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Coursera Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Coursera is an online learning platform offering a wide range of courses, degrees, and professional certificates from renowned universities and companies, facilitating skill development and education accessibility for learners worldwide.

Ease of Use
Value For Money
Customer Support

What is Coursera?

Coursera, an online educational platform established in 2012 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, offers specializations and courses in partnership with top-tier universities. It offers a wide range of courses by partnering with distinguished universities and organizations globally, including IBM for specialized IT courses. Coursera’s mission is to make education accessible to anyone, anywhere, enabling learners to pursue academic and professional achievements on their terms. Led by CEO Jeff Maggioncalda, and supported by a team of over 1000 employees, Coursera focuses on democratizing education while emphasizing skill development and continuous learning through its innovative platform.

What is Coursera Good for?

Coursera excels at providing flexible, online access to a broad spectrum of educational courses and programs, including professional certificates, degree programs, and vocational training across diverse subjects. It is designed for individuals seeking to improve their knowledge and skills, advance their careers, or pursue lifelong learning objectives. The platform stands out for its collaboration with leading educational institutions, offering users quality education and skills development opportunities that are recognized and valued by employers worldwide.

Who Should Use Coursera?

Coursera is ideal for a wide range of learners, including students, professionals, and hobbyists seeking to enhance their educational qualifications or acquire new skills. It is particularly beneficial for individuals looking for accessible, self-paced learning options that align with their career goals or interests. Additionally, Coursera serves educators and organizations looking to provide their students or employees with structured and reputable online learning opportunities, thereby supporting skill development and continuous professional growth.

Coursera Company Details

Coursera, the company behind Coursera, was established in 2012, with its headquarters located in Mountain View, California. As an online education platform, Coursera has emerged as a leader, partnering with top-tier universities and organizations worldwide to offer a wide variety of courses. The company is driven by a mission to make education accessible to everyone, enabling learners to achieve their personal and professional objectives flexibly and conveniently. Led by CEO Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera champions the advancement of online learning, striving to close educational gaps and promote a lifelong learning culture with partnerships including but not limited to IBM. With over 1000 employees dedicated to its vision, Coursera continually innovates to shape the future of education.

Company Name: Coursera

CEO Name: Jeff Maggioncalda

Est Year: 2012

Employees: 1001-5000

HQ Location: Mountain View, California, United States

Jeff Maggioncalda

Coursera Demo & Media

Coursera Top Features

Personalized Schedules

Students receive updates on their progress in the course, including whether they are on schedule, ahead, or falling behind, along with practical steps to ensure they continue to advance effectively.

Lecture Summaries

Summaries created by machine learning of important lecture videos offer students a convenient method to revisit previous course content, quickly grasp a subject, and advance more swiftly through a course.

Adobe Guided Projects

Students now have the opportunity to engage with authentic Adobe tools in an online setting without the need for installation or obtaining a license.

Academic Integrity Tools

In developing curricula for degree programs, instructors can tackle cheating and plagiarism by implementing text similarity analysis in assignments graded by faculty for all kinds of questions.

Rich Text Editor Enhancements

While making changes to the text in a course, instructors will now encounter a display that matches the view seen by the learners.

Course Labs Enhancements

Teachers can efficiently develop educational activities designed to equip students for actual technical professional settings using interactive lab environments, evaluations, and automated grading systems.

Self-Serve LMS Import

This innovative self-service import tool enables teachers to conveniently recycle and adapt their current materials from Canvas for use in their Coursera courses, greatly diminishing the time required for content creation.

Item Linking Enhancements

The updated user experience offers teachers a broader perspective on all the places an item is connected, facilitating the creation of modular programs via efficient content synchronization.

