4 Tips to Promote Online Courses By Using Social Networks

Tips to Promote Online Courses

In the twenty-first century, more and more people are focusing on self-development and improvement: both personal and professional.

Due to the advent of the Internet and modern technology, you can get an education or training without leaving home. It is enough to use the services of online courses.

In fact, this method is extremely convenient and economical, but it forms many questions in the minds of consumers and owners.

The first will think: “What resources are best?” or “Which is better to choose?”. In turn, others will be concerned about how to present their course to more consumers. It’s no secret that today, advertising is the most effective way to promote your product, aimed at increasing sales.

When it comes to social media promotion, we usually talk about targeting. This is the official advertising on Instagram and Facebook, which is available to users of business accounts.

It is configured and launched through an advertising account on Facebook. Targeted advertising works on the principle of point setting of the audience for possible interaction with the following criteria: age, language, geography, interests. For example: a German language course can be interesting for students, businessmen, freelancers, etc.

Targeting is an effective tool for promoting anything, including online courses. Many people need online course platforms to upskill, so finding them using targeting ads is an effective strategy at getting customers.

However, few people know how to run ads on social networks. Too many people make mistakes in setting it up, spending a lot of money in vain, as a result – do not get what they hoped for.

Today we will tell you how to use the official advertising of Instagram and Facebook properly to get the best results.

Online Courses

The Main Benefits of Targeting

Flexible Settings

Facebook knows almost everything about its users, allowing you to customize your ads to take into account very fine-grained settings, such as city, marital status, interests, hobbies, and more.

Facebook offers a variety of advertising goals, so you can choose the options that suit your needs and business goals. You can only run your ads on the audience you need. Another advantage of targeting is the ability to return the target audience that was on the site through remarketing.

Possibility of Analytics and Optimization

Due to the large amount of information provided by social networks, it is possible to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by various criteria. Targeted advertising is dynamic and allows you to make the necessary adjustments quickly.

This is not all the benefits of targeted advertising, but the basis remains the same – using this type of advertising you can increase sales of your online courses.

Basic Recommendations for Targeting

01. Choose Relevant Advertising Goals

At the beginning of the launch of advertising, you need to define the goal correctly, because later it is impossible to change it. It depends on your intentions how Facebook’s algorithm will adjust the audience and optimize the campaign.

Note: if you are interested in a conversion, choose it, not “Traffic” or “Attraction”, because in this case, you will receive likes and subscriptions, but not customers. Facebook sometimes resembles an auction: you trade with many other advertisers for the same audience.

Let’s say your competitors have chosen the goal of your conversion campaign, and you have chosen your traffic. It makes sense that Facebook will lead you to users who are willing to click rather than convert.

Also, you can implement non-standard solutions, for example, choose “Video Views” to further customize remarketing or look-alike audiences by users.

We will add that it is better to conduct traffic on an external landing, instead of in the middle of a social network. In this case, you will “catch up” with the user not only on Facebook but also in other advertising systems.

02. Pay Enough Attention to the Ads and Creativity in Them

In fact, it is a common problem. Remember: your ads should be bright and interesting. The person reviewing them should have a desire to buy your product. Therefore, the ad should attract attention and evoke certain emotions.

Try to get into the vulnerability of your target audience. If you want to be remembered, the use of branded images will be important. Don’t spend too much text on the creative – otherwise, the algorithm will reduce their priority in the show.

In addition, according to the rules of the Facebook platform, the text should not occupy more than 20% of the image (at the moment – this is not relevant, but it should not be neglected, because no one will read miles of advertising).

So, the texts should be short and meaningful: you only have a few seconds to capture the user’s attention. You need to not only promise benefits but also provide convincing evidence.

Don’t forget to add calls to action. Prepare different creatives for different placements: the ones you used for the news feed may look bad in Stories (for example, they will be incorrectly framed and lose part of the image, or quality). You should not use a single placement. Always experiment.

It will be better to prepare different options for creative work in advance. This will allow you to test them and find the most effective one. Remember that creative people “exhaust themselves” quickly enough, so they need to be changed from time to time.

