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Based on 24 user reviews, Workzone has an overall rating of 4.42 out of 5 stars.


Workzone Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

One of the most comprehensive project management software to manage all different kinds of projects from a single interface.

Ease of Use
Value For Money
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What is Workzone?

Workzone is an award-winning project management software to help busy teams deliver projects on time. It is one of the first project management tools in the world!

It offers a perfect balance between powerful and easy-to-use solutions. 

With Workzone, you can bring visibility to multiple projects you are working on to get things done quickly. In addition, the platform is known for functionality and ease of use. 

To sum it up, Workzone provides you with all the tools you need to manage all your projects. With an experience of over 20 years, the platform has developed a robust functionality to ease the process of managing projects.

Workzone Company Details

Workzone is one of the oldest project management software that started in the 2000s. It manages thousands of projects from all different niches.

Company Name: WorkZone LLC.

CEO Name: Rick Mosenkis

Est Year: 2002

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Pennsylvania, US

Rick Mosenkis CEO Workzone
Rick Mosenkis
Founder & CEO
Allan Kalish Workzone
Allan Kalish

Workzone Demo & Media

Workzone Top Features

Personalized To-Do Lists

You can create a personalized to-do list on Workzone, which users can further mail for better focus.

Project Dashboard

Workzone offers an all-project dashboard where the users can take a high-level view of all the projects they are working on at once.

Interactive Gantt Chart

With the interactive Gantt Chart, you can see all the visual changes you make to the project schedule.

Secure File Sharing

You can use Workzone to share files securely with the team, with control over the level of accessibility.


Workzone supports automation for different tasks through real-time notifications and personalized to-do lists.

Project Templates

Users can create reusable templates for similar projects and processes.

Workload Reports

This report helps identify the team's under and over-utilized resources to help the users utilize resources better.

Task Dependencies

Workzone supports task dependencies allowing you to link dependent tasks to keep team members tracked and focused.

Custom Branding

Custom branding allows you to customize the platform with the brand's colors and logos to reflect your company.


Workzone's API gives you the freedom to create custom integrations. Additionally, it supports over 1,000 web app integrations.

Pros of Workzone

  • Functional dashboard with deep insights 
  • Allows creation of reusable templates 
  • Excellent support team 
  • Approval request options for files 
  • Numerous team collaboration tools 
  • Allows custom branding

Cons of Workzone

  • Outdated interface 
  • Steep learning curve

Workzone Pricing

Workzone offers 3 premium plans to choose from. The price is as per the number of users that you wish to add.

Here are the details of the plans.

99.99% uptime (10X industry standard)
99.99% uptime (10X industry standard)
99.99% uptime (10X industry standard)
Unlimited project & task managementUnlimited project & task managementUnlimited project & task management
Project templatesProject templatesProject templates
Gantt chart (Timeline), Calendar,
Gantt chart (Timeline), Calendar,
Gantt chart (Timeline), Calendar,
Automated to-do listsAutomated to-do listsAutomated to-do lists
Advanced ReportingAdvanced ReportingAdvanced Reporting
100GB storage150GB storage150GB storage

Workzone Price Comparison

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User Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars (based on 24 reviews)

A wonderful tool for cross functional projects

May 25, 2024

I love the ability to see everything you have going on, no matter the department, and the ability to filter by task and project. I think this is largely dependent on how well your Workzone instance is set up and maintained by your department or company, but when it is done right, productivity and/or accountability can skyrocket. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Jon V.
Jon V.
Review Source: G2

As streamlined or robust as you want

May 25, 2024

I like that we have been able to take the features that we like most and use them, but not HAVE to use a ton of the functionality that we don’t need. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Kevin M.
Kevin M.
Review Source: G2

Simple, straightforward, and easy to use!

May 25, 2024

We use WorkZone on a daily basis as the primary tracking system for our real estate, construction, and building systems teams. The system provides a great high level status view, with the ability to drill down into specifics. Because its easy to use, team ‘buy in’ was fast, helping ensure the system is accurate and up to date. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Chris D.
Chris D.
Review Source: G2

Workzone Works for Our Team

May 25, 2024

I like the fact that we can personalize requests based on specific projects, allowing us to get the information we need up front. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Susan E.
Susan E.
Review Source: G2

I manage all Construction and Special Projects for CURO Financial Technologies, Corp.

May 25, 2024

The Cloud storage of communications, files, drawings, & material that relates to the Construction Project. The project template notification to responsible parties, and the notifications to myself as manager when activities or task have been changed or completed. Review collected by and hosted on

Avatar for Todd W.
Todd W.
Review Source: G2

Workzone Detail

Workzone is one of the leading project management software that you can use to manage all different kinds of projects.

Here are some of the key highlights of the software.

1. All Projects Dashboard 

The dashboard of Workzone gives you the big-picture of all the projects you are working on across campaigns, clients and departments. 

The project dashboard is helpful for:

  • Reviewing meetings 
  • Checking a summarized view 
  • Real-time insights 

The intuitive format of Workzone’s dashboard helps check minute details of different project information and metrics. 

2. Project Management 

You can use Workzone to assign tasks and set due dates. After this, Workzone’s automation keeps the team focused through real-time notifications and a personalized to-do list. 

Workzone also comes with plenty of built-in tools, which are helpful for tracking:

  • Workload 
  • Time
  • Expenses 

In fact, Workzone supports more than 20 reports which are not only customizable, but the user can also export them to Excel and save it as PDFs. 

3. Task Dependencies 

Most of the project’s tasks are designed so that only when A task is completed can the B task begin. The task dependency feature of Workzone is helpful in such a scenario as it makes it possible to link dependent tasks. 

When you create task dependencies on Workzone, the task’s start date is automatically calculated based on the end date of the previous job. 

Additionally, when the user shifts the task date, all the dependent tasks are shifted accordingly. 

4. Group Calendar

It is a helpful feature for collaboration within departments and among team members. On a group calendar, you can combine different calendars into one master calendar, which makes organization easier. 

In the group calendar, you can view all the ongoing projects and the associated tasks. It gives a better idea about the timeline of different projects in a layout with which most users are comfortable. 

Furthermore, it is possible to use filters in this space for a more detailed view of the project. 

5. API and Integration 

Team members often require different integrations to complete a project. Workzone understands this and, therefore, provides REST API, which allows you to add custom integrations. 

You can instantly connect Workzone to popular services like:

  • Google Drive 
  • Dropbox
  • Salesforce
  • Slack

Additionally, through Zapier, Workzone offers you more than a thousand useful web app integrations. 

What Kind of Support Workzone Offers?

Workzone comes with a detailed support portal where you can find information about the software. You may also get in touch with the support team through phone or chat.
Email Support
Live Chat
Tutorial Videos & Documentation
Phone Support

Workzone FAQs

Workzone is a comprehensive project management software that you can use to manage all kinds of projects.
No, Workzone is premium software that offers a free demo option to check how it works.
Workzone offers 3 premium plans to choose from. The price starts at $24 per user.
You can use Workzone to manage all kinds of projects. It offers you all different types of project management tools, to-do list creation apps, and more.

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