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Moodle Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with a single robust, secure, and integrated platform to create personalized learning environments.

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What is Moodle?

Moodle is an open-source learning platform that provides educators, administrators, and learners with a single system for creating personalized learning environments. Founded in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas and headquartered in Perth, Australia, Moodle supports interactive and engaging e-learning experiences through its customizable and scalable solutions. With a focus on accessibility and innovation, the platform aims to facilitate flexible online education in a variety of contexts.

What Is Moodle Good For?

Moodle excels at providing customizable e-learning solutions that facilitate interactive and collaborative learning experiences. It is particularly effective at creating online courses, managing classroom activities, and providing dynamic learning resources. The platform supports a wide range of activities, such as quizzes, forums, and databases, making it a versatile choice for delivering educational content and fostering communication and collaboration among users.

Who Should Use Moodle?

Moodle is suitable for a wide range of users, including educational institutions from primary schools to universities, corporate organizations looking to run training programs, and individual educators looking for a platform to offer online courses. Its flexible pricing options, including a free basic version and scalable plans for larger institutions, make it accessible to small organizations as well as large corporations requiring comprehensive e-learning solutions.

Moodle Company Details

Founded in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle is an innovative company dedicated to improving online learning through its open source platform. Based in Perth, Australia, Moodle has established itself as a major player in the e-learning space, serving educational institutions and organizations worldwide. Founded with the goal of providing customizable and interactive e-learning solutions, Moodle places a strong emphasis on accessibility, collaboration and innovation in education. A pioneer in providing flexible online education solutions, Moodle has grown significantly since its inception and remains committed to its mission of empowering educators and learners. The company’s commitment to open source software ensures that its Learning Management System (LMS) remains a top choice for those seeking adaptable and scalable educational tools.

Company Name: Moodle Pty. Ltd.

CEO Name: Scott Anderberg

Est Year: 2002

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Scott Anderberg

Moodle Demo & Media

Moodle Top Features

Course Management

Moodle makes it easy to organize and manage courses, including content creation, assignment tracking, and grading.


Users can personalize their learning environment with customizable themes, layouts and branding options.

Collaboration Tools

Encourage collaboration through discussion forums, chat rooms, and group activities to increase student engagement.

Multimedia Integration

Moodle supports multimedia content such as video, audio and interactive simulations to enrich the learning experience.

Assessment Tools

Users can create a variety of assessments including quizzes, surveys and assignments with customizable grading options.


Moodle offers robust analytics tools to track student progress, identify learning trends and inform instructional decisions.

Mobile Compatibility

Moodle's responsive design ensures seamless access to courses and materials on a variety of devices, promoting flexible learning.

Integration Capabilities

Moodle integrates with a wide range of third party tools and systems, extending functionality and interoperability.


It complies with accessibility standards, providing an inclusive learning experience for users with different needs.


Moodle prioritizes data security and privacy, implementing measures to protect user information and maintain confidentiality.

Pros of Moodle

  • Customizable learning environments
  • Extensive collaboration features
  • Diverse assessment options
  • Robust analytics for tracking progress
  • Mobile-friendly for flexible access
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Cons of Moodle

  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Limited direct support options
  • Requires hosting and maintenance
  • Interface can feel overwhelming
  • Moodle Pricing

    Moodle, an open source learning platform, offers flexible pricing options. The basic version is free, ideal for small organizations and educators. For larger institutions that require advanced features and support, Moodle offers paid plans starting at $80 per user per year. Customized pricing is available for corporate solutions. With Moodle, users have access to a robust learning management system tailored to their needs.

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    What Kind of Support Moodle Offers?

    Moodle provides extensive support to its users. Users can access help through community forums, documentation, and user guides. Additionally, paid plans offer priority support with faster response times. While direct phone and email support aren’t prominently advertised, users can rely on a wealth of online resources. For urgent inquiries, contacting Moodle’s support team through their website is recommended.
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    Moodle FAQs

    Moodle is a legitimate online learning platform, established in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas and based in Perth, Australia. It is renowned for revolutionizing e-learning through its open-source, customizable solutions that promote interactive and engaging learning experiences.
    Moodle is worth paying for, especially for larger institutions requiring advanced features and support. Its flexible pricing options include a free basic version for small organizations and educators, with paid plans starting at $80 per user annually for those needing more comprehensive services and support.
    Moodle provides integrations with numerous other software, enhancing its functionality and user experience. These integrations include popular productivity tools, educational resources, and cloud services, allowing for a seamless blend of content, collaborative tools, and learning management in one platform.
    Moodle can be extensively customized to meet specific educational needs, offering a range of plugins and themes that allow institutions to tailor the learning environment. This customization extends to features, appearance and functionality to support a wide range of learning strategies and course requirements.
    Yes, Moodle supports mobile learning through its mobile application, enabling students and teachers to access courses, manage learning materials and interact with each other from anywhere, at any time. This mobile compatibility underlines Moodle’s commitment to accessibility and flexible learning.
    Moodle is suitable for corporate training, providing companies with a flexible platform for delivering online training, onboarding new employees and facilitating continuous professional development. Its scalability and extensive customization options allow organizations to create training programs that meet their objectives and the learning needs of their employees.
    Moodle is committed to data security and privacy, implementing robust protocols to protect user information and course content. It complies with global privacy standards and offers various settings and permissions to control data access and sharing within the platform.

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