You should take the help of an online marketing agency such as Flow20 to create and manage online ad campaigns for you. Working with a creative agency has several advantages like more leads and reduced advertising costs. 

03. Take into Account Go Targeting Options

When setting up advertising, it is not enough to just choose your country, or any other, you need to pay attention to a few more important points. So, when setting up a geotarget, first of all, you need to select the item “People who live here”. All other parameters are also used, but I’ll talk about them later.

Use exclusion points for places where your ads aren’t relevant.

For example, it would be inappropriate for America to advertise a product in Korea because of the different time zones and the language in which the product is taught.

If your online courses have an office or administration building, then you can indicate it on the map and choose the advertising range. This way, everyone who is within this mile will see your ad. There are many options for using geo-targeting, so experiment.

04. Make a Qualitative Analysis of the Target Audience

It is not often speaking and even more rarely done. The question concerns both offline business and online, both full-fledged companies and experts or bloggers who make “launches” on social networks.

Today, it is popular to start on Instagram without a prior in-depth analysis of the audience which actually prevents a lot of problems. Without an audience analysis, you are more likely to “sit in a puddle” and spend a lot of money on it.

By making funnels, webinars, websites, courses, investing in many contractors, our hypotheses are tested. The same thing can be done for free, just by doing the research before investing.

The survey, like the questionnaire, allows you to collect feedback as automatically as possible:

  • Customer wishes.
  • Customer fear and anxiety.
  • Decision criteria.

Communicate with the customer over the phone, with those who have already used the product (if any) and with those who are your potential customers. Most of the information is in your customers.

So just ask. They need to call and find out what they like, what they don’t like, what they would like and what they would not like, how convenient and how inconvenient.

You do not need to guess, make assumptions, you need to conduct surveys and formulate fairly accurate hypotheses based not on feelings, but on a specific study of the target audience.

Such actions will allow us to save the budget and to reach results much faster.

What are Besides Instagram and Facebook?


Nowadays, almost everyone knows and uses this place to post video files. By buying a smartphone, TV, tablet, laptop and other gadgets that support video, the user immediately gets access to YouTube.

Today, the site has about two million users worldwide. Therefore, promoting your online course or any other product with YouTube will bring good results. Use some of the popular YouTube keyword research tools to reach audiences using relevant keywords.

You can create a separate channel that will work for you for many years. It can also be customized and developed, or buy ads and run your video in other videos on YouTube channels.


The use of this social network is usually typical of well-known brands with large advertising budgets. However, it is a free and strategically important resource through which you can maintain communication with your audience. Especially if you want to increase the visibility of your company and services.

Your Site

Differentiation is a great way to get outstanding results. That is why it is important to use various promotion channels and, in particular, to take care of the development of a custom merch store.

Post courses and promotions on it and keep this information up to date. Your site can become a place where you send and process traffic from other sources and, most importantly, the place where you monetize your video content. This will allow you to get more clients and establish a smooth work system.

In conclusion, you will get:

Search engine rankings

If you actively run business pages on social networks, it will affect the position of your product in the search engine.

The metric will increase in geometric projection if your online course has pages, for example, on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok. Therefore, it is more likely that a user interested in this topic will come to your site or page after searching with Google or Safari.


Among the people who use social networks are your potential customers. The Internet is used by people of different ages, mostly from 12 to 65 years. Therefore, no matter what product you have – it will be relevant to users, in any case, because it will find its target audience.

Communication With the Client

According to the data, customers who use online chat spend 60% more than others, within each purchase, and social networks are the best platform for this. This is especially true today. Through social media, the audience has the opportunity to give feedback, and you, as a company, can assure them that they and their opinion are important to you.

Extra Attention

With the help of social networks and competitions, you can increase attention to your product, and in our case – an online course. All you need is to play your service for free. Remember that the conditions should be simple, for example: “Subscribe to our page, like and note in the comments of two friends.”

Reasonable Contribution and Disposal of Funds

Maintaining social networks is many times cheaper than paying site promotion. And if you try, you can not pay for it at all.

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