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Take your outreach marketing to the next level with Ninja Outreach

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Ninja Outreach Overview

Ninja Outreach is one of the top blogger outreach tools that you can use to grow your business. Influencer marketing is big these days and if you wish to grow your brand, it is a great way to market it.

This tool is created for businesses of all sizes. If you are managing a small business, an agency or a big company, Ninja Outreach can help you to make your outreach marketing simple and easy.

Ninja Outreach is one of the leading influencer prospecting companies in the digital world that began in 2014 by Mark Samms and Gurpal.

Ninja Outreach Top Features

  • Powerful Prospecting & Research Tools
  • Seamless Email & Social Outreach
  • Effective Campaign Management
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Excellent Customer Support

if you are looking for the best blogger outreach tools, Ninja Outreach is one of the top options available in the market.

Ninja Outreach is one of the most effective tools that simplify your task of finding guest post opportunities and networking with social media influencers for your keyword.

It organizes all the information that you need which also includes the contact detail of the influencers.

It offers brilliant ways to filter your metrics so that you land on to the right influencer for your business. You can also add them to your campaign list. It even aligns with your email list and helps you send personalized emails to your clients and followers.

Ninja Outreach has more to offer. Let’s check it out in detail.

Ninja Outreach – A Review

Understanding Ninja Outreach

In simple words, you can define Ninja Outreach as an all-purpose influencer marketing tool. If any business wants to do any of the following, they can easily go with Ninja Outreach.

  • Lead generation
  • Guest posting
  • Content promotion
  • Prospecting Instagram
  • Content research

…and much more!

You can easily save your time as well as money on our next blogger outreach campaign by purchasing Ninja Outreach. There are over five million influencers in the Ninja Outreach database, and we can filter them country-wise for better prospecting.

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Who Can Use This Tool?

Ninja Outreach can be used by anyone who owns a website. It is ideal for:

Let’s understand the features of Ninja Outreach in detail.

Features of Ninja Outreach

There are thousands of influencers in any niche. You can easily type in our keyword and search thousands of bloggers as well as business leads in seconds, especially for the targeted keyword in your niche. You can easily filter by tags like that of influencers, bloggers, and companies.

Ninja Outreach has more than 25 million websites in its database and these are growing day by day.

Let us check out some of the features of Ninja Outreach –

01. Finding Social Media Influencers

Searches can be run through their database for Instagram and Twitter influencers, which includes their names, locations, description, count of the followers and email addresses. You can filter, sort and easily add them to specific prospecting lists.

NinjaOutreach Social Influencer

02. Contact Management 

You can easily manage the contacts through dynamic notes, tags, history of emails and RSS feed. You can also easily import new contact and collect all the contact information or export that information to a CSV file.

It is possible to add new contacts to the list through their Chrome extension, which displays demographic information and RSS feeds.

NinjaOutreach Contact Management

03. Client Campaign Organization 

Expensive CRMs, as well as spreadsheet, should be ditched in favor of Ninja Outreach. Lists for each campaign can be segmented with the name of relevant clients and keywords for easy tracking and discovery.

The best thing is that team collaboration allows multiple users to work together with the team.

04. Targeted Results are Incredible 

Ninja Outreach provides over 25 metrics which include location, SEO, special post, social, content virality, and other influencer statistics. The dashboard allows you to filter the requisite information in various capacities.

05. Template Personalization 

You can easily create your template with a custom field and send personalized outreach messages to your contacts. Contact fields that are common will automatically populate emails as well as contact forms.

Influencer outreach helps in tracking sents, opens, clicks as well as reply rates to show you what’s working and what isn’t.

You can launch email outreach campaigns automatically with custom HTML templates, which are inbuilt in the system and these save time as well.

NinjaOutreach Templates

Why Should You Use Ninja Outreach?

Now with all those amazing features, there is no real need to tell you why you should be using this tool. You already know why you should have this brilliant tool.

  • The first good thing about this tool is that it makes prospects for guest posts and reaching out to influencers extremely plain and simple.
  • The tools offer a very simple user base. So even if you are a newbie trying your hand at using the tool, you can easily do it without any professional help. The knowledge base area of the tool has amazing videos to document its usage. So if you need help you can easily go through them to make things easier.
  • It offers an effortless way to find guest post opportunities that are otherwise a real pain to do it on your own. I am sure you know the importance of guest blogging. This tool simplifies the process of looking up for such opportunities.

Is Ninja Outreach Worth A Trial?

If you ask me this question, the answer would be a big yes. The tool even offers a 14 free day trial period during which you can use this amazing tool without paying a single penny. So it’s a great opportunity to try out the product before you actually purchase it.

This is a brilliant product that everyone with a website should be using. And I am sure if you start using it once you will be hooked to it. This is especially true for all those who have just started in. This product with all its brilliant features will make your life so much easier, that you are going to love it.

So now that you know so much about this tool, what are you waiting for? Go grab it now. You can do it by clicking on the link below.

Ninja Outreach Pricing

Ninja Outreach offers two pricing plans to choose from. So depending on your usage you can select whichever plan you think fits your business the best.

  • Flex plan comes for $155 per month and is billed yearly. It is a price with a 60% discount.
  • The Pro plan comes for $259 per month with yearly billing which is again with a 60% discount.
Ninja Outreach Pricing

Ninja Outreach FAQs

01. What is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing platform. This tool can help you to grow your business by generating leads and helping you connect with influencers for marketing.

02. What is influencer outreach?

Influencer outreach is a modern marketing strategy. You reach out to the marketers with strong credibility, a big number of following in social media sites who can help you spread the word about your business to grow it.

03. Does Ninja Outreach offer a free trial?

Yes, Ninja Outreach offers you 7 days free trial period where you get access to a huge database of influencers.

04. What kind of services are offered by Ninja Outreach?

Ninja Outreach is an outreach marketing tool that offers you the lead generation tool. Instagram influencer marketing, Twitter influencer marketing, link building and more.

Solution used by over 150,000 businesses

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