping your clients happy while you spend your time and energy on more important matters for your business. 

03. High quality work

Most white label digital marketing service providers are specialists. They’ve been working with other agencies for many years, and have full teams of people dedicated to specific strategies, like content creation or link building.

By partnering with these firms, you’ll gain access to all their specialists, without the need to scout, hire, and manage them yourself. 

04. Consistency

Even high-quality agencies struggle with consistency. If they have different people working with different clients, if they’re stretched thin, or if they suffer from employee turnover, it becomes almost impossible to offer a consistent experience.

Working with a bigger, more specialized firm takes care of this for you, providing you with consistent quality throughout the course of your relationship. 

05. Scalability

Your digital marketing strategy needs to be scalable if you’re going to rely on it, and white label digital marketing services provide this scalability.

White label agencies typically provide you with as few or as many services as you want, meaning you can work with them whether you’re just starting out with a single client, are managing a massive portfolio of clients, or stand somewhere in between. 

06. Satisfaction assurance

Agencies are eager to provide your clients results; they want to keep you as a client and preserve their reputation. Accordingly, they’re willing to go the extra mile for satisfaction assurance.

If something goes wrong in a campaign, they’ll make up for it. If one of your clients is dissatisfied, they’ll have an idea for how to restore the relationship. 

07. Transparency and reporting

Every digital marketing firm needs a good reporting strategy to keep clients happy, and your white label provider can provide this to you.

A reputable agency will remain completely transparent, explaining how and why they operate and providing you with ongoing reports and analyses to continually improve its service offerings. 

Final Word

There are, of course, some caveats and downsides to consider when using white-labeled digital marketing.

You won’t have direct control over how your partner operates, and there’s always a chance there could be a brand slip up—like accidentally CCing the agency on a client email.

But overall, white label digital marketing is the ideal solution for digital marketing agencies looking to provide better services, earn more clients, and scale. 

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