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360Learning Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

360Learning is a collaborative learning platform that enables organizations to enhance learning and development through interactive courses, peer learning, and real-time feedback mechanisms.

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What is 360Learning?

360Learning is a cutting-edge collaborative learning platform designed to facilitate corporate training and skill development. By integrating the power of collective expertise, this platform enables organizations to create, share, and engage with interactive courses. Established in 2013 with headquarters in New York, 360Learning focuses on transforming the traditional learning experience into a more interactive and impactful process, supporting businesses in unlocking their full learning potential.

What is 360Learning Good for?

360Learning excels at empowering companies to develop a culture of learning and innovation. It is particularly effective in onboarding new employees, continuous skill development, compliance training, and promoting collaborative learning environments. Encouraging employees to share knowledge and expertise, enhances engagement and retains valuable skills within an organization. Furthermore, its data-driven approach aids in identifying learning gaps and provides insights into improving learning outcomes.

Who Should Use 360Learning?

360Learning is ideally suited for medium to large enterprises across various industries that prioritize continuous learning and skill development. HR professionals, training managers, and business leaders looking to foster a collaborative learning culture will find 360Learning beneficial for its blended learning capabilities. Additionally, organizations aiming to streamline their training processes, enhance employee engagement, and achieve measurable growth through innovative learning solutions are encouraged to utilize 360Learning.

360Learning Company Details

360Learning, the company behind 360Learning, was established in 2013 with its headquarters located in New York, New York, United States. Operating under the visionary guidance of CEO Nick Hernandez, the company has grown significantly since its inception, currently employing between 251-500 individuals. This innovative enterprise is dedicated to pioneering collaborative learning solutions, aiming to transform the corporate learning landscape. By focusing on leveraging collective expertise, 360Learning empowers organizations to unlock their full learning potential, driving growth and enhancing skill development through cutting-edge, collaborative approaches to education.

Company Name: 360Learning

CEO Name: Nick Hernandez

Est Year: 2013

Employees: 251-500

HQ Location: New York, New York, United States

Nick Hernandez

360Learning Demo & Media

360Learning Top Features


Maintain synchronization between your personnel and educational data effortlessly. Eliminate redundant data entry by integrating learner analytics and statistics from 360Learning with top HR platforms.

Training Orchestra

Minimize the administrative load of mixed programs and oversee all of your educational activities from a single platform.

User Provisioning

Add users individually, through CSV file upload, or enable users to register on their own, simplifying the process with 360Learning's intuitive learning management system.

Course Templates

Create courses in a snap. With templates based on best-in-class digital pedagogy for your most frequent use cases, you can lay the foundation for your courses with confidence.

Bulk Import

Effortlessly add entire collections of SCORM 1.2 and 2004 courses into your catalog through mass importation.

Automated Enrollment

Automatically register or renew registration for learners as soon as they fulfill specific requirements, like belonging to a group with an expiring certification or meeting criteria in custom fields.

Smart Scheduling

Eliminate the hassle of monotonous, mistake-filled chores, thanks to the streamlined and user-friendly authoring tool provided by 360Learning. Arrange as many live training sessions, whether face-to-face or online, with just a few taps, utilizing 360Learning's authoring tool for ease of setup.

Training Delivery

The learning requirements of your teams are distinct and differ according to their position, length of service, and professional aspirations. Quickly offer tailored learning journeys to accelerate the skill enhancement of your teams.

Integrated Interface

Our unified translation platform equips your team with every necessary tool to efficiently complete tasks.

Manager Dashboard

Administrators can monitor advancement and fulfillment metrics by group, individual participant, or educational program. Observe the competencies being acquired by participants. Create automated weekly updates on performance and alerts via email.

Pros of 360Learning

  • Outstanding functionalities and user-friendly design
  • Working with the team at 360Learning is great
  • It encourages cooperation between those who are learning and those who create the content
  • The platform accommodates a wide variety of content
  • One of the tool’s key advantages is its emphasis on Collaborative Learning
  • Cons of 360Learning

  • Transitions between screens are notably slow
  • There are certain restrictions on the actions you can perform
  • The initial configuration of the system posed some challenges
  • 360Learning Pricing

    360Learning presents two unique subscription models designed to meet different organizational requirements, complemented by reviews from verified users to help guide your choice. Our Team option, which costs $8 for each active user monthly, allows for the rapid implementation of cooperative learning projects through our ready-to-use LMS platform, facilitating the quick development and rollout of courses. For organizations aiming to convert their internal specialists into engines of collaborative advancement and to fully leverage the benefits of cooperative learning among staff, clients, and partners, our Business package provides customized services. To discover more about what our Business package offers and its pricing details, we invite you to schedule a demo today.
    $8/registered user/month
    Yearly Billing: N/A
  • One platform to manage all learning
  • Transparent pricing—no setup fees
  • Access to best-in-class resources and support
  • Business
    Request Demo
    Request Demo
  • Automate and scale learning with one versatile platform
  • Integrations and solutions for every use case
  • Dedicated technical support teams
  • 360Learning Price Comparison

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    What Kind of Support 360Learning Offers?

    360Learning delivers an all-encompassing, user-focused support mechanism, offering various means of aid to ensure users get the timely and proficient assistance they require. Whether it’s via email, a Help Desk, or live chat, users can count on quick support from a committed team, thereby improving the overall experience. Additionally, the Knowledge Base acts as a crucial repository, featuring training videos, documents, and webinars to cater to a wide range of learning preferences. The platform also encourages user interaction and knowledge sharing through FAQs and forums, enhancing the support network. Committed to the satisfaction and success of its users, 360Learning stands out as a reliable ally in overcoming learning and development hurdles, highlighted by positive reviews from verified users.
    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation

    360Learning FAQs

    360Learning is a legitimate company specializing in collaborative learning solutions since its establishment in 2013. The platform is designed to facilitate collective expertise sharing within organizations, making it a credible and valuable resource for corporate learning and skill development.
    Investing in 360Learning is worth considering for organizations aiming to enhance their learning and development strategies. It offers a unique collaborative approach that enables companies to unlock their teams’ potential and support continuous growth and innovation.
    360Learning provides integrations with various other software platforms to ensure seamless workflow and enhance the learning experience. Key integrations include popular systems like Salesforce, Slack, and Zoom, enabling organizations to incorporate learning into their existing operational frameworks effectively.
    Several notable corporations employ 360Learning for their corporate learning needs, taking advantage of its collaborative learning features to improve employee skills and performance. While specific names of corporations are not provided, the platform caters to a diverse range of industries due to its flexible and adaptive learning solutions.
    The range of courses available on 360Learning covers various topics and skill sets crucial for professional development. These courses are designed to meet the needs of different roles and industries, ensuring that organizations can find relevant content to support their employees’ growth.
    360Learning enables organizations to tailor the learning journey to meet their specific requirements, offering a blend of e-learning and traditional methods for a comprehensive learning experience. Customizable pathways, collaborative content creation, and adaptive learning strategies allow companies to create personalized learning experiences that align with their goals and employee needs.
    The duration of courses on 360Learning varies to accommodate different learning objectives and user availability. Courses can range from short, bite-sized modules to comprehensive training programs, providing flexibility for learners to engage at their own pace, a hallmark of effective e-learning strategies.

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