Skillset Integration

Access to Coursera SkillSets and Coursera Plus subscriptions is now simplified for learners through their chosen centralized learning platform within their organization.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy's introduction of 42 SkillSets for individuals at all stages, focusing on over 35 sought-after interpersonal skills, enables organizations to nurture leadership qualities in their workforce, enhance productivity, and foster adaptability and innovation in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Pros of Coursera

  • Collaborated with academic bodies
  • Extensive range of programs
  • Highly structured
  • Refresh courses to include the latest technology or software
  • Comprehensiveness in learning material
  • Cons of Coursera

  • Improvements in browser compatibility are necessary
  • Courses divided into particular tracks come with a cost
  • The functionality of the quiz/exam feature is restricted, particularly regarding in-line video knowledge assessments
  • Coursera Pricing

    Coursera provides flexible pricing options designed to accommodate the varied needs of different organizations, allowing individuals to choose the plan that best suits their objectives. With an emphasis on fostering growth and developing essential skills at every level of an organization, Coursera guarantees access to high-quality educational and training materials for all its users. The Team plan, which costs $399 per user per year, is geared towards groups of 5 to 125 members and offers an extensive learning journey. Coursera also ensures client contentment with a 14-day money-back guarantee. For larger entities having more than 125 users, Coursera’s Enterprise plan delivers customized solutions that address particular needs, including access to a broad catalog of specializations and courses. Interested organizations are advised to get in touch with the sales department for information on Enterprise pricing and Coursera Plus subscription options. details.
    Monthly Billing: N/A
  • Access catalog of 6,755+ from top universities and companies
  • Co-branded experience with learner technical support
  • Skills platform for insights and analytics
  • Tools to manage program communications
  • Enterprise
    Contact Sales
    Contact Sales
  • Access catalog of 6,755+ from top universities and companies
  • Co-branded experience with learner technical support
  • Skills platform for insights and analytics
  • Tools to manage program communications
  • Dedicated customer success manager for consulting services
  • Single sign-on, API and partner integration
  • Coursera Price Comparison

    Compare price of Coursera With some of the top competitors.
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    Coursera Alternatives

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    What Kind of Support Coursera Offers?

    Coursera places a high value on ensuring customer satisfaction through the provision of extensive support options designed to efficiently resolve questions and problems users may encounter. Individuals seeking help can contact the Coursera support staff through email for in-depth support, make use of the Live Chat option for immediate assistance, or connect with the service on various social media platforms. Furthermore, Coursera offers a range of tutorials and DIY resources, enabling learners to fix common problems on their own and enhance their study process, making it one of the best online learning platforms. By committing to outstanding customer service, Coursera assures that learners have all the support they need to make the most of their educational pursuits.
    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Social Media
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation

    Coursera FAQs

    Coursera is a legitimate online learning platform founded in 2012 and recognized for providing high-quality educational content through partnerships with esteemed universities and organizations worldwide. Its dedication to democratizing education and increasing accessibility to learners globally affirms its authenticity and reliability in the online education sector.
    Coursera is worth paying for due to its comprehensive catalog of online courses offered in collaboration with top-tier universities and institutions, including free course options for various topics. The platform facilitates skill development and continuous learning, catering to a wide range of academic and professional goals at a pace and convenience suitable for the learner, making it a valuable investment in one’s personal and professional growth.
    Coursera provides integrations with various software and educational tools that enhance the learning experience. These integrations include platforms for collaborative projects, communication tools for interaction between learners and instructors, and systems that support the submission and grading of assignments, although specific software integration details are continuously evolving to align with educational technology advancements.
    Coursera boasts a user-friendly interface designed to cater to learners of all backgrounds and skill levels. The platform’s ease of navigation, accessibility features, and personalized learning experiences underscore its commitment to user-friendliness, ensuring that learners can focus on achieving their educational objectives efficiently.
    Coursera offers courses that can earn learners university-accredited degrees and certificates, making it possible for credits to transfer toward university degrees at select institutions. However, the transferability of credits depends on the policies of the participating institutions and the specific program enrolled in.
    Coursera ensures the quality of its courses by partnering with leading universities and organizations worldwide to develop its content. Courses are designed and delivered by faculty members from these institutions, incorporating rigorous academic and industry standards to provide high-quality, relevant, and up-to-date educational experiences.
    Coursera offers a wide range of courses covering various domains, including but not limited to, data science, business, computer science, personal development, arts and humanities, and health, making it one of the best online learning platforms. The platform provides courses at different levels, from introductory to advanced, catering to learners at all stages of their educational and professional journeys.

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