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eloomi Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Eloomi is a cloud-based platform that provides solutions for employee training, performance management and engagement, integrating learning management and continuous performance development into a single interface.

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Value For Money
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What is eloomi?

Eloomi is an all-in-one LMS designed to help organizations worldwide deliver impactful training and develop employees to drive business success, with many positive eloomi reviews highlighting its effectiveness. It works both as a standalone solution and as an integrated module within the Dayforce HCM platform, branded as Dayforce Learning. The platform simplifies the process of successful people development by providing a comprehensive suite of tools for onboarding, compliance training, skill building, offsite training, and performance feedback.

What is Eloomi Good For?

Eloomi is ideal for creating, delivering and managing various learning and training programs, including online and blended learning formats such as webinars. It excels at mapping and developing employee skills, facilitating personalized growth paths, and providing a library of expert-curated courses for skills-based training. In addition, the platform supports engaging employee communication through real-time messaging and knowledge-sharing communities. Its built-in performance feedback mechanism also facilitates meaningful growth conversations between managers and employees, making it effective for continuous employee development.

Who Should Use Eloomi?

Eloomi is designed for organizations of all sizes that want to improve their training and development initiatives. It is especially suited for HR professionals, training coordinators, and business leaders who want to streamline their training programs, close skill gaps among their workforce, engage in effective performance management, and foster a culture of continuous training and development. In addition, organizations seeking to integrate their training and development efforts with broader human capital management systems will find value in Eloomi’s capabilities.

eloomi Company Details

Eloomi, a Dayforce company, specializes in innovative learning and development solutions. Founded with a mission to change the way organizations approach employee training, Eloomi has established itself as a leader in the learning technology space. Since its inception, Eloomi has focused on creating a platform that not only facilitates seamless learning experiences, but also supports organizational growth through skill development and performance management. As part of the Dayforce HCM platform, Eloomi leverages its deep expertise in human capital management to deliver an integrated learning solution. The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, high-impact training solutions is evident in its comprehensive platform, which includes learning management, skills development, workforce development, pre-built content, and employee communications, tailored to meet the diverse needs of organizations around the world.

Company Name: eloomi

CEO Name: Claus Johansen

Est Year: 2015

Employees: 51-200 employees

HQ Location: Copenhagen, Hovedstaden

Claus Johansen CEO at eloomi
Claus Johansen

eloomi Demo & Media

eloomi Top Features

Learning and Training

Eloomi's simplified learning management and training platform helps train employees, save time and drive business success with

Reporting and Analytics

Training and learning departments can stay on top of training with real-time LMS reporting to track progress, course completion, and compliance across the organization.

API Integrations

eloomi's native integrations help organizations streamline workflows, automate tasks, save time and ensure best-practice IT security.

eloomi AI

Eloomi's AI effortlessly enhances content and people development, unlocking new levels of productivity and success in today's dynamic world.

Employee Communication

eloomi's social learning solution improves collaboration and enables seamless knowledge sharing. It also connects the entire workforce, promotes cohort learning and strengthens organizational culture with an effective employee communication platform.

People Development

eloomi provides a performance management solution that increases employee engagement, empowers managers, and simplifies employee development.

Pros of eloomi

  • Robust and friendly customer service
  • Intuitive gamification features
  • Awesome progress tracking graphs
  • Flexible configuration settings
  • Certificate generator serves as a great motivator
  • Key reporting features
  • Easy setup process with helpful training guides

Cons of eloomi

  • Occasional startup errors
  • Suboptimal copy and paste functionality
  • Limited documentation

eloomi Pricing

eloomi’s pricing plans are designed for growth, allowing you to adapt and scale effortlessly. Prospective users can book a demo to find a customized plan that best suits their needs. Let’s take a look at three of their base packages below.
Monthly Billing: NA
Yearly Billing: NA
  • Drag & Drop Course Editor
  • Knowledge Check
  • Import & playback SCORM content
  • Categories & Topics
  • Learner self-registration
  • Automated due dates & reminders
  • And more…
Monthly Billing: NA
Yearly Billing: NA

Everything from Play, and…

  • Certifications & Quizzes
  • Events & Webinars
  • Rules-based group automation
  • Skills Insights, Mapping & Profiling
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Advanced Segment Reporting
  • And more…
Monthly Billing: NA
Yearly Billing: NA

Everything from Plus, and…

  • Conversations and 1-1s
  • Structured agenda & action items
  • Align individual & organizational goals
  • Setting Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)
  • Analytics for goals & objectives
  • Journey Designer & Automation
  • And more…

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What Kind of Support eloomi Offers?

Eloomi offers a world-class customer service experience that includes skilled service with in-app onboarding and quick access to product experts via live chat. With 25+ nationalities & multiple locations, the company has a customer service representative in multiple time zones & local language.
Email Support
Live Chat
Forum & Ticket
Phone Support

eloomi FAQs

Eloomi is a legitimate, all-in-one learning and development platform designed to help organizations deliver effective training and promote employee development. This platform, backed by its association with Dayforce, ensures reliability and credibility.
Eloomi is worth paying for due to its comprehensive suite of features aimed at improving organizational development. It offers modules for learning and training, skills development, people development, content access, and employee communications, making it a valuable tool for organizations looking to invest in employee growth and performance.
Eloomi offers integrations with various other software to enhance its utility and facilitate seamless workflows. While specific integration capabilities may vary, Eloomi’s ability to connect to other systems is designed to support a wide range of learning functions and streamline the user experience.
The platform is designed with emphasis on ease of use. The intuitive interface simplifies the management and delivery of training programs. This user-friendly approach ensures that administrators and learners can efficiently access and engage with the resources they need, facilitating an effective learning environment. 
Eloomi enables the delivery of various types of training, including online learning, blended learning, webinars and offsite training. Its versatility supports onboarding, compliance training, skill building, and more to meet the diverse training needs of organizations.
Courses on Eloomi are customizable, allowing organizations to tailor content to meet specific learning objectives and audience needs. This customization feature empowers trainers and administrators to create and modify courses, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in achieving learning goals. 
Eloomi supports employee performance management by empowering managers to create, track and support progress along personalized growth paths, and by improving the usability of administrative interfaces. This feature facilitates meaningful growth conversations between managers and employees that are aligned with individual ambitions and organizational goals.
Yes, Eloomi can map the skills employees have, want, and need to identify skill gaps. It then delivers targeted, skills-based training to close these gaps and drive meaningful growth, supporting the organization’s skill development goals, with customer support available to maximize effectiveness.
Eloomi provides access to a comprehensive content library through an affordable subscription model. This library includes unlimited pre-built training content from best-in-class providers, curated by experts to support a wide range of learning needs.
Eloomi improves employee engagement and communication by providing a dynamic feed for sharing company news, success stories and learning resources. It also facilitates real-time messaging and the creation of communities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering an interactive and connected workforce.

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