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6 Writing Tips for Students to Make Paper Stand Out

Academic Writing Tips

In their everyday lives, students are facing numerous challenges, and academic paper writing is probably among the biggest ones.

Being assigned to do dozens of papers every semester, students almost always find this type of assignment especially daunting.

It takes plenty of time, effort, and energy to get it done. And, to complicate matters, such tasks always have a huge impact on a student’s final grade.

If you also find such tasks quite challenging, the good news is that there is a way to change this! In this article, we’ve collected the best tips and tricks from professional writers that will help you make essay writing simple and, at the same time, make your papers stand out.

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Academic Writing

Get Help If You Need It

Writing essays is never easy. That’s something you just need to put up with while being in college. Some students are naturally good at writing, but for others, writing another essay is more like torture. If that sounds like you, pushing too hard might be the wrong approach. 

Instead, you may want to pay for paper on to ease the struggle and get a guarantee of success. Sometimes, enlisting the help of experts is the best solution to the problem.

How can you benefit from delegating the task to WritePaper? First of all, this way, your essay will definitely stand out.

The expert team of this writing service knows how to turn your paper into a real masterpiece and get you a high grade. But there is one more advantage on top of that.

Receiving a paper written by pros, you will get a clear example of what a top-notch essay should look like. Respectively, it will give you a chance to hone your own skills. So, if you really need some academic help, our first tip is to get it.

Leverage Handy Tools for Your Success

Another tip for students who want to start writing essays like a pro is to leverage the available tools. Luckily for you, today, hundreds of great apps and software are created to make writing simple.

Among the top apps for academic writing are such tools as Evernote, Grammarly, Coggle, etc. There are tools for getting focused, organizing ideas, brainstorming, checking grammar, and streamlining other stages of the writing process. Start using them right now to boost your grades and ease the stress!

Use the First Paragraph to the Maximum Benefit

Another handy tip for nailing your essays is to learn how to make the most of your first paragraph.

The first few sentences of your paper determine whether the readers will want to read the whole thing or not. If you use this chance to grab their attention, your work will definitely stand out.

So, how do you drive the attention of the audience in your intro? There are many different writing tactics you can try. Some of the most common approaches include

  • opening the paragraph with a bold statement;
  • asking a question;
  • inserting an engaging quote;
  • putting the audience right in the epicenter of things;
  • speaking directly to the reader.

There are other ways to hook the audience too. In your writing, you may want to experiment with different methods and tactics until you find what feels right to you. Be bold and open-minded, and then you will definitely grab the attention of the rest!

paper Writing

Speak From Your Own Perspective

One good thing about essays is that such papers allow you to be you. Unlike other, more scientific works like dissertations or research papers, essays can be written from the first person’s perspective, and you can use this opportunity to make it more personal.

Don’t be afraid to speak from your own perspective. Take time to discover the unique voice that will help you highlight your personality, ideas, and uniqueness.

When appropriate, don’t hesitate to be honest and funny, talk in a conversation-like manner, and don’t be afraid to show what you really think.

But be sure that you don’t overdo it. Remember that your essay is still an academic assignment. So, only use all these tricks when there is a place for them.

Pay Special Attention to Your Supporting Evidence

Regardless of the topic and purpose of writing, essays typically require authors to refer to expert opinions, stats, facts, as well as examples from literature and history to support their ideas and claims. This is by far the most important part of writing such papers.

To make your paper shine, you have to hone your research skills and learn how and where to find supporting evidence for your statements.

In addition, you will need to learn how to distinguish valid information from fake one. And you need to learn how to make your evidence fit in your text organically.

Lastly, don’t forget about citing your sources well. Remember that a good academic paper is a unique one. The chances are that your professor will check your work for plagiarism, and if you don’t want to fail this check, you must take good care of citations.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Finally, to make your paper stand out from the crowd, you should do your best to leave a lasting impression on your reader. 

There are two parts of your paper that will make the most impact on the audience. The first one is the introduction, and we’ve already told you how to hook the reader in this part.

But the second important element in your text is the conclusion – it is the part that can make your essay memorable.

A perfect conclusion should summarize the most significant parts of your paper. At the same time, it should leave readers with something to ponder about. And it has to be something they will remember.

Just like with hooking the reader, you can leave a lasting impression using several tactics. For example, you can capture an entire summary of your ideas in one short but powerful sentence.

Or, you can finish with a strong quote. Finally, you can end your paper with an open question that will encourage the audience to think more about the ideas you’ve discussed. Or, maybe, you can finish with a simple truth that comes right from your heart.

Whatever you choose, make sure it stays relevant to your topic. Keep it concise and logical. And don’t forget that your conclusion shouldn’t introduce any new opinions or ideas that were not mentioned in the essay before.

The Bottom Line

Writing a flawless essay that hooks the readers from the first sentence and keeps them fascinated through the entire thing can seem like a real challenge.

And it really is. But the good news is that all it takes is time and practice to take your skills to the next level. So, if you stay persistent, you will be doomed to succeed.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find the courage to speak out from your heart and make your essays truly memorable. Use the tips and tricks we shared with you here to stand out from the crowd and get high grades with ease. Good luck!

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