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Quire Review (2024): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Quire is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool designed to help teams visualize, plan, and organize tasks efficiently through a nested task list interface.

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What is Quire?

Quire is a dynamic task management platform that facilitates collaboration within innovative teams, often compared favorably in Quire software reviews. Established in 2014 and based in Taipei, Taiwan, Quire specializes in helping teams organize, prioritize, and execute tasks efficiently. The platform is distinguished by its intuitive UI and the flexibility of its features, which cater to a variety of workflows, highlighting the ease of use. Quire, a prominent project management software, aims to enhance productivity and creativity among its users, offering a solution that promotes smooth coordination and effective project completion.

What is Quire Good for?

Quire excels in improving team collaboration and project management. It is particularly effective for organizing tasks, setting priorities, and tracking project progress in real time. The platform supports diverse team workflows and adapts to different project needs, making it a valuable tool for coordinating tasks and ensuring deadlines are met. Its capabilities are beneficial in enhancing communication among team members, facilitating decision-making, and streamlining the execution of complex projects.

Who Should Use Quire?

Quire is ideally suited for innovative teams across various sectors looking for an effective project management solution. Startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and creative agencies can significantly benefit from Quire’s features. Furthermore, project managers, team leaders, and individuals who coordinate collaborative efforts will find Quire’s task management capabilities advantageous. The platform serves users who require a comprehensive tool to manage projects seamlessly from initiation to completion, ensuring organizational goals are achieved efficiently.

Quire Company Details

The company behind Quire, founded in 2014 and located in Taipei, Taiwan, consists of a vibrant team ranging from 11 to 50 employees. This organization has dedicated itself to developing a dynamic task management platform, Quire, which stands as a testament to its commitment to enhancing team collaboration and productivity. Specializing in creating intuitive, flexible software solutions, the company focuses on empowering teams across various sectors to organize, prioritize, and execute tasks efficiently. Through innovative design and user-friendly features, they are at the forefront of revolutionizing teamwork and project management in the digital age.

Company Name: Quire

CEO Name: N/A

Est Year: 2014

Employees: 11-50

HQ Location: Taipei, Taiwan

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Quire Demo & Media

Quire Top Features

Project Management

This tool for managing projects enables streamlined creation, allocation, and monitoring of tasks.

Team Collaboration

Cooperative tools allow groups to collaborate more efficiently, regardless of whether they are internal teams or external contractors.

Systematize Clutter

This feature facilitates effortless task offloading and project simplification.

Smart Tracking

This functions as an intelligent monitoring capability that allows groups to oversee projects from various viewpoints and pinpoint obstacles.

Sustainable Development

This feature is an adaptable workflow that supports various teams and is compatible with Agile and Scrum techniques.

Nested Task List

An exclusive hierarchical task structure enables a more natural arrangement of tasks, dividing bigger tasks into smaller, more easily handled components.

Kanban Board Integration

This combination allows for a seamless switch from list formats to board formats in managing tasks, augmenting the efficiency of task organization and monitoring.

Smart Folders

Combine tasks from various projects to improve the overall view of tasks.

Reminders and Notifications

Ensures all team members are informed about due dates and modifications to assignments.

Customizable Views

Provides a range of perspectives including calendar formats, list styles, and board layouts to cater to diverse requirements.

Pros of Quire

  • Ideal choice for individuals who categorize their data diversely
  • Flexible tasks with a visual representation
  • The site’s accessibility and layout are straightforward and user-friendly
  • The progress indicators and diagrams are excellent
  • Effortlessly handle complex assignments
  • Cons of Quire

  • Occasionally, updates can disrupt the work process
  • The analytics capabilities in Quire are somewhat elementary
  • Limited connectivity with other software
  • Quire Pricing

    Quire offers a range of pricing plans tailored to suit various team sizes and requirements, emphasizing its reputation in management software. For those just starting out or individual users in 2024, the Free plan provides essential task-tracking capabilities. Small teams looking to centralize their work and visualize projects can opt for the Professional plan, priced at $7.65 yearly or $10.95 monthly. Growing teams or companies with more intricate workflows may find value in the Premium plan, available for $13.95 yearly or $18.95 monthly. For enterprise-grade corporates seeking comprehensive management, security control, and support, the Enterprise plan, priced at $19.96 yearly or $24.95 monthly, offers the ultimate solution. Regardless of your team’s size or needs, Quire ensures access to the right resources for effective collaboration and project management.
    Yearly Billing: $0
  • Nested list view
  • Kanban board
  • Custom fields
  • Project overview
  • Folders
  • Section
  • Permission control
  • Web, iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Integrations with your favorite apps
  • Professional
    Yearly Biling: $7.65
  • Every feature in Free, plus:
  • Timeline
  • Table view
  • Calendar view
  • Time tracking
  • Task dependency
  • Advanced permission control
  • Array formulas in text area
  • Approvals
  • Pomodoro
  • Time report
  • Premium
    Yearly Biling: $13.95
  • Every feature in Professional, plus:
  • Timesheet
  • Schedule view
  • Master organization
  • Premium permission control
  • Share project with a custom view
  • Customize Quire email address
  • Google Shared Drive integration
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business integration
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration
  • Premium support
  • Enterprise
    Yearlu Billing: $19.95
  • Every feature in Premium, plus:
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)/SAML
  • Microsoft Entra External ID
  • IP addresses allowlist
  • Unlimited sublists
  • Unlimited smart folders
  • Unlimited external teams
  • Customer success manager
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Quire Price Comparison

    Compare price of Quire With some of the top competitors.
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    What Kind of Support Quire Offers?

    Quire acknowledges the significance of accessible support for its users, providing a variety of support options to accommodate diverse preferences. Whether users seek immediate assistance via chat, prefer self-service solutions through FAQs and forums, or wish to explore a comprehensive knowledge base, Quire offers a range of avenues. Additionally, users can avail themselves of personalized support by reaching out via email to the help desk. These diverse options ensure that users can obtain the assistance they require to optimize their experience with the platform, irrespective of their chosen mode of communication.
    Email Support
    Live Chat
    Forum & Ticket
    Tutorial Videos & Documentation

    Quire FAQs

    Yes, Quire is a legitimate task management platform, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. With a focus on empowering innovative teams, Quire is dedicated to improving collaboration and productivity through its comprehensive suite of features.
    Quire provides significant value for teams looking to enhance their collaborative efforts, offering an intuitive interface and flexible features that cater to diverse workflows. Its ability to organize, prioritize, and execute tasks effectively makes it a worthwhile investment for boosting team productivity and creativity, securing its place in the project management software arena.
    Quire supports integrations with various external software like Trello to streamline workflows and enhance functionality. These integrations include but are not limited to, calendar apps, communication tools, and cloud storage services, allowing users to seamlessly connect Quire with their existing productivity ecosystems.
    Quire is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring an intuitive interface that makes it easy for teams to adopt and utilize. Its flexible features adapt to diverse workflows, ensuring users can manage tasks and projects efficiently without a steep learning curve.
    Quire enhances team collaboration by providing a centralized platform where team members can easily organize, prioritize, and track tasks. Its real-time updates and collaborative features ensure everyone stays informed and engaged, fostering a cohesive work environment.
    Yes, Quire is capable of handling complex projects thanks to its nested task list feature, which allows for breaking down projects into manageable tasks and subtasks. This hierarchical structure helps teams to plan and execute even the most intricate projects effectively.
    Quire allows for customization to fit specific team needs through its flexible task management system, integrations with other software, and configurable notifications. These customization options ensure that teams can tailor Quire to their unique workflows and preferences.

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